Infidelity Betrayal

Treason ....

This was written and said a lot, let alone how many people ruined for her, not only physically but also mentally.Mental breakdowns on the background of the "sin" is also very frequent, and physical harm can be applied in the heat of passion, like himself, and partner or partners Partners.Sorry for the confusion).

And so the reason.Sometimes it is not clear, because very often there are couples in which, in their own words, are satisfied, both in sex and in the communication in the home, etc.Then the question: "Why?"Often sounding answers: I do not know how it happened by itself, I would not (would not) want of something brand new, then you can go on forever.Rather, the true reason, in pairs where all good is the human desire for new experiences, and when there is long forgotten or untested still feeling against this course very difficult to resist the tactile desire physical intimacy.And often it happens that after the first contact all the desires and feelings disappear forever.

What was it ?: machinations of Satan or God's test of your willpower, that, in fact, equivalent.

Someone condemned traitors, and someone takes this simple and easy.How is treason?Here it depends on the thinking of everyone, though of course that is dominant strongest condemnation.Indeed, in some countries, such antics can forfeit his head, and sometimes ... ..), while in others a husband sends his wife to work himself the oldest specialty che too wife and sons and daughters, that by our standards well, or as not permissible.

For me, the most serious betrayal is physical in the amount of moral.This is when your partner that you trust all of its secrets, not just a "sleeping" with someone, and even though you talking about all sorts of different "things" are, in fact, should know that (the one) who you trust andhe decided to tell and most of this one man, and this is your "half".Oddly enough, but there are also cases where infidelity only strengthens the relationship, although I think that the precipitate is a very long time.

How can that be?How to do so that would be a betrayal of any burst into our lives?Nothing.There is hardly a panacea for this, is that to cut something from someone or sew something: -0, especially in one of the floors many vital parts of the body have to sew.This is clearly not an option.You can watch, say, kill, and if I find absolutely exhaust itself with this jealousy, which not only kills relationships and yourself (itself) and further provokes a betrayal.And it is possible to meet the betrayal betrayal "here and lived, slept apart, and the children were" too, is not an option.

I think the accumulated human experience on this subject can be reduced to a pair of proverbs: "afraid of wolves in the woods do not go" - we must still trust the people and "trust but verify" - can not indiscriminately believe in any nonsense.And what is true and there is only one reservation can be-not, what would have been the best of all though it is difficult to think of the least emotional moments of the explosion, but we are people differs from animals that can control themselves.

As a result, we wish that we would have all-did not had to deal with it (this is unlikely) and if it is easy to survive the encounter and not do anything stupid, and in some cases even forgive your loved one because anyone can stumble.