Filorga: reviews's Skin Care

High technology in the home, professional staff, effective as at the salon procedures - is Filorga, cosmetics, reviews of which are impressive.Let's look in more detail what is said about the most popular products.

basic daily care - Day Cream Hydra Filler

smooth wrinkles, to strengthen, to launch the internal mechanisms of the skin, contributing to its hydration and tone - it all has to do Hydra Filler - day cream Filorga.Reviews suggest that all this is true, if the cream fills wrinkles from within the skin appears nourished, soft.It improves the complexion.The cream has a very pleasant texture: thick but not greasy, perfectly absorbed.The only negative point - if the skin is oily, it can clog pores.However, if the pores previously well cleaned, then this problem is removed.Cream received very high ratings from owners of sensitive and prone to allergic reactions skin.Therefore, it is successfully used by young women who do not have wrinkles, but because of the tendency to allergy can not pick up

a daily moisturizer.

you sleep - cream works

Night Cream with acids Sleep and Peel - one of the most famous brand resources.Since the cream with acids, it is desirable to use in the fall and winter, when the sun is not so active, but you can in the summer and if it a good complement sunscreen and avoid bright sunlight.The manufacturer promises a renewal of the skin, its alignment, softness and shine.Thanks to the complex NCTF, poligidrokislot and hyaluronic acid, it helps to gently cleanse the skin, regenerates and heals.The cream contains 105 ingredients, among which 69% are active - are designed, comprehensive compositions not offer many brands, among them - Cosmetics Filorga.Reviews confirm the effectiveness of this cream.It is dense, but not greasy, absorbs perfectly, perfectly mattes the skin, with regular use, and smooths the complexion, tightens pores, reduces existing podkozhniki and prevents the emergence of new, even able to remove blemishes from acne.Ideal for owners of oily skin - cream tightens pores and regulates sebum, but it absolutely does not dry!It should be noted that the manufacturer warns about the features of the cream.People with sensitive skin should be used no more than once in two days, and at the slightest sign of burning of the cream should be discarded.Some reviews say that the cream is able to cause podkozhnikov and pimples, but together with meso-serum provides an excellent effect.

There are also reviews, although they are few, which referred to the total uselessness of cream.It does not hurt, but does nothing.

for the delicate skin around the eyes Cream

Filorga Optim-Eyes is designed to get rid of bags and wrinkles, promotes skin elasticity, normalizes lymph exchange.It can be used at any age.His example shows how a specific direction can be cosmetics Filorga.Feedback from those who have used this cream for a long time - several months to confirm its effectiveness (but not stunning) specifically against dark circles and bags under the eyes.As for wrinkles, the improvement is barely noticeable, but really the skin becomes more dense.Cream moisturizes, but not as creams designed specifically for moisturizing.Thus, those who only have wrinkles, the tool may seem useless.But those who do not have wrinkles, but worried about the swelling in the morning, were the cream of the ecstatic.Although there are those who he helped it wrinkle - a woman with a very thin skin and subtle facial wrinkles.In this case, its sealing effect is really noticeable.Speak approvingly of cream allergies.There is a purely external negative - some proofreaders can roll with cream, despite the fact that he has a delicate texture and well absorbed.


Meso-peel from Filorga - a set of three tools (napkins, proper exfoliation in the box and soothing cream), which can be used at home.Peeling gives a more pronounced effect than the night cream.Enough for one set of five treatments at weekly intervals.The result - an updated, smooth, fresh skin.Peeling effective, and that it is important for this kind of product, delicate.It does not cause peeling and irritation.Of course, it is soft enough "home" cleansing, but the need for such a product is, for many women.In addition, it is good to maintain the effect after professional chemical peels.

Intensive course skin care

There are two popular tools that just tear applause: meso-mask and a vitamin course.Both are designed to solve the problems of intensive skin.Meso-mask especially praise women over 40. In mature skin effect is visible immediately!It instantly brightens, smoothes nasolabial wrinkles and tightens facial oval.If these problems are not pronounced, the result is not so much stunning.The mask is very pleasant to use, has a light texture, is able to bring extra person in the procedure even after the lack of sleep makes your skin fresh and rested.But the bulk of the disappointed reviews - is on young women under the age of 30 years, even if they have a problem skin.Yes, they say, the mask refreshes and brightens the skin, making it softer and moisturized, but some stunning glow effect and relaxed skin not - in general, regular moisturizing mask, which are many.

Vitamin course - a set of three vials of serum.This tool is also honored with accolades: if it charges the skin with energy.It is after the application of funds will be more toned, supple, smooth and fresh.Serum is not intended to moisturize the skin, but it does not dry.

Cosmetics Filorga: reviews beauticians

Many women customers have tried this brand is on the recommendations of cosmetologists.Excellent formulations that can rightly be called a professional.This cosmetics - an excellent choice for those who can not afford regular visits to beauty salons.

What is the cause of frustration?Probably should not be diluted with care agents from other brands, because almost every need of the skin can meet only cosmetics filorga.Feedback from those who have used the products of this brand in the complex are few.It is difficult to say which of these effects, because the input data are different, hence the different results.Definitely only that there was a total disappointment, no one, in the worst case - simply does not apply cosmetics.


powerful, vibrant and effective products - that offers filorga.The price of money is quite high, but as it is reasonable to say some users, they are worth.Especially stands out: a night cream Sleep and Peel, vitamin course, meso meso mask and peeling.In the opinion it is easy to notice one salient point: these funds clearly do well with skin problems, but only if these problems really are.