Why scaly skin?

often parents begin to notice that their baby's skin flakes.The child oblazit skin on the fingers - this is called desquamation.Its causes can be many, and put the final diagnosis can only dermatologist.You need to contact him at the first signs of the disease, as neglect in this matter is unacceptable.

Why extirpate skin

Experts identify a number of factors that can trigger desquamation:

  • Lack of vitamins A and E, which are responsible for the integrity of the cover.
  • skin lesions fungal or bacterial diseases.
  • Staphylococcal or streptococcal infection.
  • diseases having viral nature.
  • allergic reactions.
  • Long-term use of antibiotics or other drugs, exposure of the body.
  • Frostbite fingertips.
  • problems with the pancreas, the presence of helminthic invasion.
  • stressful situations.

protective function

Skin baby as an adult, is a protective sheath and reflects internal problems with the body.Therefore, parents are right when worried about why the child oblazit skin on the fingers or toes.But th

is is not the only function.Also, the skin is involved in the following processes:

  • exchange;
  • breathing;
  • thermostatic.

Using human skin feels pain, cold, heat and other sensations.Therefore, parents must ensure that he was healthy.Flaky fingers can deliver the baby very uncomfortable.

As the disease begins

Unfortunately, parents are not always on time to notice that the baby's skin is damaged.The child oblazit skin on the fingers gradually beginning of the disease is very blurred and unexpressed.The very first symptom may be considered itch.At first, he was so imperceptible that neither the baby nor his parents do not attach any importance to this.When the itching gets annoying character, the skin has a little inflamed appearance.At the same time start to appear the first bubbles.They do not have the content, but is constantly increasing in size, affecting the healthy range.After the break the skin on the damaged epithelium peels and place oblazit.Sometimes it is released in small formations.

If there is no itching ...

Sometimes oblazit skin on the fingers of the child without the itch.In this case, we can talk about functional disorders.If such events do not pay attention, will not peel off only the fingers, but the palms of hands and other parts.Therapy should therefore be carried out promptly.

Most often this disease occurs in the fall and spring, when the lack of vitamins is particularly noticeable.The process of peeling long, but if the treatment is adequate, no marks on the skin left.

Correction Power

Establish power supply - the main task when the skin suffers.The child oblazit skin on the fingers if he eats fatty, spicy or fried foods.The basis of his diet should be vegetables, lean fish and lean meats, dried fruits, herbs, cereals, fruits and eggs.It is important that the body received sufficient amounts of vitamins A and E. However, it is worth remembering that they are well absorbed only when the baby gets the fats of animal and vegetable origin.For better assimilation in ready meals, you can add sour cream or a little oil.

Vitamins and hygiene

In winter, it is very difficult to balance the nutrition a baby, so it's worth taking a complex of vitamins, which can recommend a pediatrician.

Equally important is hygiene.To skin condition does not deteriorate, it is necessary every day to clean the skin.Rotary need to carefully remove the epithelium.The skin of the child should always be kept clean.Follow this - the task of parents.

Baths with herbs

If a child oblazit leather toes or fingers, you can do the bath with herbs: celandine, a succession of false or collection.After the procedure, you need to wet the skin with a soft towel.Do not use products of a rigid material and carefully rub the skin.

Dry fingers lubricate cream to moisturize.This can be a multivitamin or oily solution means.

Care nails

what measures to take if the damaged skin?The child oblazit skin on the fingers, for reasons that should be set by the doctor.However, parents should be sure to trim your nails safe scissors and monitor their purity.Dirt can get into the wound and cause infection.

folk medicine

oblazit If the skin on the fingers of a child need to prepare a decoction of oatmeal.It suffices to take a tablespoon of raw pour a glass of water and put on a small fire.After the mass Prokip few minutes, it must be cool and drain.Baths should be done every day, the duration of the procedure must be at least 20 minutes.

What if oblazit skin on the fingers?Well removes flaking wheat germ extract.All affected parts should be lubricated generously.Effectively acts peach or linseed oil.They need to grease your hands after hygienic procedures.

Drug treatment can not be carried out without expert inspection.Only a doctor can give appropriate recommendations, which will relieve the baby from problems.

Preventive measures

Parents need to know what steps need to be taken to the skin was smooth.The child oblazit skin on the fingers if his body does not operate correctly.It is important to ensure that the baby is getting all the necessary vitamins and healthy ingredients and washed regularly.It should be prevented parasitic infestation, bacterial diseases and strengthen the immune system.