Cosmetics "Filorga": reviews of ordinary users and professionals

French cosmetics "Filorga", reviews the use of which we are examining today, has the status of pharmacy.This means that it is designed to enhance the correction of cosmetic defects and is designed with the participation of professionals in the field of dermatology and microbiology.Sell ​​such products in pharmacies, but the recipe for them trebuetsya.Kompaniya focuses on the fact that its main objective - the creation of anti-aging agents that excel with deep wrinkles and delay the natural aging of the skin.The company's products have European certificate of quality and safety CE 0297 quality management certificate and manufacturers of medical devices ISO 13485.

Is it true what they say about the products of this brand?

When it comes to cell preparations, often referred cosmetics "Filorga".Responses about it also used the term "high molecular weight".What is meant by these terms?

The cellular called beauty products created from embryonic cells of humans, animals or fish.This is also called plac

ental cosmetics.The advantages of these drugs is that they start the process of active replace old cells with new ones.However, the manufacturers of the brand "Filorga" does not claim that their products - Placental cosmetics.We are talking only about the cell extracts containing large amounts of proteins.These extracts are prepared from plant cells (mostly - wheat).They are also able to promote skin regeneration, although not to the same extent as the cells of the placenta.In addition, the manufacturers mentioned amino acids, vitamins and other advanced ingredients that help organic extracts do the trick.

With regard to the phrase "high molecular makeup," that such a term does not exist.There are high-molecular chemical substances, such as hyaluronic acid, which is a part of cosmetic products "Filorga".One of the defining characteristics of this material is its ability to regenerate tissue.

Opening Laboratoires Filorga

What is really finding a French company, is the use of so-called molecular-conductors that without the use of injections (practiced in beauty salons) are able to deliver in-depth skin anti-aging active ingredients.Home mesotherapy relished women, it's tightening of the skin and wrinkles without plastic surgery.What got

cosmetics "Filorga" feedback from consumers?

They can be divided into two groups: the emotional and analytical response.First authors do not skimp on praise replica or not hide his disappointment.Others are trying to assess the makeup in terms of the individual characteristics of the skin and find the best option of its application.

example, means for peeling at home Filorga Meso-Peel, which promises to fight wrinkles, dull complexion, dermatological defects and patches, many women did not bring the desired effect.Addressed to owners of very sensitive skin, it is not suitable for those who have it normal.The product does not eliminated the spots, but made the skin pink.The smoothness and softness after treatments do appear, but kept only for a few hours.To this effect it would fit perfectly ordinary mask from yogurt or cottage cheese, but not expensive (from 2500 rubles) cosmetics "Filorga".Reviews critical'll say that it happens because of the low concentration of active substances in the home preparations in comparison with those that are designed for procedures in beauty salons.A similar impression on buyers made Eye Contour Cream Optim-Eyes.It is designed to combat puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.Light texture, excellent moisturizing effect, pleasant aroma, convenient tube with dispenser - the dignity of the cosmetic preparation firm "Filorga" (its price is about 1650 rubles).Cream copes with swelling, refreshing look, but pronounced lifting effect around the eyes women are not noted.

As estimated by experts cosmetics "Filorga"?Reviews beauticians convince us that these funds are able to provide an impressive, but not an immediate effect, which will be noticeable when used regularly.