Red lipstick for brunettes, blondes and other tsvetotip .Shades of red lipstick : How to choose yours?

Some women are afraid of red lipstick, the other - on the contrary, are not without their lives.But not everyone knows how to choose the right shade and figure out who it is and who do not fit.In addition, it is important to be able to choose the lipstick, because it must not only give lips a bright color, but all emphasize their dignity.

Subtleties of care for delicate skin

If you decide to pick up a new facility for the care of the lips, then know that it is not necessary to take off the shelf first got a tube.Do not forget that you apply lipstick on delicate skin that requires special care.Look at what women are like the lips in the winter, if we neglect the simple rules of caring for them - they burst, the skin begins to climb round, sometimes even can begin to ooze blood.And if this is applied to the damaged skin even and red lipstick, the show will truly terrifying.

Even if you do not consider it necessary to do every day his face bright and attractive, it is a hygienic lipstick or bright

brilliance never forget.So you can keep the delicate skin in good condition.

How to choose a lipstick

Most relate to the selection of decorative cosmetics are not too picky.Actions of women depend on their habits and financial well-being.Some people prefer to choose a well-known cosmetics brands promoted, others are guided by the price.But when choosing a lipstick in this and in another case, the main criterion is its color.Of course, there are those who think about its texture, luster and other criteria before buying, but they are few.

If you like bright colors, or decide that your beautician must necessarily be bright red lipstick, then you must decide what is right for you.Please note that this color is not everything.But there are different shades of red lipstick, among which you can choose what will look good on the Fair, and blonde, and fair-haired.

Bright colors

If you are sure you want rich, conspicuous color, then choose not shine, namely lipstick.But it is aware that his lips in such a case must be made up perfectly.After all, bright color does not tolerate or corrections of errors.In addition, wipe unsuccessfully undertaken line will also not usually rich shades leave a mark on the skin, which is quite difficult to remove.

On the other hand, acquired red lipstick to accentuate the shape of the lips brunette, make its image more attractive and to some extent the caller.Girl in a moment will look more attractive and even sexy.It should be noted that previously it was thought that the rich red lipstick is suitable only for the brown-haired women.But now the opinion of professional make-up has changed.Most of them believe that it is important to choose the right shade of red lipstick.Thus, blondes are more suitable for warm tones of color to dark hair - cold, while brown-haired women - with the terracotta or orange tint.

selection rules for brunettes

If you are a young girl with dark skin, dark hair, eyes and plump lips, the most vivid colors - for you.Deep red lipstick to her brunette fits best.If you are not sure what shade it is worth buying, then pay attention to the ruby ​​color.If you want something more gentle, then look at the rich pink versions.By the way, keep in mind that to the dark eyes are not only brown but gray.

course for daytime makeup desktop bright colors - not the best option.To light the pores of the day, choose peach or coral shades.But the evening of red lipstick for brunettes irreplaceable.It will be able to attract attention and make your lips expressive.In the darkness it will look attractive dark red color, but you can choose to focus on shades of crimson.

If you do not want bright lipstick, and decided to stop at the splendor, then look at the options colorless.Experts believe that the faded colors make brunettes featureless and dull.Therefore, even the shine should be chosen such that it is visible.Stop your attention to red shades.Manufacturers now offer a variety of options in the palette, you can find many bright red and crimson lip.But remember, they will not look the same as the lipstick, they just give the appropriate shade of lip.

Can blonde using bright colors?

happy owner of white hair and fair skin should not avoid saturated colors contrasting makeup.True, the choice of colors should be approached very carefully.Red lipstick for blondes to be closer to the coral or peach color.Unbeaten and look all shades of pink, however, they should not be faded and saturated.Otherwise, any blonde because of his blond hair will look understated.

If you do not have obvious skin problems that are difficult to conceal using makeup, then do not be afraid to use bright lipstick.Recall, Marilyn Monroe - her lips were always bright red.At the same time she looked expressive and sexy, but no hint of vulgarity gave her image.

Makeup for women with brown hair

When choosing lipstick shades is important to consider your tsvetotip.This advice becomes especially relevant for those girls who are the owners of blond hair.Girls belonging to tsvetotipu fall or spring, with the skin of warm colors can safely opt for red lipstick with brown or terracotta hue.Especially good are the colors will look on the lips of girls who have honey or brown hair with a golden tint.

But red lipstick for fair-haired with fair skin should be slightly different.They are like rich tomato or brick colors, also a good idea to pay attention to the red and copper shades.Girls with brown hair will look good with the matte and shiny with pomade.It is for this reason that they can safely use bright shine.

If you color your hair close to the red-haired, and the skin is white, then red, you must be very careful.Mismatched shade can look too flashy.So the girls had better pay attention to lipstick with a golden sheen, they are great orange tones.

Difficulties choice

If you want to understand how to look for red lipstick brunettes, photos of celebrities will help determine the shade.If you are unable to find the right color, pay attention to any known girl or woman who is similar to the color of your skin and hair.Look at the colors she uses, and you choose the most likeable.

If you are so difficult to determine, the beauticians developed an entire strategy on how you need to choose the color of lipstick.You can simply push the tube and bring it to his lips.If the color does not change the person, and you will enjoy your reflection in the mirror, you can safely take the chosen lipstick.You can also see correspond to your chosen color, if you use the following method.Apply a strip of lipstick on your wrist - at this point color most close to his lips.If you like the look of the chosen shade on the hand, then on your face and it will look good.

Nuances Makeup

Before you apply a bright lipstick on her lips, it is necessary to deal with some aspects of its use.Lips should be free of cracks or bitten skin - all these shortcomings can hide gloss red lipstick they only emphasize.All pimples on the chin, cheeks, any rash immediately caught my eye.Also note that a bright lipstick teeth may seem yellower than it really is.Girls with full lips, you can safely take the saturated colors, but better suited for thin light options.

If you choose a red lipstick for brunettes, it is important to find the right pen.His tone should be the same as the selected color, but not bad if it will be a bit darker.In such a case, the lips will become more expressive, they can be given a regular shape.