Where to buy paint for the face?

What could be more fun for a child than the pictures on your face?They create a wonderful holiday atmosphere and help the little dreamer fully feel naughty or nice kitten dragon.

paints faces (children akvagrim) completely harmless to children's sensitive skin and washed off with warm water and ordinary soap.With akvagrima can not only draw attention to suit the child, but also to show the character of the selected character's baby, giving the child the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fairy-tale world.

Choosing children akvagrim

To please the kid, you primarily need akvagrim, brushes of different thicknesses, as well as soft cosmetic sponges.When choosing paint for the face for children should exercise maximum caution, because the makeup will be applied to the child's face, where the skin is very delicate and sensitive.

should make sure that the chosen paint designed specifically for leather.Otherwise, the child may have a severe allergic reaction, and in the worst case - even poisoning

!Paints for persons should be classified as hypoallergenic and contain only natural or organic ingredients.Chemical components in paints are completely unacceptable.Brand and type of paint should be fully comply with certain quality standards.

quality akvagrim sold in the form of pressed powder that looks like a classic watercolor.In addition, you can buy and liquid analog, sold in small jars.The pressed powder is diluted in a small amount of warm water to creamy and then it is already possible to draw on the face.

When choosing brushes should prefer a soft bristle brush.The ideal choice is a brush made of natural hair.Then, during the application of paints for the person it will not scratch the face of the child.

By choosing the sponge should also be taken very carefully.After all, it will need to paint large areas of skin.The best criterion for selection will be the sample.Attach the sponge to the face of the baby.If, after it leaves no particles, it is entirely appropriate.

to design the future makeup

How to decorate the face paint?If this process is new to you, the first thing is to develop several options for various childhood images.This will help you fancy.You can come up with a set of images, ranging from gay dogs and ending with magical superheroes.

Paint akvagrima: do yourself

case where the local store just do not know what colors to paint the face, this problem is completely solved.To please her child, every mother can make these magical paint yourself.

For this we need:

  • starch;
  • moisturizer (ideally - for the children's skin);
  • ordinary food coloring.

cooking recipe is as follows:

  • in a deep pan, put 3 tablespoons of starch, a teaspoon of water and a teaspoon of cream, then stir everything thoroughly until smooth;
  • prepare a concentrated solution of food coloring;
  • adding a few drops of dye into the prepared mixture to achieve your desired shade producing paint.

All you can call your cub or kitten transformed and start to finish!

Technique makeup

What is drawn on the face of the child depends entirely on his imagination and artistic abilities of its parents.But no matter who will be the model for body art (boy or girl), all the drawings have the same base and perform a certain technique.Let's get acquainted a little bit more with each stage of the application of makeup.

1. It is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials:

- colored paint for the face;

- brush, which you'll draw;

- set of cosmetic sponges or a soft sponge (most importantly, that they are not left on the face of any child particles) for applying a pitch on the face of the baby.

2. Spend allergy test: Apply a small amount of paint on your child's skin and wait.However, sometimes the reaction is manifested not too fast, and within the next hour.

3. Completely remove from the child's face all the hair, fixing their hair dressing.Change clothes a little model, and do the same, wear clothes that are not dirty sorry.But even if we get dirty, do not worry much, because children akvagrim is a special paint for the face is completely water-based, which is fairly easy to wash out.

4. The first step in the implementation of make-up is to apply pitch.It should be evenly distributed on the face and have a smooth surface.To achieve this effect, wet sponge with water, then dip it in the paint and short movements begin to apply it on the face.The paint should be thin, otherwise after it has dried, surface cracks may appear.Particular care should be treated the area around the eyes, lips and nose.Let the applied paint dries a little.

5. Then start draws contours and fine details.It is best to have before his eyes the image you have chosen as a model, especially if you are an amateur artist.The paint on the brush should be typed in a circular motion.It should have a creamy texture, it has not spread and does not drip from the end of the brush.

6. akvagrim strictly applied to the face at a right angle with thin lines or strokes.

most beloved characters for makeup

most popular patterns in children are the faces of animals or insects, patterns of flowers and faces popular superheroes: Batman, Spiderman, Superman and others.Girls prefer to transform into fairies, butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies.Love to decorate their faces with floral patterns.

course is to give preference to the good fairy tale characters or home, or the children in the game may scare each other.

Working with child

Little kid - very difficult for the model.Hardly can this restless to sit still for a long time, so be prepared to work very quickly.Set up the baby on a working mood in advance, otherwise the laughter caused by tickling the face with a brush, can keep all your work to nothing.You can enable him or audio cartoon fairy tale.This will help your child easily move forced calm.But the result will simply lead him to the delight and give unforgettable impressions.

How to remove make-up?

akvagrim water-based it is very easily washed off using a conventional warm water and baby soap.If the basis of the colors for the face is a cream or oil, it will take a little more effort and additional special means.Should have been used in addition and glitter, you must first remove them.And only then you can remove the base paint.

Where to buy paint for the face?

In any toys store offers a huge selection of different types of akvagrima, but if for some reason your city can not buy this product, you can make a reservation at any online store.