Cosmetic series "Efaklar Duo" to care for problem skin

«Efaklar Duo» (Effaclar Duo) - The line of face care, specifically designed for oily skin prone to acne and blackheads.This enables cosmetics gently care for the skin, cleaning it of grease and dirt.What the properties of these funds?Are they effective?

«Efaklar Duo": Cream-gel for problematic skin

This cream is a product of the famous French company "La Roche".The tool created specifically to care for young skin prone to inflammation and irritation.

Cream "Efaklar Duo" contains several active components, each of which is struggling with a particular problem.For example, piroctone olamine and niacinamide have persistent bactericidal properties.These substances inhibit the process of the growth of bacteria, thus preventing the development of inflammation in the area of ​​clogged pores.

complex lipo-hydroxy-acid effectively cleans the surface and pores of sebum and other contaminants.

In addition, the cream "Efaklar Duo" is thermal water, which moistens the fabric and eliminates irritation.That

is why this tool is suitable even for people with delicate, sensitive skin.

According to studies, regular use of this cream reduces the likelihood of inflammation by 98%.Incidentally, it can be used in the evening and in the morning.This cream is perfect for the role of a foundation.

Clear skin will help special gel

For deeper skin care cream can be supplemented with special cleansing gel from the same cosmetic series.It is perfect for that remove the enlarged pores and get rid of an unpleasant, greasy.Indications for its use can also be considered dull skin, uneven surface of the face, as well as the presence of stimuli that remain after the treatment of acne.

first need to moisten the skin with warm water.Then apply the gel "Efaklar Duo".Continue to massage the face as long as its top surface foam is formed.It is recommended to leave the gel for 2-3 minutes, then rinse it rests.Clean skin needs the morning and evening after cleansing.

Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic line

In fact, this product line is very popular.Many customers say the quality and noticeable effect, which appears after a few weeks of use.Reviews suggest that the cream and gel for washing really eliminate shine, typical of problem skin.

These funds are struggling with inflammatory processes.Manufacturers also are convinced that the regular use of cosmetics reduces the risk of formation of comedones.Side effects were also not detected.The only thing you should pay attention, do not you have hypersensitivity to any component of the funds, because in such cases there is a possibility of occurrence of rash, redness and itching.

Unfortunately, cosmetics "Efaklar Duo" is not effective in every case.Some women complain about the lack of moisture, dryness and tightness.