We learn what you can do ultrasound in pregnancy

During pregnancy, every mother worries about her baby: if he gets all the vitamins and trace elements, if he develops normally if everything is okay with him.To see this, women are sent to all kinds of tests, including one of the most important is the ultrasound.But how often you can do ultrasound during pregnancy, few know.

few words about US

Ultrasonography - is the surest way to find out today about the development of the baby.This diagnosis has been around for nearly half a century, and evidence that it is harmful, today not.The process itself is simple and painless, mother of the procedure did not suffer.In our country, as well as throughout the world, the question of how often you can do ultrasound during pregnancy, doctors will give the same answer.It is recommended that 3-4 studies for the entire period of pregnancy.Despite the fact that this procedure is harmless, abuse it and do ultrasonic diagnosis without a prescription is not my mother.

first study

figure out how many times you

can do ultrasound during pregnancy, the study is the first to go to mum safely.But in the first trimester, when the fetus is being formed, to disturb him once again not worth it.Up to 8-10 weeks, doctors do not recommend the mothers underwent ultrasound diagnosis or to pass inspection over a chair.And after the baby is firmly entrenched in the mother's abdomen, approximately 11-12 week, doctors are advised to pass the first study.In this period the baby already formed in order to be able to measure the length of his body, to consider whether abnormalities of the skull or brain, limbs count.But the most important thing in this study is to eliminate this disease in child as Down's syndrome, which is already possible to determine in such a short period.

second study

learn what you can do ultrasound in pregnancy, a woman without fear of go to my second study.Moreover, the diagnosis is probably the most anticipated for parents, because it already lets you know the sex of the child.Dates when doctors recommend making a second ultrasound, referred to as anatomical, - 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.The name of the study received because even at this time the baby is fully formed all the organs, including the heart, your doctor may consider and rule out a greater number of pathologies.It is already possible to count the fingers on the hands and feet of the child.Someone manages to even consider the profile and determine to whom the baby looks like - by mom or dad.Also this diagnosis provides information on the development of the placenta, the number and condition of amniotic fluid.

third study

learn what you can do ultrasound in pregnancy, a woman realizes that this study may be the last in the whole period of gestation of the baby.It is carried out in 32-34 weeks, six weeks before the expected date of birth.The purpose of this particular study is a re-examination of fetal anatomy.And if the second ultrasound was unable to determine the sex of the baby, you can try to do now.

Additional studies

know how much you can do ultrasound during pregnancy is generally recommended to experts, the expectant mother is worried, if it is assigned an additional study on the different stages of gestation baby.The reasons for this there are enough: various kinds of suspicious vaginal discharge women, abdominal pain, leakage of water, etc.All pregnant women should be remembered that the US force to do no one can, but it's best to follow the recommendations of the doctor and take care of your health and the health of the child, rather than at its discretion, appoint a procedure or abandon them.