Description jacquard fabric.

Currently, the above matter is at the height of fashion, although there was a relatively long time.Description jacquard fabric is well known to any designer.It's an elegant material with a smooth, lint-free surface and complex weaving yarns.Many modern designers are actively using it to decorate the interiors and implementing interesting solutions.

Jacquard - what fabric?

Jacquard is a lot of money.And it's not for nothing!It made for a very sophisticated technology above material Jacquard.What kind of fabric it is?

turn a little to the story.Turns out its name, this matter has received the name of its inventor.For the first time this type of fabric created by French weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard.It is in 1801 developed a special machine.He let separately controlled separately by each thread.It provided an opportunity to create a unique weavers at the time material to a report of a numerous number of strands.

This machine, which was created in the XIX century, in our time, has not undergone signif

icant changes.Modern manufacturers only increased his speed.With regard to the principle of the work, it was not changed.Scientists call Jacquard machine one of the most advanced machinery on the planet.

In our time, is a very popular and popular jacquard fabric.Description of the composition, its properties of interest to many consumers.It is characterized by the above material as a good-quality fabric, which has a relief structure and a great figure.Another description of the above-mentioned matter determines jacquard fabrics as the whole group with a distinct unique pattern created by a special weave.

Jacquard Fabric: description, reviews

It should be noted that the above material has its own distinctive features.Description jacquard fabric:

  • presence of fine pattern;
  • boldly enough fabric;
  • high definition pattern;
  • fabric almost crushed;
  • material has sufficient rigidity;
  • lightweight fabric;
  • luxurious and rich look.

There are a lot of feedback from people at home who have products jacquard fabrics.People are very happy with mattresses made of this material.They are quite strong.Material hard and wears well rubbed spots.

People who have sofas, chipped jacquard, note that the pattern on the material keeps well, is not erased, it is easy to care for.

consumers also argue that the above material manufacturers offer a variety of ornaments.There are plenty to choose from.It figures large-figured or melkouzorchatogo type, single-layer or double-layer.

composition of said material

Types of jacquard fabric:

  • cotton;
  • silk,
  • Blend;
  • synthetic.

These types differ from each other is the composition of the tissue.

synthetic fabric comprises polymer fibers (polyester and polypropylene).Description Jacquard fabrics made of synthetics is this: it is a material with a comparative durability and ruggedness of care.In addition, this matter is pleasant to the touch.From the above type fabrics are often manufactured products for the home (eg, mattress).

most expensive material of all kinds is considered silk jacquard fabric.Description it follows:

  • clean;
  • hypoallergenic.

Blended material differs substantially lower price than, for example, silk or cotton jacquard fabric.Description of this material indicates that its structure it contains nonwoven fibers.They give it a sufficiently high density and other pleasant textile characteristics.

very popular among consumers is the material of blended yarn - stretch jacquard.It is breathable, highly elastic fabric.

Production of jacquard fabric

process of making the above-mentioned matter - employment rather complicated.Nowadays the production of jacquard fabric practically does not differ from the version proposed by the French weaver.All kinds of materials (silk, cotton and others) are made exclusively in one way: by means of a dense weave and foundations.But now this process has already carried out with the assistance of computer technology.

bizarre and complex patterns on the fabric are obtained due it ponitochnomu weaving.

Interestingly, the weight of the material depends on the number of colors used in the production of filaments.For example, the two-tone fabric are relatively easy compared to the three or four-color jacquard.

to shade was more persistent in the production process has been used for dyed yarns.Also, modern manufacturers often use thermal printing on the already finished material.

Application and properties jacquard fabric

above material is used for:

  • production of clothing;
  • manufacturing home textiles (upholstery, curtains).

Description jacquard fabric on her property consists of the following main points:

  • durability;
  • simplicity of care;
  • wash fastness;
  • strength;
  • excellent color stability;
  • not crushed.

Note that jacquard, which is used for furniture upholstery, additionally treated with special substances.They make the fabric water- and dirt-repellent.

Features care

By jacquard important to cherish.The manufacturer recommends to wash the material in water with a temperature over 30 degrees Celsius.Use washing powder only needs a normal, since its composition may include sometimes fibers of different origin.

above material iron is recommended only from the inside.It is strictly forbidden to carry out drying of products of jacquard fabric in direct sunlight.

exception to this situation is only a silk jacquard.It is more resistant to UV light.

Jacquard - gorgeous and beautiful.It is used for production of various products of great beauty.Consumers note that the furniture in such a "dress" looks really stylish, refined and expensive.