When and how to wear a bandage for pregnant women?

question of how to properly wear a bandage for pregnant women, there is already a 4-month pregnancy.This device allows you to unload the spine, especially the lumbar.After all, it is distributed load of the growing belly.Bandage allows more freedom to move, to lead a normal life.Support in the waist prevents overexertion of muscles, acts as prevention of stretch marks.

But despite the obvious advantages of such devices, many pregnant women choose not to wear it.Others lay the wearing down to the last few months.This is an internal fear of harm to the child.Hearing one day in the office of an obstetrician-gynecologist of the need to wear a bandage prenatal, many frankly scared.Is it safe for your child?After all, with the growth of the abdomen as low as possible try to drag his "treasure" clothing.Yes, and how to wear a bandage for pregnant women is not known to all.

But really supportive underwear is very effective and helps the mother to the fetus.Due to the anatomical shape of the bandage all

ows the baby to the correct position in the uterus.This will minimize the risk of premature birth.Also reduce symptoms of varicose veins in the legs, if it appeared during pregnancy.

main thing - it is reasonable to choose the model and size band.Before buying it should necessarily try.If there is a feeling of comfort, the versatile tire is properly selected.To learn how to wear a bandage for pregnant and pick it up to the individual characteristics of your body, you can see from this article.

options antenatal tires:

  1. bandage in the form of shorts.It has an elastic insert supports the front of the abdomen.It is worn as underwear, but in a horizontal position.This model requires a change of clothes each day, respectively, should buy a few pieces.
  2. Bondage Belt.This model is made in the form of an elastic band, which is worn on the waist under the belly.You can adjust the degree of encirclement by Velcro flaps, which are located on the sides of the product.It is convenient because in the summer it is not hot.Wearable both standing and lying down.
  3. versatile bandage.It is used both before and after birth.This type of bandage is made in the form of anatomical belt of rubberized fabric with Velcro.During pregnancy, your widest part of the belt adjacent to the back of the narrow supports abdomen.In the postpartum period the product should be worn on the contrary.The general part of his band will drag away the stomach after giving birth, and narrow - mounted on the back.Universal bandage saves money without buying two types of support underwear before and after childbirth.

There are recommendations on how to wear a bandage for pregnant women.Be it 24 hours harmful.We need to take breaks and take it every 3 hours for half an hour.Be sure to read the instructions on the package.It prompts particular wearing articles may by way of illustration.But the main criterion in determining the correct wearing of the bandage is convenience.If you understand how to properly wear a bandage, the discomfort will not pester you.This will keep the activity up to the date of delivery and virtually nothing does not refuse (within reason).