"Fly Lady" - system.

rhythm of modern life dictates its own terms housekeeping.Today, literally a handful of women devote themselves to only the family and the home.Most building and career and raising children, and cooks, washes, cleans, and the time is.How does this combine most effectively?The system of "Fly Lady" - for working women a real find!We'll talk more about it.

essence of

Where such an interesting name?The fact that "the lady fly" - a system developed by the American housewife.Its name literally sounds like "Flying Lady".Indeed, a look at the modern woman: she always has time, doing everything quickly and efficiently, spinning all day like a bee.In this hectic very important to plan your time to the end of the day (week, month, year) did not feel tired out horse."Fly Lady" - a system that saves in such situations.If we follow its principles, cleaning will leave only 15 minutes a day, but the result will please all the time.I wonder how this is possible?Then we move on to the basic terms.


cleaning system "Fly Lady" helps to effectively allocate their time.But before we talk more about how it works, you must understand the basics, t. E. Those terms to be used hereinafter:

  • routine.There are things that need to dedicate time every day.This is routine.It will be just fine if they do not require a lot of female strength and patience, but rather will be a pleasant pastime.Routines in the "Fly Lady" come in the evening and morning.After being given sleep hygiene practices, breakfast and make-up, that is. E. Bring yourself, beloved, in order.In the evening, besides the fact that you need to remove the make-up applied in the morning, spread a bed and maybe read a little, you must be sure to make a list of things you'll be doing tomorrow.
  • audit trail.It was in this book, "Flying Lady" and will write a list of the planned affairs.But this is just one section of it.In another should reflect all of the major plans for the week: washing, going to the store, hanging curtains, and others. The third section includes the dates of your phone numbers (friends, relatives, delivery services, and so on. N.).And another, the fourth can be called personal.Here you can enter notes about everything that you are interested in.For example, make interesting quotes, ideas and more.
  • Zone.All my apartment you will need to be divided into parts.For example: an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom.Maybe something to unite, or alternatively, share.Each zone is given attention for one week.


So, we proceed?As we already know, "Lady Fly" - a system that requires a morning routine.Where to begin?Of course with the clean bed!It is also necessary to give himself up.Every morning!And it does not mean you have to just brush your teeth and somehow collect hair in a ponytail.No!Carefully dress, shoes, and be sure to apply makeup.Not going to go anywhere?But for myself to be beautiful is very nice!Speaking of shoes.Women who live by the "lady fly," advised to purchase a home gym shoes with laces to avoid the temptation sometimes to lie down on the couch and read a magazine.Such shoes are not so easy to remove.

Another important point of the system - an island of purity.It you can choose yourself.Usually it is a sink in the bathroom or kitchen.It should always be kept clean!So do not remove far from it cleaner, it will now be necessary to you very often.

«Razmusorivanie" home

Each of us, if you try, be sure to find in his house are things that it's time to get rid of.Each month, 27 to throw such items recommended by the system "Fly Lady".Cleaning the house on it should be systematic, but not exhausting.That is why each "Bee" should get a timer.Every time you put on it for exactly 15 minutes.Start the timer, you immediately begin to harvest, and as soon as you hear it beep, leave all affairs.Today you plan to do!Just like that!

«Fly Lady" - a system by which you gradually make your home cleaner and more comfortable, but it will not fall down dead from exhaustion.It is clear that in the beginning it will be difficult, in fact, seeing the result, you will want to do more and get rid of waste.Take your time!"Clutter" the apartment is not for one day, and that it should remove all series.

first determine the so-called "hotspots" ("hotspots").These are the places that require immediate attention to itself.Many of those are closets with clothes, computer tables, as well as a play area in the nursery.That they should be and do in the first place.And do not forget - no more than 15 minutes a day!Every evening, write down in the audit trail of what we will do tomorrow, and do not forget to mark what is done today.

Well, the basic position we told now to tell about the rules, implementation of which requires the system "Fly Lady".For moms who have babies are very small, like other women, cleaning of these principles is not burdensome.We just need to strictly follow the instructions.

Rule 1. Do not complain and do not feel sorry for yourself!

This is the first thing that needs to remember a woman who wants to start living system.No one except you will not help you lead your life in order.Therefore, we take ourselves in hand and begin to act."Fly Lady" - a system that makes these women witches, manages to always and everywhere, smiling and happy!

Rule 2. brush up

This has already been discussed above.Throw away all the old tattered robes and slippers.We get nice clothes.This does not mean that you have to "flutter" around the house with a mop in evening dress.It is enough to choose something convenient and comfortable.But there you have to be neat.And if, for example, you descend to the unexpected guests?How will you feel if you meet them in what you are wearing right now.Uncomfortable?Then run to change clothes!

Rule 3. Kitchen

This is the holy of holies every housewife.Make an island of purity is the kitchen sink offers a system of "Fly Lady".The book released Marla Scilly, which developed the system under consideration, called "School of Fly Lady" describes that the first thing that took over her character, was cleaning the sink.For her to be watched all the time.It must shine in the morning and evening, and even at 3 in the morning, whether it's a weekday or holiday.And, of course, the kitchen is also necessary to put in order.But it is within the zone of harvesting.

Rule 4. We plan and supervise

keep in mind all of its plans, and is not very ambitious, hard enough.To do this involves the use of an audit trail system "Fly Lady".For working women, it is necessary, in fact, coming home at the end of the day, it is difficult to remember what you wanted to do, where to clean.This rule eliminates the numerous sufferings that have accumulated a lot of cases.Just open a magazine, see the plan and begin to work.

Or consider one more point.In the evening should be prepared the clothes that you wear in the morning.If necessary, for the spouse and children also prepare outfits that morning no one ran around the apartment in search of "the very" shirts or dresses.

Rule 5. Taming mess

this terrible "beast" is actually quite possible to win.You just need to operate on several "fronts»:

  • Always immediately clean up after themselves.No matter what you do - knitting, reading, cooking.This habit will soon yield positive results - in the house will be much less confusion.
  • cleaning system "Fly Lady", as has been repeated, involves spending only 15 minutes to harvest a single zone.Plan your business for a week.For example, this week, you take away in the bedroom and living room.Take Monday to review things in the closet, locker loop through Tuesday, Wednesday, pay attention to all the mirrors in these rooms, and so on. D. If something did not have time to do today, to postpone for tomorrow, but do not spend more than 15 minutes!
  • realistically assess their capabilities.Do not plan more than able to do in the allotted time.
  • not accumulate mountains of unnecessary things.If the varnish came shelf life, do not hesitate to dispose of it.Read the magazine - in the trash, you're not going to re-read it again.Unnecessary things do not need to know your pity.
  • everything to do with a smile!


«Fly Lady" - a system that has helped many to rebuild their lives.Many women admit that thanks to her they remembered about yourself, get rid of the old robes and heaps of useless things.Yes, and in my personal life, this system is very good.Agree, if a woman always looks good, the maintenance of order in the house, while not dropping every night from exhaustion, she will have more time and energy to family and, of course, her husband.The system of "Fly Lady", reviews of which only positive really helps to plan your time and be always on top.