Why hair quickly zhirneyut?

Since ancient times, beautiful hair adorn women, its protection and wealth.But they get not only inherited, handed down thanks to good genes, and are the result of proper and thorough care for them, a balanced diet and many other factors, failure of which leads to the fact that hair quickly zhirneyut and fall.

Similar problems delivering their owners of a lot of trouble, because their locks after a short time after washing seem stale, dull and dirty.Hairstyle is quite impossible to lay.How to prevent this problem?

main reason for greasy hair

first step is to understand why hair quickly zhirneyut.If we consider the structure of the hair, it is easy to see that by themselves they can not zhirnet.Their appearance spoils the fat secreted by the sebaceous glands, which are located in the scalp.There are people who have a little fat they produce.It all used to prevent drying of the skin.And there are people who have a fairly active sebaceous glands, which are the cause of this problem.What can be con

cluded?To give your hair a beautiful and aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to normalize the sebaceous glands, and limit yourself to those activities that lead to their failure.

Malnutrition - one of the causes of the problem

One of the reasons why hair quickly zhirneyut - poor diet.Those who have already encountered this problem, it is recommended to eliminate from their diet fat and heavy meat dishes, coffee, very sharp foods, alcohol and sweet.If you can not completely give it up, you should reduce the number to a minimum until complete recovery of hair.It is desirable to include in the diet of more cereals and vegetables, fish and fruit.A positive result in this can give multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Stressful situations

Another reason why hair quickly zhirneyut are stressful situations.Many scientists long ago proved that the constant stress disrupt many organs in the human body.Is no exception and the scalp, sebaceous glands which start to operate properly.If you encounter such problems, it is recommended to bring your nervous system in order with the help of sedatives.The tea can add mint or lemon balm, and leaves of wild strawberry.Bedtime should be a walk in the fresh air.In addition, favorable to the general state of a person acting exercise, which can be paid on the day only 15 minutes.Bring in the normal mode of the day will help the body.The use of antibiotics

Very quickly zhirneyut hair and in the use of antibiotics, as well as in the treatment of certain medications.If you notice this, contact your doctor.It is necessary to replace your medication as prescribed.Besides a huge impact on the body has the use of hormonal drugs.

Frequent washing

Many women mistakenly believe that the more often wash your hair, the more attractive they look.It's no secret that the shampoo and conditioners for hair violate their protective barrier, which is why curls lose their appeal.Furthermore, hair becomes more susceptible to dust and dirt.A dirty nobody likes it.And we wash it, and my, more and more often.This is another reason why hair quickly zhirneyut.

therefore not recommended to wash your hair every day.If they zhirneyut quickly, you should change the cosmetics, such as shampoo and balm.Moreover, it is desirable to refrain from the use of hairspray and means for their better stacking, containing various harmful chemical components.

the external environment, and improper care

In midsummer note how many women walking down the street in the afternoon with a hat.Units.But if you are a long time in the heat, the scalp is dry and fat to protect it begins to produce more intense.The sebaceous glands are so accustomed to it that when you get into a cooler environment, they do not reduce the pace of their work, which leads to fast zhirneyuschim hair.

Besides, as already known, when excessive sebaceous glands head quickly zhirneyut hair at the roots.If left alone, they can save, though not a perfect, but an attractive appearance.But if they are constantly combing, the fat can smear all the hair, and then the past will lose its beauty.In addition, try to dry curls naturally or use a hair dryer, which is also dry out the scalp, and the consequences of this we have already spoken.

How to eliminate fat hair

So, we find out the reason because of which quickly zhirneyut hair."What to do?"- Is the next question that want to get the answer to many women.Firstly, it is necessary to consider all the recommendations that have already been mentioned.You have to buy at any drugstore therapeutic shampoo with zinc, which tidies scalp.Visible results appear within 10 days of its use.Eliminate means care balm conditioner.If you can without it can not do, apply only on the vehicle ends.Next, you need to provide the scalp oxygen supply.To do this, grind sea salt and rub it into damp skin.This procedure removes dead skin flakes of epithelium.

Hair masks, eliminates fat

When fast zhirneyut hair, what to do, usually very few people know.Did you buy unsuitable for your body's means?Try to turn to traditional medicine.Restoration of the sebaceous glands may contribute to certain masks.

considered very effective mask out of clay.For this purpose it is necessary to mix with warm water, add a little lemon juice, and then the resulting mixture was applied to wet hair for 40 minutes, after which they are rinsed with warm water.

considered a bad mask mustard powder, egg yolk.It must be applied to the scalp for 20 minutes, then rinse decoction of chamomile.

therapeutic effect has a mask made from finely grated apple and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Other folk remedies

If the hair began to quickly zhirnet, you can use a number of other popular recipes for this issue.Such funds are prepared from medicinal herbs.

positive result in the appearance of the hair balm provides nettle.To do this, you need to pour boiling water over the grass and kept the fire a few minutes.This decoction is used after each shampooing rinse hair.

According to many reviews, is considered an effective tincture of calendula mixed with glycerol in a ratio of 10: 1, or lotion, infused with St. John's wort, a mother-and-stepmother, yarrow, and many other herbs.To prepare the herbal lotion need 2 tablespoons herb pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, cool, add the lemon juice and 50 ml of alcohol tinctures of calendula.

Importantly, do not forget that hair needs careful and proper care even before the encounter similar problems.