Can I cut their hair myself?

There are a lot of various signs, associated with hair.Thus, it is believed that cropped curls in no case should be disposed of on the street, as the bird will carry off their sovet and one nest, and the former owner will be unjustly headache.Remaining after clipping the hair should only burn.

Or, for example, not allowed to cut the baby until he was a year old, so as not to "shorten" the child mind is not "cut off" good fortune and health.Or, for example, such a sign: no need to cut my married man who other than his wife - it leads to the destruction of marriage.And dozens of the most strange superstitions for the modern man.

What is so important hair?Why do they deserve such a special, almost mystical attitude toward yourself?

to hair treated with extreme caution and carefully even from ancient times, considering them the focus of vital energy and manpower.Who does not know the story of the Old Testament Biblical strongman Samson, who became famous for fighting the Philistines ?!He had long, bra

ided hair, and that was the whole Herculean strength and the incredible power of this man.Samson alone could overcome thirty people fall and break the king of beasts - the lion, is not deception Philistine Delilah ferret out the secret of his power.And when Samson shorn, at times weakened, and his strength, and the enemy could easily win over him.Can

to cut hair?

is believed that hair is given to a person is not beauty, but as a sort of power conductors from energy space to our body.Ostensibly they are - an intermediary between the people and the sky.In this regard and, accordingly, there was a sign.Cut his hair - unfortunately, to change the fate of the worse.This is one explanation.There is another theory about why you can not cut his hair.As if this man shortens currently metered over a century.While most of the superstitions for women - it was for their long hair has long been a symbol of beauty, honor, maiden purity and innocence.Not for nothing in the old days the girls had promiscuous relationship with a man before wedlock, was shame, and shaved their magnificent tresses.

met a girl on the street, any passer-by could immediately guess that before him fallen, dishonest woman is for short hair.If at that time she willingly went shamelessly with her hair, and with their heads uncovered, it is characterized as a particularly easy virtue.Some pregnant women in our time believe in omens and wary of clipping.Many prefer to the birth leave hair alone, do not cut them and do not paint, so as not to impair the child's future destiny.However, doctors in this regard hold most definitely the unanimous opinion - haircut expectant mother is certainly not able to affect the health or her baby, either on his future life.

So can cut their hair myself?

try to sort out this issue.People with special energy sensitivity, the ability to heal others using their own strength, in other words, those who are called psychics, about whether it is possible to cut their hair myself, that's what they say.Any person, no matter how powerful aura he had any, it is difficult to work with yourself.Even those who are endowed with the gift to heal people, can not do that.And because the hair - it is energy, it is better that they worked on by someone else, so the procedure is not caused haircut shag master harm.Besides, there are even special days that hairstyle better result in order.

If you aim to grow as soon as possible after the haircut curls, then you need to go to the master in the days when the full moon reigns.If the hair was falling out and have a desire to strengthen them, you need to get a haircut in the waning moon.However, it is said to know the people, the hair will grow much more slowly.And in the days of the solar and lunar eclipse schedule a haircut at all impossible - supposedly it can lead to disease.Conversely, if there is a malaise that persists for a long time, we recommend a bit cut off the tips of the hair - and the body will recover.

answer "No"

In general, the answer to the question of whether the most cut their hair or not, in terms of people with special abilities, is unequivocal: it is better to trust the hairdresser.Besides, even the floor is important specialist: men must cut their master men, women - a woman.From the point of view of the proper distribution of power, even it turns out, plays a considerable importance.

As for the men and specifically whether it is possible to cut hair, here take a lot less than in the female line.Whether because men superstition all sorts usually do not inspire confidence, or because of the stronger sex is unlikely to occur to straighten himself bangs nail scissors, standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom ... However, if we take into account the above opinion of psychicsand sorcerers, it equally applies to the fairer sex, and to the strong.And what conclusions they make of these facts, everyone decides for himself.

Another thought on this issue

Women, by contrast, often cut their bangs in front of a mirror or whiskey without thinking about whether it is possible to cut the hair itself.If only it was beautifully conceived and helped to supplement the image!But maybe it's for the best.As you know, the thought is material, and is said to Eastern sages, what you believe - and so you become.

need only approach to cutting the hair with his own hands with a positive, faith in success and self-confidence.Skeptics are convinced that there is only one correct sign: his own hair cut - to ugly hairstyle.After wielding the scissors when you are both master and model, of course, elementary uncomfortable.

small conclusion

In general, is it possible to cut the hair itself or is this joke - a private matter.If only the result in the end brought the pleasure, and the reflection in the mirror happy and inspires confidence in his own irresistibility.