general public have not yet bored BB creams as they were more advanced counterparts - SS-cream (for the next letter of the alphabet).Perfect skin tone without the effect of the mask, a perfect fusion with the native skin color, hydration, firmness and comfort all day - it promises to create a company "Lumen" SS-cream.Reviews of him painted the same ideal, which unsuccessfully looking for a lot of girls.But really he has no flaws?

Positive feedback

cream is easy to use: well-distributed in the face, easily layered, great falls, even the skin around the eyes (although, of course, it is not designed for it, but many were so fascinated by this product, which was postponed inaside all his ordinary means).

have an unusual texture of the cream: he first liquid and visibly shines in the first minute after application, but then it becomes very soft and powdery.Another advantage - it can be used as a proof-reader!For example, to hide local redness, you should apply the SS-cream "Lumen" only on the proble

m areas, carefully shaded, and it is perfectly merge with the skin, redness hide, but the boundaries of "patch" will be completely invisible.Many women, for example, with a very dark or very light skin that long to pick the right shade of foundation, finally found his ideal in the line of "Lumen".SS-cream reviews are written very different girls, perfectly adapts to any individual skin tone.

As you know, the tonal resources better to put on a moisturizing base, otherwise they will emphasize all peeling and uneven.SS-cream "Lumen", reviews of which mostly enthusiastic, so good at wetting yourself that even slightly smooths wrinkles.This can be seen in almost all the photographs.He alone is able to replace the base under makeup, concealer and foundation.

under the skin cream does not sweat, and the tool does not need to be updated throughout the day and is able to withstand even a sporting event.It tolerates heat without floats and does not remain on the clothes.Smell evaluated in different ways: someone talks about the flavor of berries, some of the quite pleasant, but the standard of cosmetic perfumes.

«Lumen."SS-cream.Feedback from those who still remained dissatisfied

It really is an amazing tool which very few critical comments.Among the small claims to be noted are the cream:

1. Do not economical.He is very actively absorbed by the skin and is consumed relatively quickly.Perhaps this is the place to be, but the price is quite acceptable cream to afford to use it in the quantities in which required.

2. Stresses the pores, excessively thick, poorly distributed - such reviews on a background of hundreds opposite look quite convincing.Perhaps it is a product that is poorly stored or forgery.

3. leaves traces on clothes.This is contrary to the reviews, which said its superstoykosti.

4. After some time after the application changes from the natural to the carrot-orange and is peeling - this claim is just one announced the recall may also dealt with the spoiled food, forgery or occurred allergic to any component of the cream.

can meet other negative reviews.For example, here is what one of the ladies: "I was delighted with such perfect skin, like him, I was not used it every day, but after a few months, the skin became visibly worse - there podkozhniki, painful pimples.I had to throw the cream and the skin for a long time to heal and sad.I looked at the composition - now understand what was happening.Chemistry on the Chemistry! "And it's not just talking users and bloggers who are constantly trying different makeup, and they have something to compare" Lumen "SS-cream.Reviews

foreign bloggers

Overall abroad cream is a success.People write that it perfectly covers imperfections, looks very natural, non-caking in the wrinkles of the skin.However, in very many, even the positive reviews are marked disadvantages means that speaks about the objectivity of such reviews.For example, powdery finish enough for oily skin, and in general a cream for the first time is quite shiny and then sits down, quite difficult to choose the color of the girls with very white skin (this is mentioned in the recall of one blogger from Finland).The average score on one of the sites of foreign reviews - 4.4 points (67 reviews), with 85% of consumers would buy this tool again.Not a bad result!

What do those who do not like it?Too heavy, too sticky, too orange - it always complain about how the ladies with a very thin snow-white skin.The technical characteristics of the same, not all praise "Lumen" (SS-cream).Reviews from owners of combination skin is particularly critical: a moisturizer it flows, and without cream dries and tightens the face.The truth is this problem can be solved: carefully prepare the skin by means of peeling, and then give the cream half an hour to shrink.


It really is a breakthrough of sufficient budget brand "Lumen".SS-cream, which reviews more enthusiastic than any similar luxury vehicle, is really worth attention.Its drawbacks are minor, and as a heavy structure, it should not be forgotten that the cream is not so much care, how to create a decorative effect.After SS prefix means "color control".That is the main function of such a product - to create a flawless complexion.Perhaps we still waiting for the release of a new generation of creams, such as DD, even more perfect and is really a two, three or four tools in one.