said that bedding microfiber harmful.Today we will look into the matter.

For starters, let's find out what it is.

Microfibre - a fabric, which is composed of very fine fibers intertwined with each other, a thickness of a few micrometers.It is very cheap and does not require special care.

Linen fabric produced mainly full of polyester.It is, in fact, synthetics, which feels like cotton.Linen Microfiber is very soft, does not roll, it does not fade, do not rub, not wrinkled and not stretched.

This material was invented in Japan about 60 years.Later, he successfully won the favor of the whole of Europe.

Some believe that underwear and bedding should be very natural.Maybe that's true, but not for those people who are allergic or asthma.If a person with such problems is to use some sleep from natural fabrics dyed with artificial dyes, which may cause an increase in the disease and bring considerable discomfort.

is also important and the facts that microfiber is not inclined to "sit down" burn.It

is hypoallergenic, wears well, and it does not lose color brightness.Comfort - a microfiber.Bedsheets, reviews about which you can hear different, it can be made of this material.True is that the villi of the tissue is not electrified and "breathe".

Care bed

1) Bed linen Microfiber before use it is necessary to wash.

2) When washing should be to turn out the product.

3) If the product has a snake or buttons, they must be fastened.

4) Do not use powder with bleaching agents.

5) Do not use fabric conditioner and water softener.

6) Temperature of wash water must reach no higher than 60 degrees.

7) are not suitable for boiling.

8) Dry at a temperature not higher than 50 degrees.

9) To iron products can be at low temperatures.

Again, the comfort - it's microfiber.Bedsheets, reviews of which characterize his best side - this is exactly what you need for those who value their health and money.

Selection Rules linen

If your choice fell on the set is made of microfiber, you should check that was used for its production.There are three options: polyester, cotton or polyamide.In Europe, synthetics more popular than natural fabrics.This is due to the fact that the material is less expensive and excellent in quality.Cotton and durable microfiber hypoallergenic than others.Also, when buying, consider the size of laundry.There are single, double, and children evrokomplekty.They are all very bright and colorful, so you will choose from.

There is even technology 3D.Bedsheets acquires liveliness and volume.It is worth the clothes, of course, more expensive than usual, but we are 100% sure that your child, and you yourself will be delighted with this print.

advantages and disadvantages.How to be?

What made from such fabrics like microfiber?Linens!Reviews as we have already analyzed and selected the pros and cons of which are shown below.


1) Very fine structure.

This structure allows the tissue to absorb the liquid and fine dirt.When you sleep, you feel under a clean cloth and fresh for several weeks.Summer is not hot to sleep, and in the winter - not cold.

2) Very satisfied with this content.

all dirt and stains very well away from the tissue.The bed of a material can be washed with other things, for the reason that he does not shed.

3) does not require ironing.

Bedding Microfiber is not wrinkled.It will be enough just to shake the wet clothes and leveled it.

4) Dries quickly.

5) "No fungus!" Due to the fact that the fibers are very fine, they do not appear fungus, and due to synthetic underwear is not terrible mole.

6) Does not contain allergens.

the minuses, we have identified only one: to accumulate static electricity.

fabric can be electrified if it is made of polyester, but you can avoid this by selecting on the basis of microfiber cotton.

Conclusion If you're looking for yourself most favorable price-performance ratio, it is, of course, microfiber.Bedsheets, reviews of which is characterized by its largely positive - it's not all that is made of this wonderful cloth.Now because it is made not only clothes, but also a variety of towels, rags and sponges for home use.Initially it was used for cleaning, at the moment it is used even when tailoring.