Taxi: reviews of the owners.

Today dachshund - one of the most recognizable and popular dog breeds in the world.Her body original form is the result of long work of breeders from Germany.The breed was bred to accompany hunters.The fee will be indispensable during the hunt badgers.Long body and short legs allow without problems to climb into the deepest hole.

little history

One of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs is considered to be burrowing fee.Reviews can be found by hunters still the last century.When exactly the breed appeared, for the moment no one can say.Some historians believe that it existed in ancient Egypt.On the walls of the tombs of pharaohs were found images of animals with an elongated body and short legs.

The true ancestor of modern German taxes are considered marriages.It's a dog with
disproportionate body.Breeders breed began to withdraw, which would be even more squat.In this way, I planned to get a dog that would be ideal for hunting in burrows.

dachshund appeared in Russia only in the middle of the

XV century.Then the rocks are two types.It was a bow-legged dogs to hunt under the ground and hounds - hunting for walking.Widespread breed was at the beginning of the XX century.Then there was a whole community of fans taxes.Dogs bred not only for hunting, but as pets.


Dog has a stable nervous system.Angry animal is difficult.No coincidence that the dogs of this breed get along well with children and cats.Especially popular decorative fee.Reviews owners show that the dog can easily find common language with all members of the family and other pets.

All taxis are very disciplined and are easily trained.Developed intellect dog exceeds the basic instincts.It is rare to find a taxi, which would become chasing a cat.But the team always does a dog unquestioningly.

While the dog is small, it has developed excellent watchdog instinct.Perfectly able to keep the house fee.Reviews lovers of this breed speak for themselves.The dog would not allow someone else to its territory.It will be loud barking and growling at one that poses a potential threat to the host.

Social development

Dachshund dog clearly can distinguish between friends and foes.It will not be pleased stranger in the house.At the same time, be aggressive animal will not.Many believe that the fee guests can bite without reason.This is absolutely not true.If a dog shows aggression, therefore, the owner did not engaged in her upbringing.

is very diverse breed dachshund.Reviews of owners say that dogs differ huge sociability and can not stand alone.Therefore, those who have no time for daily walks with an animal, it is better to think about the other breed.The fee will never sit alone in the room.It is sure to come back to where it spends time master.Many compare the animal to a domestic cat.The dog is not against bask in the knees at the beloved master.

How to train taxi?Tips

Dogs of this breed is always cheerful and very active.To better the animal perceives the information, it should be more than to walk in the fresh air.Most sensitive to caresses a dachshund dwarf.Reviews indicate that the dog will begin to understand the command, if the owner treats her gently.Respect and love will be the key to successful education of solid character of the dog.Pet will be a good friend and a fine defender.If you find the right approach to the dog, it will be enough to learn quickly and easily.The positive effect on the animal have the sun, fresh air and active pastime.

less active with age becomes a taxi.Reviews indicate that the pet is older than five years, it aims to spend more time in passive leisure.Despite this positive character of the dog is kept.To fee lifelong felt great, it shows the daily walks and exercise.Should pay more attention to your pet, and then he will respond to his master of this devotion.

How to organize care?

The first thing is to take care of the owner, is the purity of the dog.One of the most ambitious rock is just a taxi.Reviews of many people report that the dog feels uncomfortable with dirty paws after a walk.

must be properly organized basic hygienic care.As the need to cut the claws pet.In addition, you should regularly clean the ears.Teeth should also be given due attention.For cleaning you must purchase a special paste.Suitable tools are available in almost every pet store.

not tolerate frequent washing with shampoo dog fee.Reviews of owners say that after the use of special means of the animal's hair thins and the skin starts to peel off.This is due to leaching of subcutaneous fat.

During summer, the dog should be inspected after each outing.Most often suffer from insect bites long-haired dachshund.Reviews of owners reported that the dog's body mites are sometimes found.If you do not reveal the unpleasant discovery in a timely manner, but on the skin of your pet may develop inflammation.

fee in the apartment.Guest hosts

Reviews of people who got a dog in an apartment, a variety.Those who have a small housing, say, that the breed is suitable for such apartments optimally.The dog is particularly accuracy.It will never tear the wallpaper or crap under the bed.

Dachshund always wants to be near his master.Therefore, it does not matter, she lives in a country house or in a city apartment.But the small space fee can not tolerate.Organizing a place for pet owner must take into account that dog loves to spend time actively.The exception is the dwarf dachshund.Comments about this breed indicate that the dog feels great even in a small room.


Dachshund loves to surround himself with a variety of small items.If you do not buy for a special pet toys, he will start to entertain themselves by surrounding objects.Rubber ball and the bones should be enough.The only thing the owner should take care, that the proper organization of a berth.Especially rabbit dachshund loves comfort.Reviews holders provide an opportunity to understand that the dog develops correctly only if it properly organized space.

Sales have special mattresses and houses for taxis, which can be placed in a large home, and in a small apartment.The dog does not need to sleep on toys.Healthy sleep pet is of paramount importance.The bed should not be too soft.Hard mattress will help prevent back problems from taxes.

What to feed your pet?Reviews

dog food must be complete.Less whimsical to food is a dachshund dwarf.Reviews of owners indicate that the dog eats everything offered products.But to feed the animal food on the table in any case impossible.At the fees should be your diet consisting of 50% meat.Optimal feeding is considered to be poultry, and lean beef.Pork can cause stomach upset.Chicken also offer dog is not recommended.At the pet may have an allergic reaction.

Fish must also include in the diet of fees.It is necessary to choose the products with a minimum content of fine seeds.

According to people in the unpretentious food and rabbit dachshund.Reviews of owners say that the dog loves cereal and vegetable soups.Cereals should make up about 20% of the diet of a pet.Vegetables also best served in cooked form.Raw carrots or squash the animal has not become.