How to file a claim for divorce?

Typically, in situations when the family ship is sinking, people find it difficult to cope with negative emotions.Also, few people know what rules to take legal divorce procedure.Find the most surefire way to solve difficult problems will help a professional lawyer, and this article will highlight some aspects regarding registration and filing a claim for divorce.

The easiest way to formalize the relationship breaks down in the body is to contact the registrar.Where can threaten the well-being of minors or people not able to agree on the division of property, the court filed for divorce.

If a husband and wife shared their own property, do not have time during the life together to have a child or children have become adults, a certificate of divorce the former spouses receive without unnecessary red tape in the same organization that the marriage register.Normally, the procedure is that the former spouses jointly submit an application for divorce, a model of which is at the Secretary of the distri

ct registrar.One month after the submission of the application, the former husband and wife should come again and confirm your decision.In the book, the registry will make the appropriate entry, and each will receive a copy of the certificate of divorce.

Sometimes, however, even in the most seemingly simple situations unforeseen problems.For example, one of the spouses, verbally expressing their consent to a divorce, actually evades the official paperwork.In this case, without the intervention of the court is necessary.

suit for divorce - registration

If you are not a lawyer, in order to properly execute all documents and save personal time, it is best to contact an attorney.He'll tell you about the features of the procedure divorce process in your individual case and will help to correctly make a claim for divorce, a model of which is in any legal advice.It is important to know the place of residence of the spouse at the time of filing.The suit for divorce has territorial jurisdiction, which means that it must be present in the court of the district in which the defendant resides.Although there are exceptional circumstances, taking into account that the legislation allows to file divorce papers on the place of residence of the plaintiff.For example: the defendant was sentenced to more than three-year prison sentence or recognized incapable, reside with the plaintiff minors, as well as in some other cases.If the couple were able to agree on any of them the children will live in the future and on the order of payment of salaries, they have the right to file a lawsuit to the court of divorce, as well as a written agreement on the procedure of communication with the child.Such an agreement should be formalized and in case one of the parents doubted that after the divorce, he will not interfere in realizing its lawful parental rights.Such a document can be formed in the non-judicial procedure and notarized.If the terms of the agreement will be carried out after a divorce, you can achieve compliance through the courts.

What if a spouse wants a divorce is not?

not always a desire to stop family relationship is mutual.In the absence of mutual consent for divorce claim for divorce can be issued and file unilaterally.In considering such cases, the court must be convinced that the continuation of life together is indeed impossible, considering the interests of not only the husband and wife, but first and foremost children.Considering all the circumstances, the court may dissolve a marriage, to postpone consideration of the case for the purpose of reconciliation of the spouses, or deny the claim.