Series Nioxin: reviews of shampoo, conditioner, mask

Products Nioxin American firm has earned the best reviews commendable.The fact that this company, unlike most, his research focused only on achieving one goal: to help people with weak, thinning and thinning hair.Unfortunately, the statistics says that about half of men and women are not naturally endowed with a thick head of hair.This is especially true of men aged, and women, who are often subjected to chemical attack his locks - coloring or perms.It is for them and designed products "Nioxin".

As a means of working?

Nioxin - tricology means.Shampoos, conditioners and masks are healing, and not just cosmetic.If you wash your head with regular shampoo, promising volume of hair you have on it will not increase.Just hair will look thicker due enveloping.That is - purely decorative effect.Another thing Nioxin-shampoo!Reviews claim that missing just a few applications, such as hair loss stops.Moreover, the tool makes hard to grow new ones.We will not delve into the chemical composition, but in addition t

o white tea extract and natural oils, by all means, "Nioxin" contain a complex Transactive Delivery System, which allows intensive care for the skin and hair, hair is actively updated and stimulate hair growth.

How to choose the right series?

total production "Nioxin" 42 names.Each of these tools is designed for a specific type of problem hair.Taken into account and ecology, chemical damage, even genetic inheritance.But do not be scared - Product is easy to understand.All of it is divided into 6 series.The first choice for natural hair, which by nature thin, dull and not too dense.But if you have hair suddenly began to thin out sharply, suitable № 2. Nioxin-4 especially praising reviews.This series is the most in demand, because it is for those whose hair damaged by chemical attack (coloring, permanent waving), or under the influence of harmful ultraviolet radiation."Nioxin-4" and 5 is not only regenerates the scalp, stimulates the growth of follicles, but also returns a colored tresses color brightness.You bought shampoo Nioxin?Reviews advised to also purchase and air conditioning with a mask of the same series.


coarse hair Shampoo "Nioxin" perfectly cleanses the scalp.It is also perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair, why they are soft, not brittle, shining with health and strength.Even rare and hard locks, producing the impression of an old brush, look well-groomed, silky.That is why more people are choosing products Nioxin.Reviews assure that the shampoo penetrates deep into the skin, acts on the follicles, restores the damaged structure of each hair."Nioxin" is able to cope even with incipient bald patch.Members note that the edges and thinning at the temples, they noticed growth of new hair after only two weeks after use.System BioAmp (biological amplification) regenerates the scalp, has beneficial effects on the bulbs and strengthens hair, struggling with the fallout.This technology is present in the rooms 1-4 Nioxin.Reviews male users say about effective assistance of these products in the fight against hair loss.