Golovosek (holiday): history, traditions, popular superstitions

Beheading of John the Prophet celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church on 11 September.In people, this day is referred to as Golovosek.The holiday is one of the greatest in Orthodoxy.This day should be observed strictly a one-day fasting.The people believed that when he came Golovosek, begin to fall, so all Orthodox people in this feast were not working for the health of their families and livestock.Also on this day, people did not go into the woods, it was believed that snakes and evil spirits out there looking for their homes.What is this day, let's see.

Day St. John's head in prison

Beheading (Golovosek) is considered one of the most dangerous and terrible dates, so people are very afraid to plow and sow, to go on a long journey, as well as to celebrate any occasion.On this day, it is forbidden to eat something that would be like a head, sword, blood, cutting off.It was impossible to put on the table round plates, dishes.This is due to the fact that it is on a platter the head of the Baptist Her

od was filed.People do not dare to eat fruits and vegetables rounded shape (potatoes, cabbage, turnips, onions, apples, etc.).Tapping is also strictly forbidden in this holiday.It was believed that the crescent knife, an ax, a scythe was impossible to pick up.What is the history of the feast of Golovoseka, let's see!


So, it all started with the fact that galileiskogo ruler Herod had a wife.She was the daughter of the Arabian king Aretas.But soon Herod betrayed her and left her for another woman named Herodias.The queen of all my heart wanted revenge.Herodias was the wife of Herod's brother's blood.John watched this vicious link and repeatedly pointed to this ruler.Herod did not want to listen, but do not dare to punish him for it, because John was appreciated and respected by all the people.

birthday Herod held a rich feast, where guests shake a leg along with a young girl named Salome.She was the daughter of Herodias his concubine.Salome, Herod was so pleased that he told her to ask just what she wants.She asked the advice of his mother.Herodias told her daughter to ask for his head on a platter of St. John.Upon learning this, Herod was upset because he was very afraid of the wrath of God.But a promise is a promise.Later, a request was made, the Prophet was beheaded and brought to Salome on a platter.

As the story goes, his head continued to criticize the ruler and his partner for their relationship.For this Herodias took her tongue stabbed with a needle and buried in the ground.The wife of the king's steward saw all this and secretly dug up the head of the Holy.John (the name of his wife steward) put it in a jar and buried on the Mount of Olives near the manor of Herod.The body of St. Baptist was buried by his disciples.


After a while, all the villains descended wrath of God.Salome fell through the ice while traveling on the river Sikoris.Floe decapitated her, and her body was never found.The head of Herodias and Salome brought Herod as it is at the time was made with John.Herod suffered defeat when Aref (Arabian King) moved him troops.Then Herod and Herodias was sent to Spain, where they died in poverty and disgrace.

through many years head of John the nobleman went to Innocent during the construction of the church.He learned of the shrine, since it is constantly assumed by signs and wonders.Before his death, Innocent afraid that relic stolen, and put it in the same place.

After a while John came in a dream two novices of the Jerusalem church and pointed at the burial place of his head.They dug up the sanctuary, put her in a bag and went home.On the way they met the potter, who agreed to carry the precious burden.At night, he came in a dream and asked John to get away from the novices with the shrine.

potter's family head handed down from generation to generation and, eventually, into the hands of a cruel and overbearing Yevstafy.He used the power that comes from the head, and many deceived any innocent people.After a while, it lies open to all, and Eustace fled the city in shame and humiliation, burying his head in the cave.He hoped that after a while he could pick her up again.But this did not happen, the Lord guarded the shrine.They settled pious hermits who created this place monastery.In 452, the monastery minister Marcellus came in a dream John and pointed to the place of burial of the head.The shrine was moved to Emesa, then to Constantinople.So I come to the Orthodox Ivan Golovosek.

day of the second and third purchase

head Feast of the second acquisition in the head of John the Orthodox Church celebrate on February 24th.The third time the shrine was acquired by Patriarch Ignatius, who suffered a head to the church.At the moment, part of the relics kept in Rome, and the other - in France.The third acquisition is celebrated according to the Julian calendar, May 25, the day is also a vegetable.

Holiday Golovosek.Traditions and folk omens

People say that it is impossible in this day is nothing cut and it will pour red blood, so Golovosek - a holiday, which is not prepared soup and especially not to eat, it was a great sin for the peasants.Allowed to eat lean everything or nothing is.Bread can not be cut, only to break.

Golovosek included in the main festivals and customs of the Ukrainian people, it is often called Ivan Lean.There was no dancing or singing, as it was fun after an agreement was reached about the beheading of St. John.All were willing to get into the church and pray for his health.

On the eve of the peasants of the folk tradition produced clay headless doll.In the evening on the day Golovoseka two girls took a stuffed animal and carried it to the river.After that all the participants had to mourn for him, as a native of the deceased.After that, we take the doll and thrown into the river.It embodied John the Baptist.

this day was made to distribute food to the poor, the needy and the wayfarers.

also Golovosek - holiday, in which peasants remembered the war dead and pray for the soldiers, as it was believed that their death are greatly similar to the departure of the Prophet unfair.


people say that a child born in this festival will be unhappy forever.

believed that if people get hurt on this day - the wound never healed.

beliefs in Belarus said that the spots on the moon means the head of John.

the fairer sex in the day it was impossible to eat.


Golovosek - a holiday, in which men were forbidden to shave and get a haircut.Also, it was not desirable in this day look in the mirror, take on a rounded head and touch the items.

observe all the traditions and signs of the feast of Beheading of St. John, and the Lord will certainly protect you.