Cosmetics " Dr. Pierre Rico " : customer reviews .What are the reviews of the French cosmetics " Dr. Pierre Rico "?

popular in Europe, this cosmetics for more than twenty years of happy women.The manufacturer provides an effective means to care for aging skin.

famous Dr.

His name is little known in our country.Pierre Rico is a family physician family Roche and Yves Rocher was his godson.It was with his famous godfather in 1986, a doctor and founded the first French brand of medical cosmetics.Doctors interested in issues of aging.In addition, he wanted to find ways to stop or at least slow down this process.Pierre Rico firmly decided for themselves that the approach to the production of anti-aging, regenerative cosmetics must be very scientific.After much research, he created his very first cream to fight wrinkles.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rico was unable to manage his business for a long time - three years later, he died.But the principles of the company have remained immutable - with proper care can be and in his mature years to look attractive and feminine.


At the end of the 80s began to appear a var

iety of means to combat skin aging.There was even a new direction - the production and release of anti-aging treatments and medications.The very first product of this French brand, "Dr. Pierre Rico" was the cream that stimulates the production of collagen - «Callagen Vital».Since then, nearly thirty-year history, in scientific laboratories have been developed many effective cosmetics.Cosmetics "Dr. Pierre Rico 'reviews buyers about which truly enthusiastic, it is created using the so-called system-expert.Scientists for the first time the company has managed to combine in one part of preventive and active current components, which eliminate existing skin problems.

«Postal cosmetics»

That is often referred to as the products of the brand, since most of its spread by means of mailing catalogs, as well as products from other popular companies - Avon, Oriflame, Yves Roches and others. The peculiarity of the company isthat it produces products only for women of mature age.According to experts, these include all women over twenty-five years.

Products Company

Currently cosmetics "Dr. Pierre Rico" made in several ways:

- corrective means;

- drugs preventive action;

- means of experts.

The individual lines are marked decorative cosmetics and care products ha skin.Cosmetics "Dr. Pierre Rico" is developed in the following areas:

- means restoring skin elasticity.They consist of the Sensitive Lift and set, which includes products for the face, lip contour and contour to the eye;

- reducing agents night (Renaissance de Nuit);

- anti-wrinkle (Regard Jeuness, Hydra Rides, Infraides);

- drugs that increase skin tone and energy.This is a group of assets Derma Ecolia - makeup remover, tonics, gels, creams;

- means for skin radiance (Dhactive +, Nouveau Substitutive);

- cosmetics decorative (blush, creams with a therapeutic effect, volume mascara, lipstick wide variety of shades;

- means for body care (gel slimming cream, creams for hands and feet, a comprehensive tool to create a harmoniousthe figure).

Cosmetics "Dr. Pierre Rico" for aging skin

The range is large enough. For example, the anti-aging cream as night and day, you can pick up for all ages and all skin types. The French cosmetics "Dr. PierreRico 'opinions about which very favorable, made from natural ingredients. We also encourage you to pay attention to the cream to help effectively combat the first wrinkles.

Various means for peeling, scrubs the brand has long been proven as the best andmany positions left far behind competitors' products. It should be noted that all of the tools created for body care (moisturizing oil modeling gels) efficiently and effectively.

Cosmetics "Dr. Pierre Rico" a huge selection of tools to clean skin, nourishing and moisturizing creams for the feet and hands, sunscreen.In addition, you can purchase one of the flavors of the famous brand, which is naturally produced by your complete image.

Where can I buy these funds

cosmetics of this brand manufactured in France.Buy it can only directly in the catalog and without intermediaries.The company "Dr. Pierre Rico", a site where you can easily find on the Internet, extends its catalog around the world.

popular means of

known firm "Dr. Pierre Rico" testimonials from grateful shoppers received from around the world.Let me introduce you to several products, the most popular in our country.

Smoothing Mask nourishing with Vitamin E

By texture reminiscent of rich cream, but despite this, it is quickly absorbed.Feedback from shoppers, facial skin after removing the mask becomes very pleasant to the touch, the shine disappears completely.Great for tired skin.Price - 500 rubles.

Night restoring whey, overactive

agent with a pleasant smell, which has a light and pleasant texture.It has convenient dispenser.It restores and revitalizes the skin, giving it inherent in the nature of color.Price - 1500 rubles.

"Omega Magnesium Vitamin C" - a nourishing cream

effective cream with natural ingredients.Good rests on the skin.Excellent nourishes the epidermis.Reliable winter protection.Enveloping texture prevents discomfort in cold days.Omega three and six help to restore the skin's protective barrier, making it better resists cold.Magnesium and Vitamin C strengthens the vitality and tone of the skin.Price - 600 rubles.

lip balm nourishing, colorless

uniformly thin layer rests on the lip.Well it softens and moisturizes.Hydrosphere swellable upon contact with moisture, which is located in the epidermis, reach the zones with the thinnest cover and aligned color.The complex consisting of vitamin E and shea butter, nourishes and protects the skin of the lips.The price of 200 rubles.

peeling skin radiance

gently and gently cleanses the skin.Pleasant aroma, after cleansing the face becomes smooth and velvety.Price - 300 rubles.

cellular hydration for 24 hours. - Cream-gel

As part of the new facility contains the active ingredient Hydracium.Created in the laboratories, "Dr. Pierre Rico" cream contributes to a significant increase in the number of aquaporins - channels through which cells are moistened.Glycalox - an active ingredient that is present in all forms of company.It moisturizes the skin, bringing moisture to every cell.The effect lasts for 24 hours.Designed for mixed and normal skin.Price - 780 rubles.

Pencil wrinkle-corrector

microspheres of hyaluronic acid, a part of this pencil corrects all types of wrinkles, it is not leaving shine and keeping the balance of the skin.Instantly becomes a much younger person.The corrective effect is really instant.Price - 750 rubles

Cream "3 in 1" Supremage (restoring) This new cream fights the three problems of mature skin - wrinkles, lack of comfort, dark spots.The cream is rich in genistein, which, combined with provitamin B5, and natural oils, complex care of the skin, improves skin tone, wrinkles.Tiny particles means well penetrate the skin, giving a feeling of comfort.