Lipstick "Ultra Avon": Reviews Order probes

recently replaced the line lipsticks "Deep Color" firm Avon launched a series of "Ultra".Polish manufacturer notes that the new product is not parabens and that the production has been involved innovative technology True color.It consists in the fact that, when applied to lips, encapsulated pigments are activated, thus showing complete shades become more saturated.From what can be read on the package, it is clear that the lipstick "Ultra Avon" spare lip protects them from harmful UV filter SPF 15.

product also calms the consumer.Fats "Omega-3", shea butter, an extract from cloudberries and vitamin E perfectly soften and moisturize lips.Stylish design (black bottle with metal "buckles" and lid with a transparent window), a rich palette of colors and the price of 270 rubles a cosmetic make it a bestseller.But how has established itself among users Lipstick "Ultra Avon?"Feedback from those who have already popolzovatsja this innovation, we have tried to study and analyze.

The colors

What the company offers us?Thirty-five different shades of lipstick presented a new "Ultra Avon."Reviews claim that out of this rich palette you're sure to choose a suitable color.Lovers will be happy as the brightest callers who just attract the eye to his lips, and those who prefer a more muted tones.There are a couple of series and "nyudovyh" colors.Wearer say that lipstick is neither matte or pearl.Shimmer smallest creates a subtle glow, making lips appear bulky, seductive, passionate.On the downside is the fact that in reality the color is not quite the same as what is specified in the directory - buying lipstick wearer is advised in the store.Recommend also order once the entire series of probes.

Useful properties

Vitamin E and all kinds of oil actually perform their function.Lipstick "Ultra Avon" - comments on this issue are not contradictory - excellent softens and moisturizes lips.Smell and taste hardly felt.The texture of lipstick - a very gentle, her lips feel comfortable, do not shrink.

As worn

color goes smoothly, not hammered in creases, does not spread.Lipstick "Ultra Avon" (reviews are advised to use it in a duet with a lip pencil) is not rolled into lumps, perfectly hides the flaws.Stick do not break, do not raskvashivaetsya.Suffice it once to hold his lips as they have played a new shade that will eventually become saturated.Excellent holds up to three or four hours, do not need to touch up makeup.For those looking for a compact coat - things fun!

Lipstick "Ultra Avon": reviews on the product as a whole

can say that a new series of Avon girls pleased.It was received favorably transparent "window" on the cap: see the color of lipstick.This is useful if you have a purse, several sticks of this series.And most likely, it will.Because of the rich palette of "Ultra", you can choose a suitable color for the day Maiko and for vintage evening makeup.