Avocado oil for face: the rules of use and effect

One of the most useful and environmentally friendly vegetable oils considered avocado oil.It surpasses many others on the nutritional value, vitamins and trace element composition.Avocado oil, the use of which is invaluable for the body, perfectly digestible and has a pleasant taste.In its structure there is a large amount of fat, in connection with this product can be used for the preparation of dietary dishes and vegetarian cuisine.

How to get avocado?

tree, giving these great benefits, can only grow in a very warm climate.Grow it in California, South America, Mexico, South Africa and Israel.Refers to the family of the laurel tree, green fruit is pear-shaped.Oil is produced from the pulp, and sometimes from the seeds by cold pressing.With this technology the useful properties of the product are stored, minerals, vitamins, acids and so on.Use avocado oil for face, hair and body, it is taken orally.It has a dark green color and nutty flavor.

Useful properties

first avocado face began to use wo

men of Mexican tribes.It was called "beauty oil", and not in vain.Studies have shown that regular use of the product for skin care slows down the aging process.Oil well nourishes and heals not only the epidermis, but also the entire body.In its composition there are vitamins, such as D, E, A, and approximately twenty percent of unsaturated fatty acids.The oil is quickly absorbed.The product stimulates the regeneration of the skin, promotes healing and protects it from harmful UV rays.

Application in cosmetology

Every woman wants to prolong their youth and keep the skin soft and tender as long as possible.To do this, some turn to experts, buying countless jars of expensive creams.Avocado oil for skin is recognized as one of the most effective tools used for nutrition, hydration and rejuvenation.It is considered as a base and usually diluted with other vegetable oils, and taken as a basis for the preparation of creams, masks and other skin care products.This oil is applied by itself.It has a significant impact on the skin.In its composition, this oil is unique.The fats are included in it, as close to human skin fats.Avocado oil can be used for the face, every woman, because it is suitable for all skin types.It absorbs quickly, without leaving greasy.

avocado oil for skin

This is an amazing tool moisturizes the skin, softening it and saturating it with nutrients.It improves blood circulation, which contributes to the enrichment of oxygen to tissues.The oil penetrates deeply into the skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, which in turn has a positive effect on the elasticity and firmness.Premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and age spots stopped sterols - plant compounds with similar properties to sexual hormones.

How to use?

Avocado oil for the face, the use of which is so widely now, is perfect for the care of every skin type.It will be useful at any time of the year.It is used for nutrition, hydration, regeneration.In addition, it eliminates a variety of rashes and irritation, fine lines, acne, peeling, dryness.This is an excellent natural remedy will eliminate the majority of the problems associated with the skin.It is ideal for the care of thin and delicate skin around the eyes, which often suffer from cold, wind and improper care.Avocado oil for face makes this area more gentle, eliminates sagging skin and fine lines.It is an indispensable means of care under adverse weather conditions.In winter, it protects from the cold, and in summer - from ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin.This facility should be in every woman's purse.

Avocado hair

Who does not dream of a luxurious head of hair!Have a beautiful and healthy hair is not too difficult.An excellent means to care for them is avocado oil.It quickly strengthen your hair, get rid of split ends.As a result, significantly improves the appearance of hair, the hair is soft and elastic.In addition, regular use of oil helps to protect them from exposure to various environmental factors.For hair treatment avocado oil can be used in pure form or blended with other oils.Within two or three weeks you will notice results.

Avocado eyelash

oil affects the eyelashes in the same manner as in the hair.They are strengthened and become thick and long, improving their natural beauty and strength.Please be aware that the disease, environmental hazards, stress affects the condition of the hair and eyelashes.In this regard, avocado oil must be used regularly.The only way you can return your lashes health.Its use is very simple.Oil is applied to the eyelashes before bedtime and in the morning wash in the usual way.

Methods of application

Avocado oil for face (reviews suggest its high efficiency) can be used in different ways: in its pure form, for masks, massages, applications and so on.Masks with this oil helps to eliminate flaccidity and dryness, as well as solve problems, such as irritation, inflammation, skin diseases.The oil may be applied on the face for 30 minutes, then it should be removed tissue.At strongly expressed concerns procedure is repeated twice a day.Likewise, you can take care of the skin around the eyes.Natural avocado oil makes it soft, supple and eliminates wrinkles.The undiluted oil is an excellent substitute for a night cream.If pure for some reason it can not be used, the oil taken as a basis for the preparation of creams.Regular use of avocado oil has a beneficial effect on the skin.Disappear any inflammation, the skin becomes healthy, supple and young, wrinkles disappear.

Beauty Recipes

Avocado oil, whose properties have been known since ancient times, used for the preparation of creams and masks for face and body.Here are some recipes:

  1. mixture for the skin around the eyes.15 milliliters of avocado oil are mixed with the same amount of olive oil or grape.The resulting mixture was added rosemary, geranium, Verbenaceae essential oil (two drops).This mask is applied to the skin around the eyes at night.After a few days you will notice that the skin was smooth and radiant, the wrinkles smoothed.
  2. Nourishing mask for face and body.Unrefined avocado oil impregnated cloth and applied to the skin.Half an hour later it can be removed.Perform these procedures several times a day - and very soon you will see the result.

  3. remedy against sunburn.20 milliliters of avocado oil is mixed with 10 drops of lavender oil.This mixture lubricate the skin after sunburn.It becomes soft, peeling, and redness and inflammation disappear.
  4. Lip Balm.The delicate skin of the lips in need of constant care.It can provide a mix based on avocado oil.It connects with jojoba oil in equal proportions and applied as necessary.As a result, regular application of the lips are soft, missing irritation, redness.
  5. tool against cellulite.Avocado oil in this case used for massage.It can be taken neat or added thereto lavender, Fennel, cypress, geranium essential oil at the rate of three drops of 30 milliliters of the substrate.
  6. relaxing bath.For food and wetting the entire surface of the body avocado oil is added to water.To do this, 15 ml of avocado oil mixed with honey, salt and cream in equal parts.The resulting mixture was dissolved in water.Take a bath for maximum effect must be not less than once a week.
  7. neonatal care.The skin is incredibly delicate babies.She often exposed to moisture.The result is irritation of diaper rash, prickly heat.Get rid of them quickly and effectively helps avocado oil.It is applied with a thin layer on the problem areas after a bath or when changing diapers.If necessary, lubricate the entire surface of the body or use a massage.The oil is quickly absorbed and has a pleasant smell.All this makes the process enjoyable for both the mother and for the baby.