Duty Free Antalya - Free Trade Zone

In almost all cities there are free trade zones, which are popular with tourists.Especially in places convenient to buy presents for their friends and relatives.Nevertheless, the prices are not always lower than other stores.Sometimes it happens that, and vice versa.All the tourists who arrive to rest in Antalya, also can visit the shops of free trade - duty-free Antalya located directly at the airport.

However, it should be noted that on arrival in this country, you can visit a very small store of free trade, which is only sold alcohol products of famous brands, tobacco products and confectionery.It is quite another duty free Antalya departure.Here you will find a wide range of accessories, souvenirs, clothing, cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands and at an acceptable cost.

Advantages of buying goods in the duty free shops

in these areas is very convenient to make purchases, and not just because of the reduced cost of many goods.The products in these stores branded and new items can be seen

even before they enter the stores of the country.Some items you can buy only in duty free Antalya.

Therefore before planning the purchase is worth in advance to learn the basic price and assortment.For example, you can ask around his friends, had recently visited the country.

What can be purchased in the free trade zone

the airport of Antalya, there are two duty-free zone: the arrival and departure.In the second, according to the tour, below the price of duty-free.Antalya - known resort, and should take into account that the transfer of the popular hotels is organized so that the time before departure is not so much, so you have time to explore the whole range presented and compare the difference in the cost of goods.

For this reason, gifts and souvenirs should take care in advance in the study of Antalya.Especially that some of the goods in the shops of the country are cheaper than duty free Antalya.

And if that can be bought in duty-free zones, it's chocolate and perfume products.It is likely that the price of cosmetics and perfumes here are a little more expensive, but the products will be more qualitative than in the shops of the country.A range of chocolate products is simply amazing its vastness.Many sweet tooth of duty-free (Antalya) reviews left as a source of unique holiday flavor.

goods permitted for export, and the allowable number of

Another popular item, often imported from Antalya, is expensive brands of alcohol.In Russia, as many people know, you can also buy these alcoholic beverages.But mostly, the high cost of alcohol does not match its quality.Therefore, visiting Turkey, is to buy a variety of strong drinks: liqueurs, whiskey and others as a gift or for yourself.But the plane can take a limited amount of alcohol.If the strength of the drink no more than 22 degrees, then allowed to carry on board a maximum of six liters, and if more, then you can buy no more than three liters.

are restrictions on the transportation of other products.For example, chocolate is not allowed to take out more than six kilograms of cigarettes - up to 9 blocks, cigars - a maximum of 150 pieces, and tobacco pipes - 750 grams, not more.