"Clarence" (cosmetics) reviews of the most popular products

huge variety of products, elaborate compositions, organic ingredients and the highest environmental awareness of the company - all this "Clarence" - cosmetics, reviews of which generally speak about the success of the brand.

see what tools are listed as hits on the company's website:

  1. Concealer against dark circles momentary Instant Concealer.
  2. Multi-Hydratante - intensely moisturizing biphasic serum.Opinion about it is ambiguous.For some, it is "perfectly moisturizes," for others - "nothing special."However, as a means of emergency hydration really appreciate it as "excellent."
  3. Multi-Active - night cream against first wrinkles for dry and normal skin.Reviews of him really very enthusiastic.Perfectly it softens, moisturizes, nourishes, incredibly easy and enjoyable.
  4. tone Nourishing cream for dry skin - Extra-Comfort SPF 15 - in general like.It really is very dense, full-bodied, with not too heavy on the skin, ideal for winter.
  5. anti-cellulite Lift Minceur.On it are many disappointed reviews, but
    this is due mainly to the fact that by means of such women customers wait too much, forgetting that the cream will never replace proper diet and exercise.
  6. Double Serum - Integrated dual anti-aging serum.I like the shoppers, improves the complexion and makes the skin supple, toned, fresh, promotes its regeneration.

most successful, time-tested products, "Clarence»

Cosmetics presented on the official website as the hits, as a result of successful sales of a single site.Such ratings can not be objective.But what is really in demand from independent buyers?One of the most popular products - a facial oil with lotus.Let us consider it in more detail.

Regarding this oil with extracts of lotus and geranium, designed for oily and combination skin, a lot of enthusiasm.This is a completely natural product based on hazelnut oil, which is carefully balanced Lab experts "Clarence."Cosmetics, reviews of which are so enthusiastic once again confirms the high level.The other two oil (for dry with sandals and dehydrated skin with extract of orchid) is also very popular with shoppers.In oil with lotus delicious flavor (but not all believe) and convenient packaging with a pipette.It is very cost effective and incredibly effective.Despite the fact that in the morning the skin glistening with oil, after washing it becomes perfectly matte all day.That is for the night so oil has time to moisturize the skin, unclog pores, reduce inflammation that effect suffices until the next night.Oils need quite a bit (no more than 2-3 drops), otherwise it will clog the pores.That incorrect application are obviously related to some negative reviews.The oil should be applied on the well moistened with tonic or thermal water skin pat.Or, as suggested by the manufacturer, two drops of tools can be pre-diluted with a small amount of tonic.

failed products from "Clarence»

Cosmetics, reviews of which in general is very positive, can become and disappointment.Against the backdrop of endless delights greatly stand out reviews about the new product from "Clarence» - BB Cream Clarins Skin perfecting cream.Many women customers, the novelty of seeing a favorite brand, immediately rushed her test and severely regret about wasted money.

This means there are positive reviews, but very few of them and they are such that it seems as if we are talking about a totally different product that moisturizes, perfectly fits and blends perfectly with the native skin color.Positive feedback painted girls with dark and prone to oily skin.They came to mind dense matting texture cream.They do it after a day cream as explosives by "Clarence" dries quickly.As they say, he does not conceal the redness, but perfectly merges with concealer ... By the way, foreign bloggers more positive reviews of BB-creams from "Clarence."

Cosmetics, reviews of which in the Russian Internet, in general, is very enthusiastic, is showing itself from an unexpected quarter.Reviews Russian buyers are full of unrealistic expectations.In somewhat dry cream dense coating, which is felt in the face, but the masking ability is very weak.To achieve perfect skin with him, need and base and concealer, and powder.It is not easy to apply: it is necessary to take small portions and then shade, otherwise it will form spots.He stresses folds, peeling and leaves the face feeling of dryness.Another complaint: all three shades, which represented the cream very dark, even the lightest!And they do not merge with the native skin color.The only indisputable advantage, which sounded almost all reviews - very nice fruit and berry aroma.


«Clarence" - cosmetics, for which prices range from one and a half to four thousand rubles per jar really justifies its cost in most cases.Of course, the selection of cosmetics - it is too personal, and even hundreds of rave reviews - not a guarantee of successful purchase.In any case, the company "Clarence" offers samplers of their products, so it is always possible to estimate in advance, and whether to spend a decent amount on a particular cosmetic product of this brand.