Almond oil for the face.

Many women know that in cosmetology widely used almond oil for face, body, hair care, and so on. D. At the same time, few people thought about what it is in itself brings this miracle oil, than it is useful.

Natural product

in ancient Egypt beauties widely used almond oil for all kinds of cosmetic procedures.This was added to water for making scented bath, was rubbed into the skin, applied to the hair and the eyelashes to their density and growth stimulation.Even then, it was known as the favorable impact it has vitamin-rich oil.Virtually every component of it stimulates the cells once gets on our skin.As a result - improves complexion, t. To. Due to the content of niacin rejuvenation (regeneration) of the skin, thanks to organic acids adjusted subcutaneous microcirculation and metabolism.Therefore, almond oil for skin is deservedly considered one of the best natural anti-aging agents.


almond oil, almond oil is obtained by the so-called cold pressing.For this purpose, as the core of swe

et and bitter almonds.The result is a product that contains a large amount of useful minerals and vitamins here and vitamins B, A, E, F, and a lot of other components that affect the condition of the hair and skin.That is why one can hardly find a more healthy and nutritious means for maintaining female beauty and, most importantly, all this gave us Mother Nature, not scientifically derived creams.

The content of vitamin A in oil has beneficial effects on skin hydration and on advanced stages can be forgotten thanks to the presence of vitamin F, which normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Useful properties

important advantage can be regarded as an opportunity to use almond oil for the person at home.With its easy recipes you can mix and create masks for the face, hair, and the result will not be worse than that of professional treatments in the salon.

most popular almond oil for face and still enjoys because of its use due to the constant slows the aging process.And if you add the almond oil in a day cream that you use every day, thanks to its composition of natural means of folic acid you will provide yourself with protection from winter frosts and harmful UV rays.

softening and moisturizing

Almond oil, whose properties allow its use for all skin types, especially for those women who tend to soften and moisturize the skin.The most common cause much trouble dry skin type when you need a constant power supply to the correct person.Often, women who are the owners of this type, complain of sensitive skin, part of its redness and peeling, even after the use of special creams.

nourishment for the skin around the eyes

often use almond oil for the eyes, because the skin in this area is thin and delicate, and therefore requires careful and thoughtful care, and that can take care of aging skin is better than nourishing almond oil.I must say that at least it will be useful to use this invaluable tools for problem skin, in fact, besides the fact that it successfully fights with dilated pores, it also eliminates the inflammation and redness on the skin are available.

Beautiful color

But the happy owner of a normal skin type are obliged to use almond oil, in order to maintain its tone and prevent the appearance of her dry areas or enlarged pores.

Apart from the advantages of almond oil, you just need to say that when you use it significantly improves the general condition of the skin.These include smoothing superficial wrinkles, as well as a positive change in the complexion.

light texture

It would seem that with such a list of nutritional properties of almond oil probably should have enough fat structure, but we hasten to assure you that he has an easy structure, and it is rapidly absorbed by the skin.Very often, almond oil for face is used as the base substrate in the preparation of a variety of masks and creams.Also, it is applied to the face in a pure form without adding other ingredients, and then a circular motion lightly rubbing.If you are worried that the remaining oil will still be visible on the skin, you can use a paper towel to remove excess (simply slightly wet skin after application of funds).

Using Body

Use almond oil for face and body, it serves as an excellent tool for massage is not hard to imagine that the necessary nutrition and hydration gets all the skin and in the future you will experience an incredible result from such procedures.Tender and delicate skin on the neck and décolleté also requires careful care, so used to the procedures in these places almond oil - the perfect solution.You can simply add your favorite cream a few drops of oil a miracle: a pre-mix in the palm of these two ingredients, and only then applied to the skin.

Removing makeup

Many women know that natural oils perfectly cleanses the skin and can be used as a means for removing makeup, even for such a sensitive area as the skin around the eyes.In this case, oil is better heated slightly and then took a cotton swab, moisten it in the heated oil, and only then to wipe the face and remove make-up and mascara to the eyelashes.

Useful tips

Before preparing masks with almond oil, it is necessary to listen to some really valuable advice of professional beauticians.Firstly, any face mask is best applied to the cleansed skin.The fact that our epidermis keratinized prevent deep penetration of nutrients contained in the mask, and after all the purpose of any such procedure - that enrich our skin beneficial trace elements, nourish it, moisturize.Even if the purpose of masks - to remove redness on the face, narrow pores and whiten the skin, it is recommended to pre-deep cleansing, facial peels do.Second, some women overlook the importance of washing off the mask stage.It is important to carefully and gently remove the remains from the face mask, often this should be done with warm water, and in any case, do not rub hard skin, especially around the eyes.It is best to use a moistened cotton swabs or special to help you gently and carefully wash off the mask, without irritating the skin.At the end of the whole procedure is best not to rub the face dry with a towel and a wet cloth.

Toning mask with oatmeal

To prepare tonic while cleansing face mask, which is suitable for all skin types, you will need simple ingredients: lemon, oat flakes (flour), almond oil.First, you need a good bit of oatmeal mix with warm water to form a paste-like mass.It is already resulting mixture is necessary to add half a tablespoon of almond oil and 35 drops of lemon juice.All this should be rubbed until a homogeneous mass consistence, and then smear the face and leave for 15-17 minutes.

Mask for oily and problem skin

very carefully and closely necessary to deal with beauty treatments for women with the problem and inflamed skin, as a rule, it refers to fatty type.In the case where there are pockets of facial redness and inflammation, pre-peeling do not just not recommended and is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can only increase the area affected by inflammation.However, if done correctly, then this recipe will help relieve redness of the skin after the first half.Preparing such a simple face mask: almond oil should be mixed with a raw egg white and one tablespoon of herb St. John's wort tincture, which can be bought in almost every pharmacy.The resulting slurry should be applied on the face for 15 minutes.

also to care for acne and problem skin can help following recipe homemade masks.For its production need to boil in a peel kartoshinu medium size, then crush it in the sauce and add 1 tbsp.spoon pharmacy calendula, 2 teaspoons lemon juice and almond oil.Face mask should be mushy consistency, so it is impossible to say exactly how much you need to add the oil, it may be one or two teaspoons, you must look at the situation.Then, the resulting mixture should be allowed to cool completely and then put on the face and leave for 10-15 minutes.Some recipes can be found instead of boiled potatoes grated raw tuber.

recipe for aging skin

also almond oil for face is used to create a mask for dry and aging skin.To prepare the funds for this recipe you will need one tablespoon of cocoa powder, some warm milk and one teaspoon of liquid honey (preferably May) and two teaspoons of almond oil.All these ingredients should be mixed well, the result will be not too thick mass, which should impose on 17-20 minutes on the face, but for the area around the eyes is enough to leave the mask on for 10 minutes.

Mask with fruit pulp

toning mask can be done with pulp kiwi, one spoon of cottage cheese and a spoon of almond oil.Kiwis can change the flesh apple, watermelon or grapes.All other components remain unchanged.It turns out a kind of a vitamin cocktail for the skin.Apply the mask on for 15-20 minutes and then washed off in a known pattern to you.

dark circles

You can also make a mask to help cope with the dark circles under the eyes.It is necessary to mix a little honey with almond oil, and the resulting mixture of massage movements applied to the skin around the eyes, it will improve the blood flow in such a delicate and sensitive area, but do not forget to leave a mask can be no more than 10 minutes.

Almond hair oil

It should be noted that the almond facial oil, which reviews the best, not only has a beneficial effect on the skin, but also perfectly stimulates hair growth.Due to this it is also actively used to create masks for the care of our locks.So many women tell that happy to use almond oil for eyelashes.To do this, take the tool and clean the old brush out of the mascara on the eyelashes and is applied (usually at night).After a short time, many note a marked improvement in the eyelashes, and some say they even increased the length of a few millimeters.

Regarding the use of hair oil, then there is also worth mentioning the positive effects, especially for women who often use hair dryers, curling irons, irons, and often dyed hair.I must say that curls acquire live shine, elasticity and strength.To cope with the problem posechennyh tips, just add a little almond oil in the shampoo that you use regularly.

Almond oil, the properties of which we have described in this paper can be easily bought at any drugstore or supermarket, and its price will be another advantage of this versatile product to expensive cosmetics.