How does weight gain during pregnancy for weeks on end?

When pregnancy occurs, the body's starting to happen, significant changes.And it is clear, because now he has to carry out work with double force.A layer of subcutaneous fat pads increases.It advocates a kind of reservoir for storing water, nutrients and vitamins that are required for the development of the baby.But this is not the only factor that influences weight gain during pregnancy for weeks.Let's talk about this in more detail.

When the pregnancy weight recruited for several reasons:

- growing egg fruit;

- developing placenta;

- increases the thickness of subcutaneous fat layer;

- get larger breasts;

- install more weight and size of the uterus.

on weight gain during pregnancy is also influenced by week:

- age.The greater the age of the woman, the more weight it will dial;

- health.If in the early stages there is a strong morning sickness and vomiting, a woman can lose weight, but in the last stages of weight quickly narastet vice versa;

- twins.It is understandable that if two kid

s, then they will no longer weigh;

- pathology during pregnancy, such as polyhydramnios.

There are certain standards by which limited weight gain during pregnancy for weeks.Weight gain in pregnancy is strictly each individual.That is, it appears that fat women and quite thin, large and miniature will recover differently.Therefore, the number dialed weight gain during pregnancy is estimated at a special table by relying on the body mass index.

Most women wondering how not to gain weight during pregnancy?The answer is simple.It wanted to eat properly, so as not to gain a lot, and the baby enough vitamins.It happens so that if the weight gain during pregnancy is very large, the delivery can be complicated.So sometimes the doctors are advised to lose weight a little bit, and say they do not gain weight during pregnancy.

It also happens that during pregnancy is typed on the contrary very little weight.This is dangerous, especially the fact that the child will do very little nutrients, and it will start to fall behind in their development.

Not a secret that each of the past and future days inside the belly of my mother for the baby is very important, and any delay in the development of badly enough can affect health.

Too much weight gain during pregnancy for weeks as a danger.And what?Very often, it is caused by the weight of a lot of water and swelling during pregnancy.Such conditions are not a good thing.If such symptoms appear, the woman is admitted to make a correction solution.

If small, and a lot of weight so dangerous during pregnancy, then what is the ideal?Weight gain should be gradual, gradually, not dramatically.With this set of pregnancy will proceed well and without problems, and future child - develop normally, and receive all the necessary vitamins from the mother.