Cleaning facial mask.

Facial care should be an integral part of the daily morning toilet of any person, regardless of gender.In vain it is considered that this is a purely female privilege.No, it is natural for all procedures.And the very first step is a simple washing with clean water.And that really helps keep the skin clean and fresh?Cleansing face mask with different components.

Expanding pores

most common problem - the black dots.They appear due to the fact that our environment is not clean enough.The pores on the face clogged microscopic dirt that lead normal washing can.Even if special and gels.It is more suitable cleaning facial mask with fine abrasive particles that do not just expand the pores, but also displays all the dirt.Make a mask you can own, improvised ingredients.It takes:

  • cream;
  • crushed grape seeds or ground apricot;
  • boiled water.

All components are mixed in an amount which should be enough for one application.Cleansing facial mask never harvested for future use, so that there should be fre

sh.Otherwise there is a risk of "catching" harmful bacteria that will grow successfully, giving itself felt in the form of pimples or acne.

Before you apply the mask, make sure that you are not allergic to the components.Just slightly lubricate the skin at the temple.If within half an hour there was no rash or redness, can be safely applied to the entire face, leave for 20 minutes.Flushing, need a little massaging the skin.This mask combines several influences: the mask and exfoliating, and moisturizing (cream + water), and rejuvenation.Making at any age, at any time, on any skin.After appropriate to apply a moisturizing cream.

Anti- Age

Skin aging can begin, regardless of age.On this affects many factors: smoking, lack of sleep, caffeine, harmful working conditions (as cooks, for example).To cope with this help cleaning facial mask anti-age.That is anti-aging.It can be purchased at the store, focusing on your skin type, age, and you can do yourself.Recipe cleansing facial masks is simple:

  1. Mix honey in the container, bran and yogurt in equal shares.
  2. Let stand 5 minutes.
  3. Apply on the skin for 25 minutes.

lifting effect at the expense of honey in the composition.The pores are cleaned bran and yogurt moisturizes and nourishes the skin.This mask can do absolutely any, do not suffer from allergies, people.Furthermore it is useful to men by the fact that slows the growth of facial hair.This accordingly allows less recourse to tools.Cleansing Mask for face-film at home does not work, but it can be purchased off the shelf.Its advantage is that all the elimination of toxins remain completely on the film, without lingering on the skin.Always try to trim cosmetics, focusing only on the response of your body.No super-brands will not help if your skin tears away the mask components.