Sesame oil for the face.

Every woman should thoroughly understand themselves that take care of their beauty need from the earliest years.However, this does not mean that you need to use makeup and coat themselves with all sorts of creams.The best way to preserve the beauty and youth - to use what gives us the nature.

About sesame oil

Before considering how you can use sesame oil for the face, you need to understand, and it is, in fact, is.Fragrant liquid extract from the seeds called "sezamum" (it is worth noting that this is translated as "Sesame") started the first residents of the East.Somewhat later, the culture of consumption of such a valuable oil seeds came to Europe, but today this tool is widely used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine.

about vitamins

Why is it useful sesame oil for the face?Quite simply, it is rich in various vitamins and trace elements that nourish the skin, keeping its natural youth, freshness and beauty.This phosphorus, zinc, set of vitamins (A and E), as well as very valuable li

noleic and oleic acid.It is important to say that it is sesame oil is known for antioxidant properties, for which, incidentally, corresponds to the substance as sesamin.

Protect skin

How can I use sesame oil for the face?First, to protect it from ultraviolet rays.To do this, sesame oil only need to lubricate the skin of the face every day, paying special attention to sites around the eyes.This tool is perfectly softens, heals small cracks and sores (especially after mechanical impact), smoothes wrinkles, and even helps with burns.It is also very useful for a couple of drops of sesame oil added to the night cream just before application to the skin.

second chin

How else can use sesame oil for the face?Very well to the tool if you need to deal with the so-called second chin.In this situation, you need to lubricate the oil back of the hand (it will be enough 2-3 drops on each hand), and a good tool to grind very confident movements pat yourself on the chin.This should be about 2-3 minutes, then it is important to rinse the face with cool water.Within a few weeks of effort that's chin starts to leave.

Oily skin

Another way of how to use sesame oil for the face - mask.This option - for those women who have oily skin.Thus, the mask with sesame oil to help cope with greasy pollution, as well as comedones.To prepare it, you need to stock up on low-fat cottage cheese - will need about 150 grams.Add a few drops to a product of the preparation and first use as a scrub - wipe your face.After several minutes of massaging the skin left on the tool face as a mask minutes 15. Now only all wash water.

Dry skin

If a woman has a very dry skin, which tends to burst, it may be advisable to use sesame oil in its pure form, without any additives.So, it will be enough a few times a day, wipe the skin to get rid of the above problems.

Sensitive skin

You can also use the tool if the skin is sensitive woman.It helps to cope with the great variety of redness, irritation, allergic response.It should also be noted that this drug can be used even for the delicate baby skin, it will not bring absolutely no harm.


as usual cleanser, too, you can use sesame oil for the skin.It is sufficient drug only a little warm water bath to increase its efficiency.Then everything is simple: the liquid is applied to a cotton ball, which wipe the face.That's all there is!

eye area

Sesame oil can also help in the care of the delicate skin around the eyes, because, as has been said, it is perfectly smoothes fine (including facial) wrinkles.So, this will be enough once a week to do a little packs of preheated water bath oil.

Refreshing mask

good to use sesame oil for the face (responses of women have tried it - excellent proof) as an ingredient in masks.To prepare such a remedy, you will need one teaspoon of powdered sugar, the same ginger powder and 1 tbsp.l.sesame oil.All the ingredients must be mixed and applied to the pre-cleansed face as a mask for about fifteen minutes.Over time, all washed away barely warm water.If your skin is oily a lady, she does not even need to use a nourishing cream for the face, the mask will be enough that the skin felt just fine.

mask suitable for all skin types

To remove wrinkles and nourish the skin, you can do the following mask: Mix a teaspoon of cocoa powder and preheated sesame oil, all put on the face and leave 10 minutes to make such proceduresIt can be daily, without any harm to the skin.

Night Mask Eye

Here's another way of how you can use sesame oil for the face.The use of this tool will help those women who want to get rid of the crow's feet around the eyes.To do this, you must first buy a pharmacy 4 vials of vitamin A and E, all mixed with one teaspoon of sesame oil and apply on the area of ​​the upper and lower eyelids not strong patting movements while massaging the skin.The mask remains on the night and morning, just washed away.This is a very effective tool to help cope with the many skin problems.

Rejuvenating Mask

can cook also rejuvenating mask, which is based will also sesame oil.You will need one tablespoon of the above-mentioned formulation, three tablespoons of cucumber juice, one tablespoon of glycerin.You can also take a drop of your favorite essential oils.Everything is mixed, applied to the face for fifteen minutes and then thoroughly washed off with warm water.


Good use sesame oil to massage the skin.It is sufficient to moisten the fingertips in this preparation.After the massage oil can not wash away from the face, it soon absorbed the skin and bring maximum benefit.