Mask for oily hair at home.

Outside spring was warm.It is time to remove the headgear.So I want to show everyone a luxurious mane of hair.But here's the problem: in the winter hair was very greasy, they often get dirty.Now they have to wash every day.But that does not contribute to solving the problem.From frequent washing they become more fatty.What to do?Let us turn to traditional medicine.It will help us to personally prepare the mask for oily hair.At home, make it easy.All the necessary ingredients are in the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator.

Why does hair become fat?

In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to examine the cause of its occurrence.It is believed that the fat content of between hair and skin type there is a direct link.What does it mean?In other words, if the hair is oily, the skin of the face and often shiny.And if your hair is dry and pale, the skin on the face and is characterized by dryness.This suggests a common mechanism of regulation of the sebaceous glands, whether a person's body and head in

our body.Ideally, our skin is normal type.But it occurs very rarely.As a result of the influence of some factors work of all its systems it is broken.Thus there is any excessive greasiness, shine, or it becomes dry and thin.Dermatologists identify several causes of this imbalance:

• improper care;

• frequent coloring, perming aggressive;

• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or in the solarium;

• poor nutrition, the prevalence in the diet of sharp, salty dishes.

• disorders of the endocrine system.

• intake of certain drugs, including hormonal.

What if the hair has become excessively dry or oily?First of all, provide them with proper care and to normalize their food.If curls shiny and often drop out, then help is a mask for oily hair growth, as well as conditioners on the basis of medicinal herbs.And a few words about how to determine the type of the scalp.A simple test: Take an ordinary "blotter" or cloth and apply to the hair roots.This should be done the next day after you have washed your head.If traces remain a napkin, so hair is oily.It is necessary to take measures to normalize the situation.

use funds

• Masks should be rubbed into the scalp for 5-8 minutes.The weight should be slightly warm.After applying the tools necessary to create the effect of heat.For this will be enough to cover the head with polyethylene (suitable shower cap) and wrap a large towel.Time exposure mask, typically around half an hour.

• require more care hair, greasy at the roots, but dry at the ends.Masks, regulating the sebaceous glands should only be applied to the roots.And the tips, you can lubricate any vegetable oil.It is best suited for this olive oil or castor.

• Rinse off the mask is recommended to warm water (temperature 36-37? C).Hot water is not suitable because it stimulates the active functioning of the sebaceous glands.Hair will become more fatty.

• Use a mask should be 1-2 times a week.The main course for oily hair of the month.Then the mixture may be used a further 2 weeks for prophylaxis.

• Only fresh, natural foods should be cooked mask for oily hair.At home, make it there is no difficulty.

Mustard mask

What problem is most often accompanied by a fat content of the scalp?Of course, the loss of hair.Therefore, it is important in the manufacture of masks take this into account.Many women believe that the best mask for oily hair, stimulates their growth - is mustard.Its components effectively compete with high fat content of the scalp and relieve itching.To prepare it, will require:

• dry mustard - 2 table spoons;

• Clay black or green - 3 table spoons;

• freshly squeezed lemon juice - 1 teaspoon;

• liquid honey - 1 teaspoon.

mustard and clay mix, add a little boiling water to make a paste.Then it add honey and lemon juice, mix all thoroughly and apply on hair roots for 30-40 minutes.After this time, the head should be washed with shampoo for oily hair and rinse with warm water.

Curd Mask

How to reduce the fat content of hair, so that they remain clean longer and lush?Will this mask of curd.This dairy product is to be skimmed.Take 3 or 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese with the top, add a little fresh lemon juice and stir.It should get plenty of fat sour cream consistency.Hair Moisturizing and causes little prepared means for the rest of their length, do not forget to rub the mask into the scalp.We put on a plastic cap.Then wrap the head with a towel and wait for half an hour.At the time of the incident mask wash off with warm water using shampoo.

Vegetable oils against greasy hair

What if the roots of the hair greasy, and the tips of their dry?It helps mask, prepared from vegetable oils and cosmetics.Citrus juice, and adding, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.What is a mask?For oily hair thin most suitable is the means.For its preparation is required:

• burdock - 1 table spoon;

• olive oil - the same amount;

• almond and peach oil - a drop;

• mixture of citrus juices (orange, lemon, grapefruit) - 1 table spoon.

All the ingredients are mixed, applied to the skin and hair 40 minutes then rinse thoroughly with head recommended shampoo.

honey to strengthen the hair, prone to fat

Before you delight your luxurious curls, and now they are rapidly thinning?Urgent need to take action!Recall the recipes of our grandmothers.What they used to strengthen the hair?Of course, honey, garlic!But if this mass add a little lemon juice and aloe, you get a great mask against greasy hair.For it must take the following products:

• liquid honey - 2 table spoons;

• Garlic - 1 clove;

• aloe juice - 1 tablespoon spoon;

• lemon juice - 1 teaspoon.

cloves of garlic Grate, add honey and other ingredients.Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair roots for 30-40 minutes.Then rinsed in the same way as in the previous case.

gelatin mask to add volume to hair

vyshi curls constantly look dull and unhealthy?Worried increased oiliness of the scalp?Hair lack of volume?No problem!Will is a mask for oily hair.At home, it is easy to cook.It will revitalize the hair and make them more bushy.For it is required:

• gelatin - 2 table spoons;

• lemon juice - 1 teaspoon;

• crumb of rye bread - a little.

Gelatin breed in a water bath in half a glass of water.After cooling the mixture, add the lemon juice here and breadcrumbs.All thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair for 40 minutes.At any time after the mask is washed off in the same way as in the previous examples.

Natural conditioners for oily hair

homemade mask will be more effective if, after using them properly wash your hair.As mentioned above, the mass removed from the hair with warm water should be using shampoo.And then, to reduce the oiliness of the skin, it is recommended to rinse the head with broth of herbs:

• mixture of birch leaves, St. John's wort, peppermint, nettle and plantain;

• chamomile flowers;

• stems and flowers of tansy;

• oak bark.

vegetable raw materials (2 tablespoons) of brew boiling water in a glass, press 1 hour, diluted with warm water and rinse hair.Good with high fat content of the scalp handle and simple water acidulated with lemon juice or vinegar.

best mask for oily hair: reviews

All of these tips to normalize the sebaceous glands are good, but I want to listen to the comments of our lovely ladies.How do they use to reduce the fat content of their hair?If we analyze their feedback, then we can conclude that the most popular among our women are agents made on the basis of citrus juices, aloe, mustard, yogurt, cottage cheese and breadcrumbs.All these products are well proven in the fight against excessive fat content of the scalp and hair.The fair sex write that after the use of the masks of these ingredients of curls became alive, fluffy and light.Fatty mask for dry hair is also very much in demand.But that's another topic for another article.

Greasy hair is not a problem.On the shelves there are many cosmetic products that can cope with this problem.And you can make yourself at home like.One of the most popular among them - a mask for oily hair.At home, everyone can do it.