Vaseline is used for what?

Mankind has more than a hundred years of use Vaseline a variety of purposes.It is simple to use, has no odor and color.To protect against the adverse effects of the environment, to prevent scaling, soften the skin - all this can be achieved if you apply Vaseline.What else can be useful is an effective and proven tool?This will be discussed in this article.

bit of history in the second half of the XIX century was opened by Robert Chezbro Vaseline.Almost immediately, he was put into large-scale production.Since the 1870s it was sold as an effective tool for the treatment of burns, cuts, scrapes, cracked skin.Women used it in skin care.By the end of the XIX century it was practically in every home.And today does not lose its relevance such an effective product like Vaseline.Price means, most importantly, fairly acceptable.The cost of petroleum jelly - in the range of 20-30 rubles per 25 grams.

Vaseline: composition and properties

means consists of a mixture of liquid and solid carbohydrates.Rece

ive it in the processing of petroleum fractions with a low boiling point.The melting point of the substance - 60 ° C.Vaseline is dissolved in chloroform and ether can be mixed with all kinds of oils except castor.Thus the substance is insoluble or in alcohol or in water, and after application to the skin means washed off with difficulty.From wax resins of natural origin produces natural petroleum jelly.Composition of artificial agent comprises a mixture of paraffin and ceresin adding perfume oil and substances that increase the viscosity.Artificial Vaseline has a cloudy white or yellowish color.Natural means by comparison more transparent and has a viscous consistency, but also has an antimicrobial effect.

Species Vaseline

The tool is divided into three types:

  • Technical .This type of cleaning is subjected to the least.Petroleum jelly color can vary from yellow to dark brown.This tool has a pronounced smell of kerosene.Vaseline is widely used in the industry.It protects metal parts from moisture, acts as the impregnation of electrical insulators and is used as a lubricant for the various contacts.The composition of petroleum jelly presence of an acid, so if you hit it on the skin can cause irritation.
  • Medical .This type of agent is thoroughly processed and is white in color.Vaseline medical topically applied as a protective and emollient, and as a basis for medicinal ointments.Means applying a thin layer, will help to eliminate minor cracks in the skin and make it softer after the negative impact of the wind, sun or frost.Mucosal protection from injury when using enemas or vapor tube helps Vaseline, which before the introduction of stringent tips smeared with this tool.

  • Beauty .This kind used in the manufacture of many creams and oils.In its pure form it is used very rarely, because it contributes to clogging of the pores and blocking access of oxygen to the skin.However, Vaseline Cosmetic is an effective emollient before the massage.He also has a restorative effect.Vaseline is recommended after Dermabrasion or peeling.

Vaseline face

Vaseline is an effective means in the fight against premature skin aging and age-related wrinkles.This effect is due to its ability to create on the skin surface protective film that prevents dehydration of tissues.Also, petrolatum and tools based on it hypoallergenic and safe for the human body.This is true, of course, if the product is of high quality.Besides petrolatum does not penetrate into the skin, it is resistant to degradation in cosmetics do not interact with other substances.

protection against environmental

Due to the dense layer formed by Vaseline, skin is protected from cold air, strong winds and the sun.The protective film on the face protects the skin cells from the cold, his lips - from cracking and chapping.

protection in everyday life

With this product, you can protect the mucous membrane of the nose from drying out during cleaning dusty places or allergic reactions.Detergents can cause irritation or skin peeling.Vaseline, applied a thin layer just before contact with these substances, get rid of such phenomena.

The use in decorative cosmetics

Vaseline can be mixed with decorative cosmetics, for example, with shadows.This will give them uniformity, luster and will promote ease of application.If you run out of blush or lipstick, do yourself a cosmetic can, using petroleum jelly, which simply mixed with food coloring desired shade.

Vaseline in cosmetology

This tool is able to dissolve and remove even resistant makeup.However, the use of petroleum jelly for removing makeup should carefully avoiding contact with particles of funds for the eye mucosa.After the procedure, petroleum jelly should be removed from the surface of the skin, as its residues can cause edema morning.Also, this tool effectively combats wrinkles.To this end petroleum jelly in a 1: 2 mixed with aloe gel.The resulting mixture is applied to the skin for 20 minutes.Then the remnants of the mask are washed away, the face is rinsed with cold water.If we combine jelly with honey or visceral fat, you can get a nutritious mask for lips.

As can be seen from the foregoing, many problems can be avoided by using this effective and affordable means as Vaseline.

What else can you use this product?

In summer, the skin may appear diaper rash.To avoid this, it is necessary before going out to lubricate the problem areas with Vaseline.

With this tool, you can extend the stability of the flavor of your favorite perfume.To do this, apply a little Vaseline on the skin, and then at the same place to splash spirits.

If you regularly lubricate the skin of the hands and feet with Vaseline, it is a long time will remain soft and young.Before going to bed, you can put on your skin a thin layer of means, wear cotton socks and gloves are the same.Per night Vaseline absorbed, and the next morning the skin of your hands and feet will be soft and smooth.

Vaseline can increase the growth of eyelashes.Therefore, we can periodically apply to them means.This should be done carefully, because as Vaseline, caught on the mucous eye, can cause inflammation.

The tool can replace the modeling gel for eyebrows.For this jelly spread on the hairs with a clean brush.This not only helps keep the shape of the eyebrows during the day, but also give it a natural shine.

With this product, you can avoid getting polish on the skin during a manicure.To do this before applying the decorative tools must be lubricated with petroleum jelly cuticle.And if you get paint on the skin, then remove it will be very easy.If

while bathing baby shampoo gets into the eyes, eyebrows, lubricate it with Vaseline.This will protect the baby from the discomfort.

Vaseline - a universal, affordable, harmless tool that should be in every woman's purse.