February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Despite the variety of events, not all of them can earn the status of a state.However, some of them are so significant in the history of the peoples that are marked in many countries, and in a big way.One such important events is February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day, but because it is about him and will be discussed in this article.

history dates

All key events associated with the holiday, flared at the dawn of the young socialist state.After joining in 1917, the Bolsheviks had to fight not only with the internal enemies of the new state apparatus, but also with external enemies.Russian Empire in 1914 was involved in the First World War.And all the armed conflicts of the empire inherited also went to the newly formed workers 'and peasants' government.The war seriously disrupted the lives of people, taking thousands of lives and undermining the already fragile, becoming only the body on the feet of state of the new formation.Enemies attacked aggressively, hoping to use the situation in just

becoming on his feet the Russian Federation.Thus, the Austro-German troops violated the truce in December 1917, invaded Soviet Russia and staloi occupy the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States.

In January and February 1918, the Council of People's Commissars adopted a decree on the organization of a regular army and navy to protect the Soviet state.The Red Army and Navy accepted everyone conscientiously perform military service.But when the Kaiser's troops occupied Minsk (21 February), the Russian government has appealed to the people with the slogan: "The Socialist Fatherland is in danger!" And just a day in Petrograd was held the day the Red Army in the name of protecting the motherland from the German invaders.Then tens of thousands of volunteers joined the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, have formed new units, which were immediately sent to the front.It was February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day has its origins in these developments.And the date of the next four years has gained a great holiday value, popular and comprehensive - the birthday of the Red Army.In 1922, on this day in Red Square was magnificent parade of the Moscow Garrison and the same evening has been appointed grand meeting of representatives of local military units and the Moscow City Council.Calendar date February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day - entrenched in the coming years.Although the name was transformed several times, but the essence in this case does not change.

broke out World War II, fierce fighting, thousands and millions of soldiers died for the salvation of their homeland.And so the proud title of Hero was the dream of many boys, and the memory of dead relatives.And, despite the fact that since then, almost 70 years have passed, people still honor the memory of those who died for the freedom of the motherland people, defenders of the Fatherland.After all, it is our history, and we should be grateful that everything turned out that way and not the other way: we have won this terrible bloody war, we have survived.

How to celebrate the country

February 23 in many countries of the former Soviet Union are multiple events in honor of this great holiday.Concerts, festivities, ceremonies, parades - all this is only a small part of the scale, which is celebrated this day citizens.However, apart from the state and regional level, Feb. 23 is celebrated and within families.And not just the descendants and relatives of veterans of that terrible war, but also the families of military personnel.On this day, the brave defenders of the motherland experiencing the special attention, respect, praise proud of their profession.And because they take greetings from February 23, multiple gifts in military units are organized concerts of visiting artists.While all this is happening in all sincerity, because in each performance they put their hearts.Actors read poetry, sing songs and dances.Defender of the Fatherland Day - a day of those who are not afraid to carry such a heavy, but this honorable duty, but because they need to welcome such a large scale.And rightly so, it is necessary to honor its heroes, it is necessary to support those forces that they put in their hard work.So do not forget that February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland, and you should congratulate and thank you for the peaceful sky over the head of his men, because they honestly deserve this.In addition, the festivities are taking place on the streets and in schools.So, for example, all schools organize performances, recitation competition on military subjects, draw posters with the slogan "From the Day of Defender of the Fatherland!".Pictures often fit into the image of military events, as well as demonstrate the modern festival that day.

Other features of this holiday

Though this day, in theory, should be strictly military in nature, and all the congratulations should belong exclusively military, valid or have already served, however note the following trend: Gifts for February 23 get almost allthe men of the country, even those that have not yet reached military age.In other words, since the post-Soviet countries is not Father's Day, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland is automatically turned into a universal Day of men.However, it does not matter.After all, as well as military personnel, absolutely all men deserve their own holiday, similar to the International Women's Day.Perhaps it was a purely male initiative, but does not matter.If you, dear ladies wanted to shirk his congratulations to the man or colleagues using the uncomplicated excuse that he did not serve or has not served in the army, you will not succeed.And so is patience, strength and finances, as men who are to be congratulated not only the cards, there is clearly not one or two.This beloved, mate, and male friends, who always think of the March 8 and you will certainly give even nice Dutch rosettes, and family members, brothers and father, and even in-law and sons.Of course, this work is not easy, but one day a year, you can try.Therefore further learn to choose a gift that corresponds to each man.

Congratulations and gifts

matter how magnificently were no official celebrations, but the main events always occur at home, because they are very warm and happy.Nothing warms the soul and not so calm thoughts as dear people smile.The most important greetings from February 23 to hear the man is in the family.Children read to them memorized poems on military subjects, the wife covered the holiday table, and prepare gifts, many families get together, organize joint activities, because such happiness a sin not to share.Holiday February 23 and very profitable for the stores, because a few days before that a lot of people are engaged in shopping in search of a suitable gift, boutique owners and therefore spend most different stocks.The most popular (which was expected), the classic "male" gifts.However, they should be selected on the basis of only one position: whom you have a man, you want to surprise.After holiday "Day of Defender of the Fatherland," says another in educational establishments and workers, that is, arranged various school events, corporate parties are organized.And every year, a few days before it stores virtually emptied of shirts and ties, kits and accessories for shaving mug with the image of the military or just say, zodiac signs, postcards, wallets and belts.Thus, you can often make the sad but obvious conclusion that, in its holiday gift February 23 women were, alas, predictable.Therefore, if a person dear to you, so it is important to carefully consider his congratulations to eventually he did not have 5 razors, 10 shirts and quite suitable for them 15 tie.We are looking for exclusive

That is why by the time you begin to persuade her friend on shopping for a gift on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, the script of your greetings should already be drawn up and carefully thought out.First, think about how many means to you the man you came to congratulate.If it's just a classmate or colleague, then, consequently, and gifts for February 23, as well as on all other public holidays, should bear a purely officious and hail-fellow character.Your path is straight with a friend in the department office or the shop of leather goods.Purse, diary, pen in a beautiful case - that's what a man can expect in the event of such a situation.If it is a friend or an old friend with whom you communicate a little more often than once every six months, then you can get a mug, photo frame or album.This same approach can tie a belt or a maximum of such gifts on February 23 in the section closer relations.However, you can still afford to hand shaving kit or accessories therefor.When it comes to your man, then it is not enough for a simple greeting card "Day of Defender of the Fatherland."The gift should be strictly individual, emphasizing the importance of this man for you, and carry a huge sign of the attention with which you will present it.

Come up with relevant ideas

When it comes to individual gifts, you should note the important fact that you can not just make a start on the status of the man, you want to congratulate, but also on its occupation.Therefore, in advance, try to find out more about their interests.It can be hunting, fishing, engaging in any sport.From this you will be able to present an appropriate gift, make the road very nice person.You agree that official gifts are also very good news, if you do it wisely.In addition, do not forget about the fact that such a gift is not necessarily to do individually, as a team, you can connect to this issue.Remember how things were at school: in that distant time, all the boys were distributed between girls by lot, and each was presented by his handpicked gift, purchased either alone, by prior arrangement with the others, or collectively.Also do not forget that all the gifts for the members of your team, whether it's a department or even a shop, must match the price.So should agree in advance on how much money you want or are willing to spend on a gift for your colleagues or just a friend.


So now choose the most important and meaningful greetings to men on February 23.Naturally, the gifts of such status should be chosen strictly individually, that is appropriate to the nature and the occupation of your men.Therefore, you can afford more "close to body" items.This can be a shirt or any other item of clothing, perfume, and when it comes to family life, it is possible to create and original dish.So, for example, a very nice gift, includes attention and diligence, and spent time and effort, can become a cake in the form of a tank or an entire tower of the soldiers, especially the talented pastry chefs can represent virtually the whole battle on the surface of this culinary masterpiece.Those housewives who do not own such a unique talent can just to please their men a festive dinner.You can even afford to invite to visit family friends or co-workers of her husband.It is important to show the significance of this day of the festival.To do this, try, dear hostess, prepare some new, entirely heavenly food, and favorite foods from her husband and according to his preferences.Surprise him with new confectionery, meat masterpieces, classic recipes, which previously could not spare the time.Remember that first and foremost this holiday is important for your husband or father, but because they pay more attention on this day.In addition, you can present a more romantic surprises.So, you can order without his knowledge to the table in a restaurant the two of you or your family, giving him the opportunity to taste the dishes that you are unlikely to be able to master, plus the entire change of scenery from the home and working on a more comfortable and relaxing.A little trick, dear women, which should not ever forget that on what will be your gift to their male February 23, the most direct way for you depends on a gift on March 8!

From children

But, of course, the possibility of adults with respect to delivery of gifts and greetings is much wider than the children.And because they are especially appreciated by those gifts that have been made with their own hands, regardless of the age of the child.Even the youngest can with the help of their mothers and fathers to congratulate the grandparents, if their handprints and footprints heels, smeared with bright paint, they will decorate your favorite sweater or Dad's will create an original picture.Slightly older children can read the verses on February 23 not only in the narrow family circle, but in front of friends and parents.It is best to choose a short poem or a passage that clearly will afford the child.Let it be not too voluminous, but the reader will be able to invest in it the emotions that will make an impression.Another gift that you can do with your hands on February 23 - card.It also should be submitted either in the military or in a purely masculine style.This can be a jacket or shirt without it, the shape of a ship or a kite, tank, military helmets - anything.There is already the case depends solely on the children's imagination.Moms can help them with the idea of ​​design and procurement of the necessary materials, but congratulations to the child should write their own to make it clear how much effort has been invested in it.

Other ideas with their hands

even older kids can not just make a postcard or buy in the store is more or less perfect gift, but also to make yourself something complicated.For example, if a child has a sewing skills, especially on a typewriter, it can make home-made purses, decorate the father's or grandfather's favorite shirt beautiful thematic applique, style decoupage to decorate his old bag or notebook.In addition, you can embroider greeting, but you can associate something as a gift.Since this holiday is celebrated in the winter, you can do for a loved one sweater or scarf.Of course, this will require a long preparation, after all this creative work takes a lot of effort, especially if you want to in the end everything turned out gently.Because we should start even in advance, for example, from the period of New Year celebrations.Especially in the work of talented children can excel by giving father, brother, grandfather or a painting or a sculpture, singing songs or dances.It all depends on the data of your child and of the attention that he wants to invest in your gift.So when your kids are prepared eldest in a family of men greeting, try not to interfere in the process, as long as they do not ask you for help.Do not forget that children need to be as self-sufficient and even in such circumstances, to learn to make their own decisions.If your family several children, you can offer them with the children you invited friends to arrange a real concert or a play, after all this is very touching.Children - flowers of life, and therefore a lot of attention from them in such an important day will be really valuable.

Conclusion We hope that after reading this article, you will not remain indifferent to this great holiday and realize all its importance.After all, he is a profound historical connotation.February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day - a very important festival for each soldier, and for the whole state.And therefore should be to pay special attention to his men that day.In addition, do not miss any event on February 23 that the local authorities in organizing this wonderful day festivities, performances and concerts - though desirable as a family.Teach your children not to forget about those heroes who laid down their lives in defense of their country, and be proud of them as if it were yesterday, because we all owe them their bright present.Be grateful to the many victims of the severe war, and let them remain forever in our memory.