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company "Filorga" produces medical cosmetic products.Implemented Beauty Tools in the pharmacy network.A component for creating cosmetic products are firm hyaluronic acid and polirevitaliziruyuschy cocktail consisting of 55 of active elements.With this composition cosmetics "Filorga" is able to produce a stunning effect.It attracts to her numerous customers.

history of the brand in the field of aging skin problems experts of the company "Filorga" doing research since the early eighties of the last century.The founder of the company is the doctor Michel Tordzhman.Already in the seventies of the twentieth century, he gathered a group of highly qualified specialists.They had the goal - to conduct research in the field of aesthetic medicine.This was to give a more complete understanding of the aging process to effectively combat these phenomena.

specialists have been applied an integrated approach to address this urgent problem.Eliminating wrinkles and restore elasticity of the skin is made possible w

ith the creation of a new brand of cosmetics.

Properties production

Cosmetics "Filorga" is officially registered brand.It is widely used by health professionals.She demanded cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in fifty-four countries.

Cosmetics "Filorga" contains at its core the most advanced ingredients.These active substances can have a combined effect and effectively protect the skin on three levels.The first is the cell.

Cosmetics "Filorga" is a source of nucleotides.These elements are part of the cell extracts - the carriers of hereditary information and data on metabolism.Also cosmetics "Filorga" great for protecting the skin at the tissue and organ level.Funds of this brand are designed for use in clinics and salons.Their use allows to achieve excellent results that can be compared with the hardware procedures.

made by the company "Filorga" cosmetics especially recommended for tired skin, which is somewhat lost its vitality.It is not so important, because of which any such changes.It may be transferred stress or loss of elasticity due to age.

Cosmetic products of this brand perfectly prepare the skin for contouring, peeling and other traumatic invasive aesthetic procedures.And after them ideal to restore it.

catalog cosmetics "Filorga┬╗

The list of brand products includes numerous creams, serums and peels.Especially popular anti-aging cosmetics.Thus, the company "Filorga" cream produced, contributing to fill wrinkles.

All cosmetics brands are very popular due to the production of safe, high quality and efficiency.These are the characteristic features of the company's products caused the confidence of numerous clients.By purchasing these tools, you can be sure that they will produce the highest effect.

very popular made by the company "Filorga" cosmetics.Official site contains all necessary information for buyers.