Botox: reviews, descriptions and recommendations

At all times, women tend to be beautiful, young and desirable.However, if a young man looking good is easy, with the passage of time to shine and radiance of the skin is necessary to make some effort.Of course, there are many different masks, peels, creams, lotions and other products that are as we are assured of their producers in the past month to rejuvenate the skin for twenty years.Agree, they are cunning.No, keep the skin toned and improve its appearance with the help of cosmetics can be.However, the final return to its former beauty and youth creams and masks can not.Therefore, girls, women, and even many men directed his gaze toward the other procedures.However, some people decide to resort to drastic measures immediately restore youthful skin - to plastic surgeons.However, many doctors recommend first try less dangerous and less expensive procedures.One of them is drug "Botox".Reviews of this procedure are different.Some enthusiastic about the resulting effect.Others do not like the feeling of

the "frozen" face.And still others are unhappy with the price.How to determine who is suitable "Botox"?Reviews of some clinics to be taken seriously and how to warn themselves from the disastrous consequences?Let's face it.

What is the "Botox"?

Every day our face muscles perform about fifteen thousand different movements.The result of their hard work is the appearance of facial wrinkles around the lips, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes.Get rid of the so-called "crow's feet" does not help even the expensive and high-quality cosmetics.It was then faced with the sight of the problems of the people is directed towards other means of fighting wrinkles.The most common are injection "Botox".They are called biopolymeric substances administered under the skin.

terms of professional medical slang is a drug, which is based on a purified botulinum neurotoxin and lightweight.The nature of its appearance - a protein.His produce special bacteria.This substance is called "botulinum toxin".There are several types of this matter.Modern "Botox" of wrinkles is botulinum neurotoxin type A.


Currently, the "Botox" loved and respected by many people.Its main aim now - the fight against wrinkles and skin return to youth and beauty.However, in the process of its creation before the scientists was far from being a cosmetic purpose.Quite the contrary.Scientists have tried to make the "Botox" terrible biological weapons.Neurotoxin, which is part of the substance is a strong organic poison.During World War II, scientists have conducted studies of this huge amount of organic matter.It is thanks to this experience of the experts managed to identify a new neurotoxin substance.Under laboratory conditions, using the purification and attenuation properties of the experimental material was obtained by preparation "Botulinum toxin" crystalline form Type A first successful experience in using injection "Botox" famous American Alan Scott.An ophthalmologist by profession, he was in the 70s of the 20th century, the first to use a tiny dose of "Botox" for the treatment of involuntary contraction of the circular muscles of the eye - blepharospasm.

After a while, it was discovered another property, which has a "Botox".Reviews of doctors repeated one thing: the purified toxin has a fairly long effect correction of facial wrinkles on the faces of patients.It was a grand breakthrough in cosmetology.The very first drug, through the creation of which was "Botulinum toxin" type A, and was a modern "Botox".The eyes, the forehead, the area around the lips - now doctors can easily return the skin of patients youth and beauty.

What is the effect of the substance?When you enter this medication under the skin peeled and weakened neurotoxin blocks the neurons, which are responsible for contraction of facial muscles.Those, in turn, do not get the usual signals and relax.This leads to wrinkles.

popularity grows

Currently in Russia were extended four drugs that have the effect of "Botox":

  1. «Dysport» - the manufacturer of the substance is a French company "Ipsen";
  2. «Xeomin" - a drug manufactured by the German Medical Preparations Plant "Merz";
  3. «Lantoks" - Chinese analogue;
  4. «Botox" - a pioneer in this field of cosmetology.This substance is the "child" of the American concern "Allegran."In the CIS, almost all the procedures described, even with the use of substances of different companies, known as "Botox."

It is the latter drug for the first time has given us the ability to stay young and beautiful for a long time.It should be noted that the substance was originally distributed exclusively on secular receptions.Famous Hollywood dermatologist, Dr. Frederic Brandt, organized the so-called "botoksnye parties."There are popular the fair sex could try a miracle shot.Gradually, the women could not imagine their existence without the drug under the name "Botox".Reviews of magical injection passed from mouth to mouth.Hollywood beauty quickly got used to the fact that with only a few shots of their skin becomes younger for several decades.The desire to always be beautiful has generated a huge demand for the drug.At the time, his only concern was the producer of "Allegran."That he got the first "golden rain" from the sale of "Botox".

emergence of competitors

A new era in cosmetology called "Botox."Eyebrows and creases between them, just come and have a deep "crow's feet" were no longer a problem.Now the ladies all over the world have found an easy solution.Feeling the whole issue of profitability of such a drug, soon entered the market and other companies.As the main rival American company made the French company "Ipsen".They launched into production, and then to market the drug under the name "Dysport".Absolutely similar in its properties to the American media, the substance was to conquer the European market.Opposition health Giants brought substantial benefits to consumers.Firstly, a reduction in prices.Where there is competition, there is a struggle in value.Secondly, it is frequently updated and improved development of the formula.Gradually, the two giants joined the German corporation "Merz".It is a drug called "Xeomin" has become popular due to the excellent properties and minimal diffusion.Of course, as in any other sphere of activity, and there contributed to the Chinese.Their drug called "Lantoks" come to market later competitive products.

Age Matter?

main focus of application of substances containing botulinum toxin, is a cosmetology.However, there are several medical fields, where these drugs are also involved.For example, in dentistry "BOTOX" is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis joint jaw.Great importance purified neurotoxins play in the fight against high perspiration.Classrooms ophthalmologists and ENT also use these agents for the treatment of various diseases.It should be noted that the injection of "Botox" is also used in proctology.People suffering from constant headaches, often described saving drugs.Substances containing a neurotoxin made an enormous contribution to the struggle with cerebral palsy.That is why among the people to expose themselves to injections of "Botox" can meet representatives of all age categories.

early wrinkles and age problems

proved that there are some wrinkles in people regardless of age.The man, who often violently express their emotions can become the owner of the earlier "crow's feet" or wrinkles between the brows.The habit to squint and grimace parodied as "help" buy early wrinkles.So sometimes the girls (and boys) have resorted to the procedure, which is called "Botox face."Reviews of these injections are different.All depends on the drug used, its concentration, the physician, his techniques, contraindications and age of the patient.Smooth relief skin is always possible.Only after the fifth decade of the effect is not very significant.In this case, the question arises: "Which is better," Botox "? The patient who turned fifty-year milestone, experts often suggest lifting with the help of surgery. And only then to secure the result -" Botox ".

Who carries out the injection?

Notethat only a certified medical specialist, not just a beautician, can professionally carry out the procedure called "Botox face." Reviews of other customers who have used the services of a particular clinic, to help select the most appropriate institution to carry out the planned operation. There are cases,that would-be masters were injected with the drug, departing from the proper techniques. The result of such procedures are drooping eyebrows, "wax mask" and other complications. Therefore, do not rush to stop your choice on the first came across the institution. Look at as many options and give their preference to the mostexperienced.

How is the procedure?

All injections "botulinum toxin" are carried out on an outpatient basis.During the consultation, prior to the procedure, the doctor determines the "problem area."If the site is fairly large, the facial skin pre-affixed label.Then, it is carried out the injection of the drug "Dysport", "Xeomin" or "Botox".When this substance is injected either subcutaneously or intradermally, or intramuscularly.This is due to the site of the procedure.The success of such an operation depends primarily on rigorous and correct dosage "of botulinum toxin."Do not forget that the substance of the nature of its origin - the poison.Therefore disproportionate payment amount administered may adversely affect not only the beauty of the final result, but also the health of the patient in general.

Nor should we underestimate the individual characteristics of the human body.Each patient has a sensitivity to "Botox".

How fast injection operation is carried out?

The average duration of the procedure - one hour.This includes preliminary consultation, removal of make-up (if any), disinfection and cleaning of the face, marking the zone injections, and at the end - just the introduction of a substance.The latter action takes from five to twenty minutes, depending on the chosen site.

On request also provides anesthesia.It is performed by the applicator: a special cream is applied to the skin.However, in most cases, the injections "botulinum toxin" analgesic does not apply.

When not to carry out the procedure?

Virtually every intervention in the human body has its contraindications."Botox" has proven itself in cosmetology and medicine.However, it has its own, albeit small, "prohibiting the list."It is noteworthy that all contraindications can be divided into two groups.The first group includes those diseases with which a person can not be done "Botox".These include hemophilia (weak blood clotting).This disease is also called the "disease of kings".Are you a monarchy or not, but if you are a carrier of the disease, you are denied carrying out any surgery, including injections of "Botox".Another disease that belongs to this group, is von Willebrand disease.This disease is characterized by the sudden appearance of spontaneous bleeding.The second name of the disease is angiohemophilia.Injections "botulinum toxin" is strictly forbidden in infants.This disease is characterized by rapid muscle fatigue and general weakness.

In addition to these, there are other contraindications."Botox", "Dysport", "Xeomin" is not recommended to inject under the skin, if you are pregnant or nursing mother.In addition, the procedure can not be performed during menstruation.

As mentioned above, the "Botox" is sometimes a complement to plastic surgery operations.However, injections administered immediately after the intervention of experts do not advise.Doctors recommend to wait until the swelling subsides and the normal blood circulation.On average, this period lasts for thirty days.

And of course, one of the main contraindications for the procedure is the presence of allergy to "Botulinum toxin".

day before visiting the beauty parlor is necessary to renounce the use of aspirin, tetracycline medications (group of antibiotics), sleeping pills, antidepressants and some other medications.


Nowadays, many seek to make "Botox" at home.Reviews of people to successfully implement this idea should not mislead you.It would seem that complicated to make a few shots.And the money you can save.So many people mistakenly think.However, like any other procedure, an injection "botulinum toxin" may cause complications.Even if you have no contraindications.An occupational therapist is immune from mistakes.What to say about amateurs.

One of the most popular treatments is the "Botox" between the eyebrows.Reviews of the miraculous deliverance of the folds in this area may encourage too independent persons to run the pharmacy for "Dysport" or other medication and syringes.Anticipating the prospect to quickly become young and beautiful ladies could face dire consequences.Asymmetry of the face, swelling of the eyelids, drooping eyebrows, "fallen" corners of the eyes, and many other complications may result from such activities at home.

In addition, some problems may be caused and are hypersensitive to the drug.Do you have an allergy to "Botulinum toxin" or not, clearly tell the doctor can only after special tests.Any procedure should be carried out by a professional.As said Krylov - "the trouble, since the furnace will start a cobbler pies ..." So let's trust in those who really ace in his profession.

Side effects

When we acquire something or other medical facility, with it usually comes in the kit instructions.It describes a long list of possible side effects.So with the injection procedure, "botulinum toxin".The emergence of pain, swelling and temporary weakening of muscles is possible even in the healthiest patients.Thus side effects may occur in some areas of drug administration and throughout the area of ​​the face.

What problems may arise and where the introduction of drugs "Dysport", "Xeomin" and "Botox»:

- «Crow's feet."Reviews of some patients may be taken as a warning.Be careful if you have sensitivity to injections or an allergy to the drug.It is fraught with the appearance of swelling and even bruising.If you carry the painful procedures injections, ask beforehand to anoint the area of ​​the injection solution "Lidocaine" or other painkillers.

- folds between the eyebrows.In the implementation of this procedure may cause headaches.In no case should not rub the place is a hotbed of discomfort.

- nasolabial folds.With the introduction of "Botox" in this area is sometimes immobility of the upper lip.

rejuvenation effect

Do not expect that the injection under the skin or intramuscular injection immediately "take away" for ten years.Though it happens sometimes.It all depends on the particular structure of the organism.The effect of injections "Botox" is stored from six months to nine months.After 150 days, you will notice that most muscles moving slowly "back to life".Full their recovery observed after an average of 7 months.In order to look young and beautiful always, should support and take effect injectable outpatient procedure two or three times a year.The good news is that products containing "Botulinum toxin" are not addictive.Therefore, to increase the dose should not be administered.If injections "Botox" combined with other cosmetic procedures, you can achieve amazing results in the fight for their youth and beauty.And so on.