Undercut: haircut for ordinary people

Every day modern life presents dandies and ladies new ideas of the original image.Using them, anyone can create their own style, thus underlining their individuality.Thus, until recently undercut-creative hairstyle was loved by girls only, but gradually this "trick" became popular among the male population.This is not surprising, because fashion offers new solutions every day, if not every hour.

Hair creative

Long enough society does not recognize extraordinary and cause cuts.The main argument is that they are more suitable for an informal circle of teenagers who are looking for themselves in life and require special attention to his own person.But the years go by, everything changes, and the last few years all over the world stylists dispute this fact.As a result, today almost no one does not surprise extravagant female or male hairstyle.It should be emphasized that age has ceased to be of key importance.They began experimenting with color, and the streets were full of people with unusual painted a

lmost all the colors of the rainbow strands, and only about highlighting and say no!But this is certainly not going to stop contemporaries.Today the turn and haircuts.The most caught on the trend was shaving the hair in different parts of the head.Currently, not only shocking the young ladies and young men, but also quite respectable person aged already can safely experiment with the hair and "try on" undercut-cut.

shaven whiskey as a new zest image

Popularity shaved head first zone increased among the female audience, which, of course, is much easier to experiment with their looks and style, not afraid to make the most daring acts.So, it was the first time the girl tried to imagine popular undercut-cut.The winner of the first celebrities such hairstyles became western singer Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.After the stunning success in this new stage in the region's image began to appear in everyday life, just breaking into the number of the trends of 2013.To this day, such a haircut is not losing ground, and remains among the most popular ways to emphasize their originality.

Girls began to shave a temple (and sometimes both) or the back of the head, dyeing the hair thus treated in different colors to show the skin words or pictures, using his head as a blank sheet.In general, each of the fair sex was able to demonstrate their creativity.Experiment with your own hair, many aspire to get special attention.And it is not only girls but also boys.Following this success in many stores began to appear price lists, one of the points which are undercut-cutting, but for men.

Men trends

Many masters beware that this style is not accustomed among the strong half of humanity, but as it turned out, they are very wrong.However, not all professionals clearly understand where to begin, "Now undercut-haircut - men? How to cut?" - Wondered fashion hairdressers.Soon Europe to provide answers which gradually turned into a classic.

fashion - fickle lady, and replaced tousled hair came accuracy and rigor.And at this moment in everyday life began to enter undercut-haircut.Men just different variation restraint and clarity, which requires the present of stronger sex.

options Youth

Outwardly a variety of men's styling recalls least fashionable this season hairstyle "under Fritz," but there are differences.So, undercut-haircut in the youth version includes shaved temples and occipital part, but the main element is elongated fringe, starting from the back of the head.And how much do you zacheshete it - depends only on your imagination and creativity.It is easy to prove themselves, creating a unique image each day of a rebel or a reserved man.