Bamboo fabric.

Bamboo fabric has been actively used by designers to create an original interior of the premises.They have good wear resistance, and most importantly - it's still a natural finishing material.In addition, they can be used to realize the most daring design decisions.

web of bamboo: a brief description of

Ornamental material characterized as bamboo wallpaper.They are produced in rolls and are mainly used to create the original interior.

basis linen gauze technical acts.It bears bamboo slats (planochki), which come in various colors and widths.

Depending from the inner or outer part of the trunk trims made wallpaper are divided into two main types.The rolls are made of different lengths (at least 5 and up to 15 m) and width (from 0.9 m to 2.5 m maximum score).The width of the slats (planochek) ranges from 3.5 to 20 millimeters.Although if the wallpaper produced by pressing, then the width of the strips can reach even 100 millimeters.

bamboo fabric in the interior

Said finishing material differs

limitless applications.It is actively used for decorating walls, furniture, ceiling.

Bamboo fabric is used in different areas of interior decoration:

  • African and Asian (Japanese and Chinese) styles;
  • ecological direction when the wallpaper of bamboo in the interior combined with other natural materials (stone, ceramic tile, clay);
  • Californian and Mediterranean style;
  • functional interior and minimalism.

This fabric is cut by a knife along the slats of office.If you want to cut it across, you are already using a hacksaw with a fine tooth.Material is applied to the surface bonding process.It should be noted that the bamboo, a special wallpaper glue.He easily sticks to the fabric even ordinary brick, it is environmentally friendly, is based on rubber and diluted common solvents.

glue must be applied to the canvas with a notched trowel and for another 5 minutes you can freely adjust the position of the wallpaper, because the time of its action comes only after this time.

Species of bamboo fabric

wallpapers from the inside of the barrel is made of bamboo slats, which are almost perfectly polished on all sides.They are based on well defined.

These bamboo paintings are divided into three main types:

  • tinted or dark;
  • wallpaper wenge;
  • natural, ie light.

dark fabric is produced by heating to a temperature of bamboo, which is slightly higher than 60 degrees Celsius.Under such conditions, the above material changes color.

The color wenge bamboo fabric is obtained only in the case of dyeing bright wallpaper.

This building material manufacturer may cover special varnish, or did not apply.If the web is not lacquered bamboo, in the future, you can get good tones when his tinted.

Data wallpaper from the outside of the barrel and are reasonably well defined structure of a bamboo trunk.These paintings are divided into the following types:

  • green or lime green;
  • pistachio;
  • vanilla, that is, with a slight yellow tinge;
  • chocolate.

Besides the difference in colors, bamboo leaf from the outside of the barrel can have some tinted stain.This type of wallpaper called tortoiseshell.

known that the production of fabrics made of bamboo is not in place.More recently, manufacturers have released a new type of wallpaper from the above material.This so-called pressed bamboo fabric.The latter, unlike their predecessors, are more high quality, high strength, wear resistance and sound insulation.

advantages of bamboo wallpaper

This finishing material has some key features:

  • it is environmentally friendly, that is non-toxic;
  • has excellent noise and thermal insulation;
  • little is adversely affected by time;
  • has good resistance to fading;
  • has anti-dust properties;
  • further treated with special substances that reliably protects the wallpaper from moths.

How to care for bamboo wallpaper?

Fabrics made of bamboo are cleaned very easily.They are well repel dust.

Experts recommend bamboo cloth to wipe a slightly damp sponge or soft cloth.They can also be further processed using a special vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

If necessary, treatment may be the wallpaper of bamboo means that are designed to care for wooden furniture.

reviews from bamboo wallpaper

You can find a lot of feedback from people who have used to decorate the walls and ceilings of bamboo fabric.Reviews of evidence that this is a very convenient and practical finishing material.For them just to look.

In addition, as noted by consumers, this versatile finishing material.In any environment, you can easily insert a bamboo leaf.The price depends on the wallpaper and type of their width.For example, bamboo leaf width of 1800 mm is 1150 rubles.The same wallpaper, but a width of 900 mm, can be bought much cheaper - for 720 rubles.

But, as noted by consumers, the cost of finishing material in comparison with other wallpaper is high.Manufacturers are justified in this case by the fact that natural material cost is cheap, of course, can not.

trim bamboo canvas walls and ceilings, as noted by consumers is not difficult.Typically, the material is accompanied by instructions for use.People argue that the data is pasted wallpaper, and on uneven surfaces and cement-based and wood.In any case, there were no problems.Bamboo fabric glued well, only need to use a special glue.

Wallpapers of bamboo are easy to use and have a particular elegant appearance.Therefore, they attract looks as professional designers, and ordinary consumers who are trying to create in your room a refined and unique interior.