Photoepilator Philips Lumea: reviews.

Every modern woman has to put up with the maintenance procedures of the body to keep yourself in good shape.Regular manicures, pedicures, masks, scrubs, haircuts, styling and more, but worst of all - depilation of unwanted hair.To get rid of them for a long time, you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money.But in the struggle for the ideal smoothness of the skin, most capable, and not on that.Shaving, depilatory creams, wax, epilators and other means is a regular nightmare of most women.

can ask for help in beauty salons, where with the help of innovative technology experts will help with the problem.But, fortunately, in our world, we invented a lot of devices for self-use, such as photoepilators home.Instruments carried out exactly the same procedure for hair removal, both in the cabin without giving a professional device.One such miracle of technology written many positive reviews.Photoepilator Philips Lumea the Philips won the hearts of many women.

This brand big enough range of home photo

epilators.But now, a closer look at one of them - photoepilator Philips Lumea Comfort SC1981.This is a relatively new model.Its most important advantage is that it can be used as a facial epilator.

How does

So photoepilator designed for getting rid of unwanted hair on all parts of the body, including the face - below the cheekbones.Also, the impact of the device for a long time slows down hair regrowth.Although the device has been developed for women, and it can be used by men.One advantage of the device is considered to be the processing speed of the skin, such as the processing of the two legs will need no more than 20 minutes, and this is confirmed by many reviews.Photoepilator Philips Lumea saves time.

device is designed based on the technology of IPL and adapted for home use.This is one of the most effective techniques to remove unwanted hair.

photoepilator "Philips" removes hair by heating themselves, as well as the roots of the hair under the skin.As part of the hair contains melanin, and that it absorbs light pulses device.This process stimulates the hair to go into the resting phase.

After the treatment of the skin with hair fall naturally, with repeated stops their growth.Loss begins within one to two weeks.

test sensitivity and color

unit has five levels of intensity of exposure.For any set of instruction manual, and in it there is a table on which you can choose the level of exposure, in accordance with the color of hair and skin.

If you decide to try photoepilator Philips Lumea Comfort, to begin to carry out the test on each site handling.This must be done to find the right level of intensity of the instrument.

test is carried out as follows:

  1. connect the unit to the mains.
  2. operate the appliance by pressing the intensity "incl. / Off.".After this indicator lights up on position 1, and start your work fan located inside.
  3. Device window to the tray area of ​​the skin and shake the pulse button.
  4. move to the next section, switch the device on level 2 and post boost.Further, increasing the level of intensity to the maximum resolvable your skin type.
  5. At each site make no more than one outbreak.
  6. If you have discomfort, the level is reduced to a point where they do not exist.
  7. A day analyzes the results and begin to use.

Preparation and use

test is conducted, the required level is selected, go to the procedure.To start the treated skin area should prepare, pre-shave (depilatory creams can not be used).Do not use creams and lotions, skin should be dry and clean.

Turn photoepilator "Phillips" and brings it to the skin.When the device touches the body, slowly flashing warning "READY".After clicking on the pulse sensor checks the color tone.If it is unacceptably dark sensor block operation.If the skin is suitable for processing, the light goes out, there will be flash and a peaceful cotton.

After the first flash device is immediately ready for the next one.To do this, choose to use:

  • Mode "Slide & amp; Flash".
  • mode "Step & amp; Flash".

Mode "Slide & amp; Flash"

Hold down the pulse.Mode is very useful when processing large areas, especially the legs, what is repeatedly mentioned user reviews.Photoepilator Philips Lumea after each flash to be moved to a new site.If constant contact with the skin, pulses occur in succession.

mode "S tep & amp; Flash"

the pulse button is released after each flash.For the implementation of the following must be placed photoepilator Lumea as close as possible to the place of impact of the previous one.With this mode by current exposure.

result and skin care

after the first session within two months the hair will be visible, and should be.To achieve a good result in the first two months of a one-time procedure must be repeated in two weeks.As a result, the skin will be completely smooth.

After reaching effect, to keep it permanently, it is recommended sessions once in 4-8 weeks.In the case of large amounts of hair interval between procedures reduce, but not less than 2 weeks.

Immediately after the procedure should not be applied to the skin cosmetic agent and a deodorant in the armpits.You must wait until the redness disappears.

use means tanning and just sunbathe can be two days after the procedure.In applying the tanning process can be carried out only after it is completely washed away.Starting procedure is necessary in autumn and winter, so it is recommended responses.Photoepilator Philips Lumea to the next beach season will bring a great smoothness to the skin.

Side effects

clear followed there is a good result and a minimal risk of side effects, but they are sometimes still occur:

  • the treated area skin may appear slight redness, slight itching or burning, but they quickly pass;
  • may appear on the skin reaction similar to sunburn, if after 3 days, it will not work, it is advisable to consult a doctor;
  • shaving before the procedure itself can provoke epilation dry skin, which will be held a few days later, and use a moisturizer without fragrance can be a day later;
  • severe redness, swelling and burns are extremely rare, when exceeded the permissible level of radiation to the skin type.


Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable photoepilator.He absolutely does not help in the fight against the gray, light brown and red hair.And a representative of a very dark skin, in which case it is even dangerous, but a built-in safety sensor and will not allow the unit to perform flash on the wrong skin tone.It is worth noting that, by adjusting the level of radiation, they can even be used by people with very sensitive skin.

Before purchasing you need to explore the contraindications, a rather large list of which is described in detail in the documents, going in the set with the device.Here are some of them:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • after sun or artificial tanning within 2 weeks;
  • not use the device close to (around) eyes;
  • on the skin with permanent makeup, tattoos;
  • in areas with warts, moles and freckles large;
  • if there are skin diseases and infections.

photoepilators Like other pets, Philips Lumea Comfort is not intended for children under 15 years.

Specifications and description of the device

white compact device with a network adapter.On top the intensity button / switch on / off and to emit a light pulse.

device is immediately ready for use.He does not need additional parts and special tools for hair removal.

device is equipped with window light with a UV filter that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.The intensity of the light pulse 1,2-3,6 J / cm2.The lamp will provide 100,000 more outbreaks.

Integrated LED intensity and willingness to "READY" (warning of skin color).Skin color sensor.Contacting the body surface with an integrated security system protects against random flashes.

Included with the device are:

  • user manual;
  • quick guide;
  • operating instructions;
  • warranty for 2 years;
  • adapter.

Care and Storage

To maintain optimum effect from the instrument, it should be cleaned after each use.You can not wash photoepilator and parts water, and use a scouring pad, cleaning agents and solvents.Contacting surfaces and light window wipe lightly dampened, lint-free cloth.And the outer surface of the device, if necessary, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.During

light flashes device should contact the skin, otherwise the window light or color sensor may be damaged.Therefore, the feed button light pulse is included after contact with body parts.

Do not forget to always turn off the device from the network.Keep photoepilator better in the original box to prevent dust, in a dry and safe place.

photoepilator not recommended in areas with high humidity, such as near a filled bathtub or shower included.Avoid getting liquids on the device and the adapter.

Price unit

As for the price, it is certainly bite, but, unlike the cost of the fellow apparatus available to many, to the same procedures performed in the salons, are much more expensive, but the effect is different.This is confirmed by the numerous reviews.Photoepilator Philips Lumea is quite possible to buy in the range of 10 000 rubles.The main thing - to make purchases in the audited stores.Despite the fact that its price is considerably lower than its predecessors, the device can be used as the epilator face, and some previous model is not superior.

review models Philips Lumea

rating photoepilators provide real hard.But thanks to the data in the table with some indicators presented 5 most popular models of Philips Lumea, customers will be able to compare them.

Comparative data models photoepilators Philips Lumea


Power Source

Number of light pulses

Exposure time in minutes

average price model


Zone armpits



Philips Lumea Hair Removal System IPL SC2006

Wireless Mode






29 000-31 000

Philips Lumea Comfort Hair Removal System IPL SC1981






2, 5

9 000-12 000

Philips Lumea Essential Hair Removal System IPL SC1992






Not suitable

23 000-25 000

Philips Lumea Precision Plus System IPL Hair RemovalSC2003 / 00

Wireless Mode






25 000-27 000

Philips Lumeahair removal system IPL SC2006

Wireless Mode





Not suitable

22 000-25 000

Many owners were delighted, having experienced the photoepilator Philips Lumea Comfort.Reviews on many websites in favor of the instrument - the best proof of this.Whatever was the choice of the buyer, the main thing - not to be disappointed.