No bangs or bangs - how to choose?

well known that neatly trimmed hair decorate any woman add image individuality and emphasize dignity.Choosing the right styling veils existing defects in the exterior.But how to choose a hairstyle, and how better without a bang or with a bang?That is the main issue of concern to each lady.In this article you will find out what type of person suited bangs, and what it is.


According to stylists, this small but very important detail, like a bang - a lock of hair cut to different lengths, can dramatically change the face.Here the main thing - well-matched to the shape of her face and nice bed.So do not underestimate the importance of this element hairstyles.The original border undoubtedly transform the face beyond recognition.

options for choosing a bang

Before shear lock of hair stylists recommend to take into account the shape of the face, head shape, color curls, age and original hairstyle.These criteria will help to answer the question: "What is better: without a bang or with a bang?"

If you're not sure, then consult with a professional.Here are some important tips from the hairdressers:

  • long bangs should choose people with a triangular face.This cut off a lock is not recommended combed to the back.Such oval face is not suitable hair without bangs.
  • Asymmetric chelochkoy stylists advise the girls with a square shape.
  • chubby better to opt for an oblique or parted bangs.It is visually lengthen and reduce facial contours.We can also recommend a graduated fringe and a short version.
  • Owners elongated and slim face fit laid on its side or fringe-ladder.
  • women with a high forehead can advise thick chelochkoy completely flat.
  • Curly beauties worth bangs frame the face-ladder.

what type of fit hair without bangs

girls with an oval face, you can opt for a haircut without this element.In addition, this option is perfect for people with rhomboid contours.Direct bouffant hairstyles without bangs and can recommend and chubby.

strongly advised not to wear such an option stylists girls with a rectangular shape, because by doing so you will emphasize facial imperfections: excessive angularity and high cheekbones.Of course, it is not recommended to stop the choice on without bangs hairstyle for women with broad or too high forehead.If you know all the advantages and disadvantages of your face, it is easy to determine how best: without a bang or with a bang.

forms bangs

Stylists-hairdressers can offer a lot of options, but only true professionals prompt, which form is right for you.So, to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and make a big person under the direct help korotkostrizhenaya strand.But it is not suitable for everyone.We do not advise people to choose this option with a high forehead and a round face.

oblique fringe

show women with rectangular and square features.It will balance your proportions and give some mysterious way (oblique bangs photo shown below).It is counter-owners of curly hair.

long straight

Today, at the height of fashion trends straight long bangs, which recommended the girls with a triangular type of person.To make a strand of style can be toned.Chubby can advise graduated form.When a large chin should do straight lines is visually outstanding balances contours.

Classic bangs

classical form of an arc soften harsh proportions when the triangular and oval face.If you are zealous fashionista with ideal characteristics and like to experiment with looks, then for you, we offer a multilayered chelochkoy gear.It goes well with Streaked hair and kolorirovannymi.

How to wear?

cut off a lock of hair on the forehead may any master, but I want to help this little item to give the image brightness and individuality.It is therefore important to know how to interpret the different bang.Create a new image with simple manipulations:

  • Zavitaya chelochkoy - do romantic image.Screw the lock of curling, similar to the rest of the hair lay in neat curls.
  • Beautiful hairpin gives flirtatious.If you do not know how you best - with or without a bang - we recommend you use a clip invisible.Remove the lock back and evaluate the results in the mirror.You can stab her side, but such a bold version of the approach of a young girl with a clean skin velvety.
  • Austerity and elegance.For those with a long smooth bangs.Take her by the ears, dividing parted in the middle.Top cover your hair.
  • playful and interesting.Recalls the spikelets and pigtails, which we often did Mom.To do so with a bang, and laid it along the forehead.You can go ahead, the top strand stab invisible and put the original rim.The output is stylish.

laying a lot of options, and it all depends on the imagination.Naturally, you need to consider the shape of your face to a haircut looked advantageous.It does not matter, no bangs or bangs your hair.We hope our recommendations and advice will fall for the future and help you navigate.

Remember that hair with bangs will always be relevant, they add to our image of youth and coquetry.However, note that before we cut a lock of hair, ask the master of your face shape to hairstyle did not disappoint.And no matter what your age, most importantly, how you feel and how to look.We wish to remain young, beautiful, beloved and well-groomed!