Master class on makeup: learn to be more beautiful.

art of makeup every woman should own.These are skills that allow you to emphasize the good natural data, change images, and always be different, while remaining inimitably beautiful.The inexhaustible variety of options occupies a special place daily make-up, which is decorated with a woman's face while she works, goes shopping, meet with friends or in a hurry about their business.This make-up looks the most natural, expertly hides minor flaws and takes advantages of appearance in the best light.To achieve the desired effect so will help master class on makeup every day.

Features diurnal

In the daytime the woman tends to look more natural as possible, but there are always minor nuances that I want to hide.To that end, resorted to natural makeup.It is always very easy and natural.But this is only the visual effect that it causes.But to create such an image can be difficult, you just need to know many of the secrets of makeup.It will open them and this master class.

Day make-up should be done only w

hen the natural lighting.This is required, because the only way to find the right combination of colors, the brightness, to evaluate the correctness of the proportions and shapes.

Another important point - carefully shade transitions.Do not forget that the main idea of ​​a day of make-up - a natural when cosmetics only emphasizes the beauty and not gloss over it.Another principle - daylight requires gentle, calm muted colors.No riot of colors and sharp lines!

And now begin a master class on makeup every day.

Preparing face

Before starting cosmetic priest should be clean and moisturize the skin.To do this, in the arsenal of every young lady has the means: lotions, tonics, lotions or the usual washing.This is followed by a moisturizer that you need to give some time for absorption.Excess can be removed with a napkin.

adjusted tonal resources and blush

The choice of tonal resources largely determines how well will the daily makeup.

Workshop (photo) demonstrates how transformed the face at this stage, if you make it right.There are many important aspects:

  • for daytime make-apa perfect liquid foundation that allows the skin to breathe;
  • shade is to pick the one that is closest to the color of a person means to be applied in the direction from the center to the edges;
  • circles under the eyes, minor redness and pimples perfectly hides a lighter concealer;
  • with its help it is possible to adjust the outlines of the face, if you put this tool or the same color foundation on the chin, forehead and around the eyes, and then very carefully shaded, smooth transition between tones;
  • but unhealthy blue under the eyes become almost invisible, if you use yellow color corrector.

The process of drawing funds consists of several stages.At the beginning of under-eye concealer distributed thick, shaded brush and then lightly drummed his fingers.Following this same zone lies a thin smear concealer.This result requires a few minutes to fix.

  1. large drop tone means is applied to the back of the brush, and then a large soft brush or sponge is distributed on the face from the center to the periphery.If necessary, help yourself with your fingers.T-zone makeup artists recommend to study Stick.
  2. now widely applied by brush loose powder, which is due to light texture perfectly suited for daily make-up and masks any manifestations of oily sheen.
  3. gives the skin a rested and fresh look will help a few strokes of blush, the main thing - do not overdo it.Right to determine the place of "dislocation" will help the smile that will designate the two expressive hillock, just perfect for applying blush.

eyebrows - the focus

master class on makeup every day is unthinkable without careful consideration of every detail.And his eyebrows in this complex is not the last place.Since in general make-up is somewhat neutral, they can do one of emphasis.

To make eyebrows volume, you need to draw the most pronounced them bend.The best method is to use a shadow.Preference is often given cold shade that matches the color of your eyebrows.Special brush arc drawn on the line of growth of hair.

Visage lips

Continuing a master class for applying make-up, turn their eyes to the mouth.Lips - one of the most attractive female virtues, therefore, they should be given special attention.

For daytime make-up must be chosen natural shades: the most advantageous to look peach, light pink, brown-pink color, and their derivatives.

lipstick possible as lipstick and gloss.Their harmonious combination will give a better resistance and particularly captivating glow.

Some girls use a pencil that matches the color of the lipstick to emphasize or correct the shape of the mouth.And makeup artists recommend using it already made-up lips.In their view, such a procedure allows the application to designate them more naturally.

Master class on eye makeup

first applied on the basis of the mobile eyelid, it will add shadows resistance.Here, too, the principle of neutral colors.

That is a flow chart overlay colors:

  • lightest (main) tone is located on the movable century, and they are drawn ciliary edge of the lower eyelid;
  • shade slightly darker shade of paint fold;
  • on the outer corners of the eyes lies the darkest color, he also paints the edges of the lashes.

All borders carefully shaded, no sharp lines should not be.

Day make-up allows the use of both classical black and brown mascara.First give the brightness of the second soften the look.The lower lashes can not paint over, just to spend them with a brush.

master class on makeup is finished, it remains to apply it in practice, and let its beauty become even more perfect and clear!