Hugo Boss - Eau de toilette, conquered millions of hearts

At the end of the twentieth century (1993), a new perfume company - Hugo Boss.Eau de Toilette, this stunning brand became the choice of the richest men in the world.Revenues reached more than half a billion dollars.

From the history of the company

Despite impressive revenues today, the creators of the brand is well remembered for a modest beginning of his career.At the beginning of the last century, Hugo Boss released protective clothing - a soldier's uniform and overalls.But the seventies the company's founders are thinking about expansion.

Hugo Boss today

Today it is one of the most famous fashion houses.Under the brand Hugo Boss realized classic clothing, accessories, perfumes.Clothing is available under two brands: a collection of Boss clothing line and Hugo.

Perfume Line Company

In the nineties, the brand has had great popularity.The first fragrance professionals interested in the field of perfumery.After some time talking about it all.

Inspired by the success, the company's execut

ives have been actively developing a new line.After a short time perfume line filled with original and exquisite flavors.Today, the company Hugo Boss has more than 300 stores worldwide.

perfume brand has gained recognition and respect of many famous people in the world - politicians, singers, actors, athletes.The Hugo Boss collection you can not find a similar flavors.All of them are unique.

Eau de toilette «Orange»

This is the first author and a very bright fragrance companies.Its name is exactly the same as the name of the famous fashion collection from Hugo Boss.Eau de toilette is a family of fruit and wood smells.It opens with a bright and expressive sandalwood and sweet vanilla.At the heart of the composition of fresh jasmine, orange, cinnamon.Ends aroma of warm olive and plum plume.

Hugo Boss: eau de toilette "XX»

This composition corresponds to the image of the company: it combines the temptation to aggression and the eternal rivalry between women and men.Notes flavor - musk, sandalwood, rose, tangerine, blackberry, amber.

«XX Summer Edition» - a new version of

Company has released new versions of fragrances «XY» and "XX".This summer edition.The modern interpretation of the relationship between man and woman, infinite and incredible contrasts and all-consuming desire.This is another great success of Hugo Boss.Eau de toilette, reviews of which only enthusiastic, is a magnificent luxury fragrance for ladies.Such smell like a girl, passionate love game, which like confrontation and struggle.

Eau de toilette «Element» men

Fragrance, charging its owner with positive energy.It felt the breath of the city.The four elements that make up the composition, will be next to you on the road to success: water, sounding fresh sea breeze, all-consuming fire, flames eating sharpness and ginger, ground, clearly trapped in shades of cedar and air - in the transparency of the bottle.It is a bright and expressive discovery of Hugo Boss.Eau de Toilette, the price of which varies from 1150 to 1950 rubles, will not leave anyone indifferent man.