Red lipstick for brunettes - a view from the side.

Red lipstick for brunettes - a separate section in the science of makeup.For centuries, this color is used primarily by all the ladies in order to emphasize its beauty and expressiveness.Of course, most clearly, he just looked at the dark-haired woman, whom the nature has bestowed such an expressive set of paints.To learn how to choose a red lipstick for brunettes, in which cases it is relevant and what shades such relevant today - see below.

Species lipstick and fashion

Surprisingly, it is in our days bright colors in makeup lips are one of the most important trends.But it is worth noting that, unlike past years when the make-up had to be shining and brilliant, today in the course of great restraint and brevity that show us clearly red lipstick.Reviews modern fashionistas confirm the fact that the make-up of the lips should be matte, but at the same time expressive and crisp.This means that the makeup is to put a pencil on the darker tone of lipstick, which, in turn, should be matte, without fine

glitter and excess shine.It should also be noted that the matte red lipstick for brunettes - ideal for parties, and for working days.Combined with dark hair like tone will look attractive, but not defiantly, that is a necessary criterion of attractiveness for the modern girl.

How to choose a red lipstick, depending on tsvetotipa?

Even despite the fact that in this article we consider only women with dark hair, they are also divided into different tsvetotip, depending on the skin tone and hair themselves, as well as the color of the eyes.First we discuss the girls with fair skin, which can have both brown and gray eyes.In such an ideal background will look red, cranberry and raspberry color, especially if they will be dull glow.Note that this combination gives a little retro style, so the clothes and accessories to choose is appropriate.Otherwise the bright colors on the lips will look not only absurd, but also vulgar.In the second category we are considering women with darker skin, brown and green eyes.In this case, the most ideal one are coral tone but slightly muted while saturated.But how to choose a lady with red lipstick East or Latin looks, he knows almost everyone.In this case, the ideal would be ruby, scarlet and crimson hues.

Additional features of make-up to red lip tone

As has become clear, red lipstick for brunettes - is not only eye-catching maneuver, but also a fashion trend that thundered in recent seasons in all the magazines.However, how to create a complete image of makeup, given as a bright lip color?Try to understand this complex problem and find a way out.Firstly, we focus again on the skin color.If you are the owner of "dairy" type, and color and lipstick should be cold, and all the other components make-apa.Prefer gray shadows for a century, run straight black arrow on the upper edge of the eye, emphasize cheekbones, pale pink, pearl or purple blush.If the red lipstick shades for brunettes are selected from a warm color scheme, you can choose to age brown shade, and on the cheekbones apply a little bronze.Just do not forget that this makeup will look perfect on the nature of the dark or tanned skin.

tips about the tone

course, all the stylists say in unison that the red color on your lips - it is a classic that does not depend on fashion trends, design new products and time.Often, such a make-up compared with the little black dress by Coco Chanel, with real French perfume, with high-quality high heels.This suggests that a tube of red lipstick to be contained in the purse of every woman, so that she could at the right time to use it.But here the question arises, whether you paint the lips of the brightest lipstick.After all, when applied to the lips of the pitch should be very careful and have a certain talent, otherwise the result of such work will look ridiculous.Therefore, we consider as lipstick red lipstick, to make it look really luxurious.

First, start with the stroke.Even if your idea does not imply the further existence of the visible contour, it must exist to ensure that the main component of the ink did not go beyond its contours and not smeared.To do this, pick up a pencil tone on tone and all else.If fully follow fashion, you probably know that the contour of the lips should be slightly darker than their primary color.Therefore, carefully and precisely Draw it, and then paint over the skin.

Day and night - what's the difference?

return to the question of the appropriateness of the salt on the lips bright colors at different times and in different places.In recent years, the fashion dictated to us natural, so many are accustomed lipstick transparent gloss, with emphasis on the eyes.Now try to change all this place and see what happens.If you are going to work, highlight the lips crimson, cranberry lipstick or coral, and the only paint over the cilia, ignoring forever, believe me, your image will be more than appropriate for the office.Importantly, do not forget to emphasize the eyebrows a little, so that their line was smooth (but not bright), and apply a thin layer of blush.Remember that makeup should be kept in a single color.If you are going to a party, the perfect companion to the red lipstick will make smoky eyes.How to choose a red lipstick brunette with different tsvetotip, we have figured out, and "attached" to it the right eye makeup is not so difficult.Just watch out for a touch of the lips - it is cold or warm, and depending on it, and choose a shade of mascara.

Clothing, emphasizing red lips

As mentioned above, that the image was the holistic, it is important not only to properly apply makeup, and choose the appropriate clothing.With red lipstick looks perfect two styles - classic and evening.In the first case it is necessary to pay attention to dress, its style and color.You'll be irresistible with red lips in black dress in white, as well as some shades of beige and pastel fabrics.However, in no case do not combine with bright scarlet lipstick evening dresses (blue, green, yellow, and so on).The same applies to business suits.Brunettes, whose appearance on the nature of a strict and very expressive, can enhance it by using a standard pencil skirt and close fitting jacket.This kit can be crosslinked both in black and white of the fabric.Complete the image of a red bag and a bracelet or earrings, and pick up the shoes to match the dress.

small postscript

learn how to pick red lipstick brunette, you can talk for ages.The article shows the approximate arguments summarizing the factors that will help you navigate the world of fashion and beauty.In fact, the choice of such a bright accessory - a matter of taste, which also requires an individual approach.Therefore, try, experiment, advice and always try to look your best.