Bay Essential Oil for hair growth.

Bay essential oil used for viral infections, colds and ulcers in the mouth.This oil is suitable for outdoor use - to eliminate muscle pain and arthritis.It can also be used as a component for inhalation, because it is an effective expectorant.

Oil Bay due to the content of a large number of phenols is considered an excellent antiseptic for respiratory organs and systems.It has a tonic and restorative effect on the kidneys and liver, is used for bruises and sprains.Effectively Bay oil for hair growth, it eliminates dandruff, fat and helps to cope with the problem of hair loss.Properties Baev oil restore the health of the hair and prevent hair loss is so great that it is based are made special treatment lotions and balms.

oil for hair strengthening

The effectiveness of essential oils for hair care is known to many.It is no exception and butter Bay.In addition to the nutritional properties of these oils, they have a fairly strong stimulating and activating properties.Rubbing of this tool into th

e scalp provides blood flow to the skin, promotes hydration and nutrition of hair follicles.By this action strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.Oil Bay gets only positive reviews.This facility is known worldwide.

Effectively this means in the fight against dandruff.If you mix the oil Bay with olive oil, add a few drops of tea tree oil and apply the mixture on the scalp for 15-20 minutes, then you can prevent dandruff.But the most common way of using this tool is to add a few drops of the product to its normal hygienic means.

Description Bay oil

spicy flavor of the oil, many confuse with the smell of laurel oil.In fact, this plant belongs to the family myrtle, and has its own characteristics and properties.From the point of view of Botany Bay has nothing to do with the noble laurel, but a similar spicy fragrance, and now makes these plants to be confused with each other.How to pronounce the name of this oil, a moot point.Scientifically oil called "Bay", and if the form of the adjective, then it will be called - "bais", as it is extracted from the tree Baev.

Features oil

Bay oil is obtained by steam distillation from the leaves of plants growing in Central America and East Africa.Bay - is an evergreen tree up to 12 meters with a whitish bark and a thin barrel.Externally, the oil from the leaves Bayevoe very easy and fluid.It is clearly visible tea shades resembling golden rum play excellent exposure.The quality of the oil is determined by its content of eugenol.High oil characterizes the percentage in the range of 55-60.

Application in cosmetic field

Bay oil Compared with many other oils, it is used in cosmetics a little traditional, classically understood if the effect on the epidermis.The most effective oil for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, but the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is focused on improving the condition of the hair.

Bay (essential oil) for the hair - the perfect solution when you need to increase metabolism in the growth zone hair and stimulate its renewal.It is an excellent tool for reducing massage.It is oil with regular use prevents hair loss and promotes regrowth of.In addition, the oil from the leaves of the tree are used as bais effective remedy for dandruff.

Where can I buy

Bay Bay essential oil for hair can now be purchased at the pharmacy or through the Internet.Use it as a means to relieve stress and tension.Also, it helps in the treatment of insomnia.If we add a little oil in the bath and soak in it for some time, it will help you to calm the body and relax the nervous system.

With hair as the tool works wonders.Firstly, it helps to strengthen the body and root of hair.Hair becomes thick and shiny.Apply oil Bay and for medicinal purposes to strengthen the follicle, preventing hair loss and stimulate growth.To be most effective means to combine it with such oils like verbena, limetta, lemon, orange, lavender and bergamot.

Baev How to use oil for hair care

Bay essential oil for hair can be used as one of the components for the enrichment of cosmetics or add it when cooking masks.For dry and brittle hair is perfect moisturizing mask based on the sour cream.For its preparation must take four tablespoons of sour cream and mix it with butter Bay.If you have long hair, the amount of ingredients used in the mask needs to be increased.In order for your hair humidif sufficiently, it is necessary to carry out the procedure once or twice a week.

to supply the hair mask is perfect next to the Bay oil: mix chicken egg yolk, olive oil (2 tbsp. Spoons) and a few drops Bay.The resulting mixture is applied to wet hair for 45 minutes.After this time the mask is washed off and the hair dried with a towel.Nourishing mask should be done once a week, in order to let your hair get all the necessary material.

Treatments butter Bay

for hair treatment is recommended to add oil to various Bay cosmetics.When hair loss or excessive hair loss must be regularly use the following mask: Mix burdock oil, castor oil, wheat germ and Bay.To oil well connected, it is necessary to pre-heat water bath burdock oil, then add the oil Baev.Only then add wheat germ oil and castor.The procedure should be carried out as long as your hair will not grow better.

mask for the treatment and prevention of hair loss

This mask with Bay oil is very effective not only for hair loss, it also helps to solve the problem of split ends, dull and damaged hair.Furthermore, it protects the hair from the negative influence of environmental factors and many diseases.To prepare it, you need to rub a quarter of medium-sized onion, add a tablespoon of honey and butter Bay.Reviews on this mask is very positive.All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the resulting mixture was rubbed into the scalp.Forty minutes later, the mask should be washed off and wash hair with regular shampoo.


Like all medical and cosmetic products, from oil extracted their leaves Baev tree has its contraindications.Bay oil is not recommended during childbearing and during breast-feeding, or if you have an individual intolerance of components.It is contraindicated agent and hypertension.If, after using the oil you notice even the slightest discomfort, then immediately give up its application.If after the procedure you feel fine, you can safely use the oil Bay for hair growth.