"Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle: can replace Botox Mask

Every woman's age, however regrettable it may be, there are numerous wrinkles.Of course, they can and must be fought.Modern medicine has reached such heights that now every woman can go to a plastic surgeon and eliminate all the flaws, or regularly visit a cosmetologist, which will have professional assistance in caring for aging skin.

However, these activities require considerable financial expenses, and go under the surgeon's knife, or injections of beauty at all unsafe.The press is full of headlines about failed to do the surgery, after which women are disabled or irrevocably spoil the appearance.Alternatively, such a controversial method of rejuvenation you can try to use drugs "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkles.

What good are these medications?

Medicines "Solkoseril" and "Dimexidum" in cosmetology used very widely.And they can be purchased at any drug store, and the price will surprise you.The combined use of these drugs can be replaced Botox treatments and help say goodbye to wrinkles.B

ut before starting to use drugs, you should carefully read the instructions to them, is in the set.

drug "Solkoseril."Basic

The drug comes in the form of a gel or ointment.The gel is virtually colorless transparent homogeneous mass of dense consistency, and ointment - fat smooth paste color from white to yellowish.The product is based on an extract of calf blood, standardized biologically and chemically.

used drug for tissue repair in cases of frostbite, thermal and solar burns first and second degree, in obliterating atherosclerosis of arteries and hardhealed wounds, including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers.Contraindication to the drug almost there.It can not be used in children and those who suffer personal hypersensitivity to the ingredients included in the composition.

Application in cosmetology means "Solkoseril┬╗

Not so long ago it was revealed that the gel when it is used as a mask produces a rejuvenating effect, similar to that which can be achieved by Botox.This effect is due to a truly unique chemical composition of the drug.If the drug is "Solkoseril" used regularly, you will notice that the damaged tissue skin begin to recover faster, oxygen actively absorbed by cells, the processes of production of collagen, directly affects the process of rejuvenation, and metabolism occur much more intense, due to the formation of new blood vessels occurs improvementcirculation.

use of drugs "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkles at the same time allows for the obvious effect: micro-cracks are tightened, the skin gets elasticity, reduces inflammation, facial contours become clear, wrinkles are smoothed.

drug "Dimexidum" (dimethyl sulfoxide).Properties

This drug has long been used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.The drug "Dimexidum" facial (wrinkles) is also used widely.A large number of cosmetic products of famous brands are made on the basis of dimethyl sulfoxide.This is due to its antiseptic, healing and antimicrobial properties.

due to activation of cellular metabolism and improve the absorbability of active ingredients frees the drug "Dimexidum" wrinkles.Among other things, is a conductor of dimethylsulfoxide substances and excellent solvent, so its addition in cosmetic agent enhances their efficacy.The active ingredients are not on the surface and penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, due to what is happening healing and nutrition of tissues inside.

Instead of Botox - "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril"!

Prev while trying out on his face a combination of these medications, you need to test for allergic reactions.Dilute the drug "Dimexidum" in boiled water, keeping the ratio of one to ten, and then apply the product to the skin of the wrist or the inner bend of the elbow.If during the day did not have any negative reactions in the form of swelling or redness, on the same test area, apply gel "Solkoseril."Checking skin reaction is also carried out during the day.If all goes well, you can start the procedure.

Features of

Before using drugs "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkles, you need to thoroughly clean the skin with the help of neutral gel or soap from cosmetics.Then DMSO should be diluted with boiled water in a proportion of one part of the drug to ten parts water.Using a cotton pad, apply the resulting solution on the skin.Then lubricate the face gel "Solkoseril."Do not spare the money, apply it thickly.Can be used instead of the gel ointment, its use will be even more appropriate, because it is not so much the skin tightens.

from time to time during the procedure, the person is required to wet the boiled water to mask "Dimexidum" and "solkoserilom" does not freeze.Hold means to be on the skin for an hour, then rinse and apply on face hypoallergenic gel or cream.It is recommended to do this procedure at night.And in the morning you will notice the stunning effect nontraumatic botox mesotherapy.Choose the optimal scheme of the drug "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril", you get rid of wrinkles rather quickly.The result will be visible to the naked eye after fifteen or twenty days.

solution "Dimexidum" + gel "Solkoseril."Mask.Reviews

Women use various schemes of the procedure.Some ladies are advised to apply the mask no more than once or twice a month, while others recommend a course of ten treatments with an interval of three days.The second scheme is more suitable for women with withered skin.And for the prevention of the mask can be done once a month.The fair sex are eager to share experiences on how to magically eliminate drugs "Solkoseril" and "Dimexidum" wrinkles.Reviews (with rare exceptions) are filled with enthusiastic comments.However, some ladies report that have not seen any positive effect after treatment, but a minority.

The review, among other things, can be read and a lot of useful tips.For example, many women say that the mask with "Dimexidum" and "solkoserilom" will operate several times better if it applied to the steamed out skin after taking a bath when the pores are enlarged.

separate application

ladies say that the means used "Solkoseril" in the home not only practice together with dimethyl sulfoxide, but separately.Thus, it can be applied to the hardened zone heels, elbows on the area around the eyes.The result of such actions will be gentle, velvety skin.

drug "Dimexidum" can also be used individually.In the case of acne as compresses it can be applied to the face.The drug helps to cope with the problem areas and reduce inflammation.Just do not forget that the drug is applied to the skin is permissible only in the dilution of the undiluted concentrate can not be used.Means diluted with ordinary distilled water in proportions of 1 to 4 to 1 to 10. And again, the solution should be used only on the cleaned skin.


Medicines "Solkoseril" and "Dimexidum" in cosmetology used so widely is because virtually no contraindications.Do not use medicines data only if there is an allergic reaction to the ingredients present in the composition, or if there is a tendency to form colloidal scars.

DMSO can not be applied to women during childbearing, people with liver disease, kidney disease, as well as those who suffer from atherosclerosis and cataracts.Among other things, the medicament enhances the activity and absorption of insulin, ethanol, and some drugs.

If for a long time to use the drug "Dimexidum" facial wrinkles, you probably get rid of, but you can earn dermatitis.Therefore, it is not necessary to use the medicine continuously.Do not allow the solution to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose and eyes in order to avoid burns.Many point to a lack of dimethyl sulfoxide as it is extremely unpleasant smell.Some have compared it to the smell of garlic.However, as you know, the beauty demands victims.For the perfect result is not difficult to be patient.Another important caveat to the use of dimethyl sulfoxide is allowed only locally, receiving even a few drops of the solution inside implies nausea, vomiting, and problems in the functioning of the intestine.

In conclusion

So, we told you about an effective alternative to Botox, allowing the comfort of your home and without making costly back-face radiant youthful appearance.It is no coincidence in cosmetic medicine "Solkoseril" and "Dimexidum" have been used for many years.Of course, every woman's skin has its own unique characteristics, so that the appropriate one can be completely ineffective for others.However, it is definitely worth a try on the mask itself, and it is likely that the result will make you happy.Be healthy, beautiful and forever young!