Painting "Oliya": comments about the new items

Company "Garnier" for decades encouraged women their products.The revolutionary new product allows you to change your image with little or no consequences for curls and completely comfortable.The unique composition, a pleasant aroma and a lack of ammonia includes paint "Oliya."Reviews of this cosmetic product will be useful to know everyone who seeks to preserve the health of hairstyles after staining procedure.In this article we will look at the advantages of new items from the "Garnier", as well as weaknesses of her.

Painting "Oliya": reviews and advice

manufacturer promises a persistent staining, after which the hair gets extra shine.Since the composition of reagents actually includes various floral and mineral oils, their positive effect on the hair is undeniable.

formula that eliminates ammonia, is one of the main advantages of a product such as paint "Oliya."Palette, provided by the manufacturer, consists of 23 different colors, which makes it possible to satisfy the desire of women to chan

ge.Experts advise when choosing a tone guided by information that is placed on the packaging.

For those who want to radically change your image, especially if to be the reincarnation of the dark tones in lighter shades, you need to use a stripper before will be painted "Oliya."Reviews of girls who managed to test the quality of the product, confirm that the staining obtained almost perfect, provided a competent selection of shades.

So, according to reviews, we can say that the manufacturer has not lied when he promised soft, but at the same time, rich coloring.During the procedure itself does not need to breathe ammonia vapors and make sure that the face or neck, do not paint flowed.


Hair Dye "Oliya" (the price - 260 rubles) is available to all social classes.Many vendors offer substantial discounts, so the acquisition of possible savings.One package contains two bottles of reagent, balsam-conditioner, disposable gloves and instruction.

Disadvantages paint "Oliya»

Like any other product, has its weaknesses, and paint "Oliya."Reviews stipulate that among consumers who dyed her hair this tool, there are those who do not consider him worthy of attention.

First bezammiachnoy formula does not allow the color pigments to penetrate deeply enough into the hair.And this affects the time period during which the paint will wash off.

Secondly, the products of such a plan is unable to remove 100% of gray hair, and this greatly reduces the number of potential customers.

Third, it turns out, lasting floral aroma reagents, not all came to the liking.The girls say that a few days after dyeing it interrupts even perfume.

And finally I want to add that the absence of a part of the ammonia does not mean that the paint "Oliya" can be used to girls who had previously been marked allergic reaction.