Definition of delivery date: the options

pregnant woman wants as soon as possible to see my baby.Therefore, despite the presence of a rounded tummy, almost from the very conception of the expectant mother wants to know when the need to go to the hospital.Determination of the date of birth - it is simple, has designated today with figures can be even at home.


Get information about the alleged date of birth in several ways.Some of them include the participation of a doctor, the other very simple, where calculations are just at home, without outside help.But it is important to take into account the fact that each method has a certain margin of error, which does not avoid work.So, with the help of a doctor to determine the date delivery possible ways: by means of ultrasound, gynecological examination, obstetric examination.Independently do you know the approximate date of birth may be using a special calculator or calendar, and independently calculate the timing of the first day of the last menstrual period or ovulation.

doctor to help

Determination of date of birth in the maternity clinic - the surest way.Only with the help of a doctor woman can find the most complete information on the approximate date of birth, asdoctors use a set of indicators by which denoted the date.Then take into account the ultrasound data, monthly periods, the results of gynecological examination.Only the complex can get complete information including all errors.Of course, the most accurate date can tell ultrasound screening, especially if it is carried out with modern equipment, where the deviation is just one day.But the surest way possible to calculate the date of birth date of conception.This is possible in women who used in vitro fertilization, as well as in women with a single sexual intercourse since your last menstrual period.

Independence calculations

As already mentioned, the definition and the possible date of delivery at home.To do this, do not be lazy and find a special calculator for such calculations, which only need to specify the first day of the last menstrual period, and the robot is already produce the desired calculation.There are also tables independent calculations (on the same principle works and calculator) where a woman needs to find the day of the last menstrual period, and below it to see the supposed date of birth.If it is not possible to view the information ready, but the lady knows the exact day of conception, to obtain information on birth date must be added to the 266 days.This is the average gestation period of the child's full healthy woman.Here the majority of mothers can be a question: "Why do you need to conduct calculations based on the month?"It's simple: a few rather, of course, know the date of ovulation, but most women will only lead of the menstrual cycle calendar.

exact dates

Every woman can know which day she picked provisional date of delivery.But it is necessary to take into account the statistics that say that a little less than 20% of women give birth in a strictly prescribed period.The remaining perenashivayut or wears baby.The term fluctuations in the plus or minus - 14 days.So do not be afraid if the baby will be born in the 38th or 42th week, it permissible period of medical practice.