Linens "Walter": customer reviews, manufacturer

Bed linen - what more could well be associated with a feeling of comfort?A well-chosen set of bed linen is able to bring to the interior of the bedroom desired color.Due to the fact that in our time available an abundance of textile industry from different countries, each person can make a good choice.One of the well-known manufacturers of bed linen is the "Walter", reviews of which speak in favor of the acquisition of goods is the brand.

General concepts of bedding

Before you order bed linen, it is understood that it is activated.At first it may seem that everything is simple.The basic set of bedroom includes sheets, duvet cover and pillow.But for the correct selection sets, it is important to consider the fact that they all differ in size.

Before going to the store or to execute the order of the selected set of bed linen from the store, you should take your measurements with a bed and mattress, for which the purchase is made.It is also worth considering the size of pillows.They may have a rat

io of 50:70 or 70:70 (dimensions in inches).

Regarding the choice of the sheets, you need to know about its two forms - the classic version and a sheet with a rubber band.If the first view everything is clear, in relation to the second question may arise.A sheet with an elastic band is a mattress cover or some sofas.Due to the gum around the perimeter of the object, the sheet does not slip and is not going into a ball.This invention is particularly necessary to appeal to those who have a lot of tossing and turning during sleep.As you can see, the choice of bed linen - not so easy task, given the diversity of its species.Yet, looking at the options on store shelves or in the catalogs of Internet services sales people often pay attention to the manufacturer.

buy kit bedrooms have a reliable supplier

arising in our minds the association with the word "Walter" - bedding.Who is the manufacturer of quality products so?

for manufacturing bedding sets this company in the high-tech factories in China use the most modern approach.In Russia it has been operating since 1999 and since that time has already gained universal acceptance.As a raw material in the production of the goods the company "Walter" uses a very high-quality material, and obtaining durable and robust products promote the use of innovative and highly efficient equipment.Due to such characteristics of the original bedding of "Walter" is soft and pleasant to the touch.Therefore, it is so nice to sleep.

Today, many are choosing it from the "Walter" bedding.Manufacturer deserves full confidence and it shows the abundance of goods of domestic firms in the catalogs of online stores.Among the huge variety you can find a variety of kits at an affordable price.Because of this, each person will be able to find among the rich assortment of products that he likes.

The company's products more attractive?

addition to the above advantages (such as a variety of sizes and a wide choice), bed linen "Walter" has a very interesting design, a huge range of bright colors and a large collection of fabrics, which are made from luxury suites.

Buying from "Walter" bedding, photos of which can be seen in this article, you can avoid a situation where the purchased item loses its brightness after several washings.The materials manufactured by Chinese companies use the latest tools, including highly resistant dyes, which are not harmful to health and do not lose their brightness, even after several months of use.

With this amazing durability bed linen can be purchased as a gift for dear friends, for example, to the wedding.This is supported and gracefully executed wrap each set of bed linen.Thus, the company "Walter" will allow you to express your feelings to others.

fabrics used

The most common choice of bed linen still engaged woman.And rightly so, since it is wonderful the fairer sex are responsible for the home comfort and warm atmosphere of "home".Although there is an expression that the woman "like eyes", it is not always true of the selection of design elements of the room.It was observed that most of them are mainly paying attention to the quality of goods and materials used.

against a wide choice of fabric again distinguished products "Walter".Bedsheets, reviews of which can fully trust the manufacturer, made from a variety of materials, renowned for excellent quality and unique properties.Consider some types of tissue detail.


This kind of fabric has become particularly popular in the modern home interior design.Jacquard is used not only for the production of bed linen, but also for the design of window frames, upholstered furniture, curtains and so on.But the most graceful of the fabric emphasized the production of high-end bedding by "Walter".

First of all, the material is durable.Its structure is based on a complex weaving smooth, lint-free yarn.A feature of jacquard bedding is its kind of a relief stamp, slightly reminiscent of a tapestry.This figure stands out especially on the fabric, and then supplemented with exquisite embroidery.

Despite the dense texture and static of this material, jacquard cloth perfectly absorbs moisture and dries very quickly.Therefore, this bedding "Walter", comments which are not forced to think long over his purchase, simply irreplaceable in the summer.


This material has a lot of pluses.Here are some of them:

  • high hygroscopic (moisture absorption is good and it returns);
  • does not create static electricity;
  • high strength;
  • amazing durability - retains its shape during a variety of washings;
  • has antiseptic properties and does not cause allergic reactions;
  • ideal for hot and dry atmosphere;
  • fabric texture is able to provide "massage" effect;
  • not afraid of mold if stored properly.

All the advantages of this fabric allow to opt for the company's products "Walter".Testimonials of satisfied customers testify to the positive reputation sets of linen.


popular material from which made the company's products "Walter" - bedding.Internet-shop can offer you a variety of textures and colors of satin.What are its main advantages?

Fabric is based on twisted yarn double weave.The basis of the material can be incorporated cotton, silk and chemical fiber.A positive piece bedding set of satin can be called a rough surface of its seamy side.Because of this it is not spolzŅ‘t with blankets for sleeping.Also a plus satin bedding set can be called:

  • strength, softness and durability;
  • highly resistant dyes;
  • low coefficient creasing;
  • perfectly breathable material;
  • satin fabric does not shrink in the course of its use.


This material resembles a calico, but is softer and more pleasant to the touch.The softness of the material due to its special structure, which is based on the elastic, thick filaments entangled intersection of fine fibers create a pleasant sensation of touching the bed.

addition to material strength and wear resistance, we note its positive qualities such as:

  • ease;
  • presence of noble gloss;
  • resistance shape and color after many washings;
  • no need for special fabric care and conditions of its storage.

These are some of the materials used to produce the company's products "Walter" - bedding.Ivanovo - a city famous for its textile industry.Here you can also find a wide range of products from many manufacturers.

What customers say?

long established itself in the market of "Walter".Bed linen only gets good reviews.And it certainly is decorated with the company's reputation.

Company "Walter" reviews elevate to a high place in the production of bed linen.Therefore, whether it makes sense not to trust the established brands?