Seven ways to take revenge on her husband for treason

Unfortunately, infidelity today is not such a rare phenomenon.But what about the other half?Especially the issue set the offended woman.The answer is simple, you need to find a way to take revenge on her husband for treason.

Option 1. Beauty

Very often in the family cycle of the woman forgets himself completely given to children and husband.And it is fraught with negative consequences.At a minimum, the woman ceases to be attractive, take care of yourself.So, how to take revenge on her husband for adultery?We need to do themselves, tidy hair, skin, nails.If you can, go on a diet and go to the gym.And if the result will not be visible immediately, then in the time former husband kindled a passion for his wife.However, at this moment a proud woman or leave, or will fight back, than he studied for his gulёnu.

Option 2. Roman

most probably just a way to take revenge on her husband for treason - change it back.Good for this select a person who is close blagovernomu - his friend, co-worker or even

better - the chief.The result of such an action on the part of the wife is simply stunning, the man will get his due.That is only after that, most likely, to keep the family will not succeed.

Option 3. Fight opponent

If a woman caught her husband's betrayal and knows her opponent in the face, you can try it well to spite her.You can tell her husband or boyfriend (if any) on the fact of treason.If a woman alone can adjust her mischief at work (you have to find common acquaintances, or make any) or just pull out a handful of hair seductress.

Option 4 Sale Next

way to take revenge on her husband for treason - or simply spoil sell his stuff.This is especially true of some important details he or objects.So if your favorite collected anything, you shove the entire collection to buyers.You can povybrasyvat or cut all his stuff, smash PC.This not only would be a certain place, but also a good help to throw all negative offended wife.

Option 5. Counter-advertising

If a woman is not going to save the family, you can make your ex-husband has anti-advertising.To do this you need all the possible options.You can take the help of social networking sites in the city to distribute ads and even hang a huge billboard in front of the former place of work.Let the future chosen one knows how bad this man is a man.

Option 6. Machine

Probably many have seen the video on the Internet, as a wife to her husband took revenge for treason: smashed his car.However, such action may result in punishment.You can make a light-version of revenge by car: decorate her spray of paint.Well write in such a situation, who is the owner of the cars is actually.To do this, you can use any epithets, even if not the most literary.

Option 7. Reputation

You can also try to spoil the reputation of her husband.But it needs to be some connection.So, if you have friends in the police, it is possible to throw the faithful in prison for 15 days (do it will not be difficult), you can blame the husband of beating (you will need to find a good lawyer to protect their rights).If the husband is spinning in certain circles in the city is a famous person, you can just order it journalistic article in the local press, which will put him in a negative light.