"Teana" - cosmetics, reviews of which are quite contradictory

relatively affordable domestic brands - it is cosmetics, "Tian".The official website shows a stunning variety of bioactive products to solve the most specific problems of the skin and hair.Make the choice is really not easy.

Active components - are natural extracts and natural extracts, which is good from one side and the other is bad.As is known, because of its natural components chemically complex composition can be much more potent allergens than refined synthetic substances.Let's see how to speak about this cosmetics, those who have tried it.

reviews algae mask "Tiana"

Cosmetics, reviews of which are generally quite contradictory, really famous for its algae mask.Judging by the reviews, they are very good.For example, a face mask with ginseng, vitamin C and mioksinolom ("Song of the Seven Seas") provides an excellent effect even after one use. The skin is nourished and velvety. Excellent is in combination with ampoules emergency recovery E3. Algae mask from the "Tyana"generally very pleasant

to use, they are not tightening the skin and relax, make it clean and moisturized, lighten dark spots and complexion. However, a part can be found the dye, to which there were claims from some buyers. The rest of the compositions of alginate masks fascinate with its unusual andcompletely natural ingredients. For example, the mask for acne "Treasure Island" up seaweed, minerals mioksinol, tea tree oil and extract of willow.

for daily skin care

line touch cosmetics "Tiana" includes a variety of means. Let's trya general impression, analyzed reviews of the most popular. Face Cream "Vitamin Energy with seaweed extract" of the promises should deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, regenerate and strengthen it.Designed for all skin types.In general, it is a universal means for daily care - such products, general purpose is not so much the brand "Tian".Cosmetics, opinions about which is really quite diverse, in this case, produces almost unambiguous impression.Members unanimously say it a nice texture - airy, light cream perfectly absorbed, leaves no oily shine, it is perfect as a base for make-up, revitalizes tired skin, making it more fresh, soft and bright.It is especially useful in conjunction with the means of ampoules of "Tiana".There are negative reviews: cream allergy.

Cosmetics "Tiana" copes with the problems of very oily skin.A series of good against inflammations reduces redness.Cream "Sebokontrol" for oily skin, reviews, bad evens the complexion, reduces inflammation and rash, in the case of combination - leading to a common skin condition that is moisturizes dry areas and reduces oiliness in T-zone.But there are also cases of allergic reactions.

Enzyme Peeling Teana - a mask (or a cleansing agent) based on the clay enriched with enzymes.According to reviews, it cleanses pores, making the skin more bright and tender.The effect is noted even by those who do not usually see him after clay masks.Peeling is very pleasant to use - gently cleanses without causing irritation or redness.

Regarding the means to care for the skin around the eyes, here too there is no unanimity.Touch Gel for the skin around the eyes with extracts of butcher and cecropia, reviews, does not differ from the more expensive counterparts, it is pleasant to use, moistens, in general, a good way to prevent wrinkles, but does not create miracles.But there are also very negative reviews: the skin is not only comes in a better condition, but suffering - becomes wrinkled and yellow.

I like the gel G1 - it is designed to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.But those who are waiting for really reducing the pronounced dark circles, very disappointed.But those who came to the use of this gel sober, were very satisfied: it gentle and pleasant skin to peel off after it stops, goes the feeling of tightness, it is able to cope with small circles and puffiness, is not caused by allergies, is well suited for make-up.What else you need from the cream?A dark circles is the best remedy - sleep well.

Active Skin Care different types

Twenty-five types of funds in vials, each of which is aimed at solving a specific problem can be found in the catalog "Tiana".Cosmetics, reviews of which are so diverse, it is difficult to analyze.Yet see what impression is of some means.

In the opinion, many tools are not just good.They're great.For example, whey "Sculptor oval face" really makes your skin so elastic that smoothes nasolabial folds, chin pulled."Antioxidant" (one ampoule is enough for 3-4 times) removes flaking skin looks like it does not even require the cream.A series of "whitening" bad evens skin color (except ampoules in the series there is a cream and a mask).The vials "Superuvlazhnenie" praise even ladies aged - engorged skin looks young and fit.Although some say that there is no effect at all.Many enjoy the gel with hyaluronic acid.It really allows you to quickly give the skin a youthful appearance.

There are criticisms.For example, "breakfast for skin" of some (not all) caused minor allergy.The vials B4 (calming concentrate) and E5 (regeneration) cause irritation, pimples appeared, and the skin itself became oily."Antikuperoz" if applied under makeup, tightens and dries, causing a burning sensation, enhances rosacea grid.It may cause peeling.However, if you use the ampoule for the night under a cream for sensitive skin, then a few weeks later - pronounced antikuperozny effect and no side effects!"Vitamin Cocktail" really improves the complexion and makes the skin soft, radiant, saves it from flaking, tightness, reduces redness.Although the use of a "cocktail" not very nice - zhirnovat texture.Furthermore, the effect is, only when you use means.In fact, it is not surprising, because the contents of the vial - this vitamin.

Overall vials are perceived with delight - they really fulfills the promise of the manufacturer.However, they must be used correctly: do not apply the ampoule content to the skin, and then the cream, as do many, and added directly to the cream.To achieve the effect, it is desirable to use a range of tools "Tiana".Cosmetics, reviews of which clearly show that the level of satisfaction with the product largely depends on the method of application, provides all opportunities for comprehensive care.On the official website you can find detailed programs for different skin types.

conclusions about the brand "TianĀ»

cosmetics, catalog which includes more than 50 types of different products, can not be assessed in a nutshell.However, we can say that in general cosmetics "Tiana" gives the impression of an interesting and effective.There are some reviews that certain funds do not come, cause allergies or skin rashes, but unanimous disappointment in any one product from the "Tyana" no.Special attention are alginate mask and intensive care in ampoules.