Party in the style of "Hollywood": the scenario of

Many of us have dreamed at least once to walk the red carpet at the outbreak huge number of cameras, shining a beautiful dress from the famous fashion designer (who for our sake it and created), waving his arms to thousands of fans and shouting to them all kinds of greetings and sending kisses.But as it turned out, not in this world, nothing is impossible.If you want to feel like a star, and at the same time how to have fun, organize a celebration that will fit the subject.For such purposes suitable party in the style of "Hollywood", and how to organize it, and in any case, we shall understand in this article.


In order to organize a holiday in the style of Hollywood, should be, above all, to prepare for the event of his friends.For this ideal invitation in an appropriate style.For example, they can issue a ticket to the movies.Be sure to include them in place and time.Also mention the style of party guests to prepare in advance and were able to choose the appropriate attire.Imagine how y

our friends will be delighted, having received such an invitation.


If a party in the style of "Hollywood" is held in a private house, there is a need to take care of the red carpet.Spread it in front.It will be original and funny, if you ask someone to take pictures of friends and guests at the door to interview them, asking funny and tricky questions.It's just wonderful to remind Hollywood, and feel invited stars.

Inside place everything that can remind you of a movie.Arrange the corners of the small gifts, like "Oscar", hang on the walls posters of Hollywood stars, put the glasses with popcorn scattered around the house all sorts of old films, and if given the opportunity to place on the ceiling some brilliant balls, it also significantly diversifies the atmosphere.It is also a symbol of the Hollywood party is a large inscription that adorns the front of the entrance to this beautiful film city - "Hollywood".Hang it on the walls, tables, chairs, at the entrance to the toilet, the bathroom, in general, where the only possible.Be sure to make sure that she shone (you can use foil).

Hang stars on the walls with the names of all guests, where they will be sure to leave your autograph.Suppose you will have a "Walk of Fame".

Merry Music, borrowed from the famous sound tracks for films and multi-colored lights will also do the trick.

Dress code

The most common option - a strict evening dress with open decollete and tails for men.So the stars usually dress in the presentation of all kinds of film awards.But this is not necessarily because the main component of the Hollywood party - shine and luxury.Use your imagination, because you can dress up in costumes and your favorite movie characters, for example, in James Bond or Indiana Jones.Those who love movies 60-70s can wear bright dresses, gloves, make catchy makeup, lipstick bright red lipstick, and they brought the arrows on the eyes.For example, you can use the popular image of Marilyn Monroe, wearing a white dress and white wig.Girls should not forget the jewelry and accessories.There is no need to rob a jewelry store, because you can buy and jewelry.Fans of science fiction suit outfits from the movie "The Fifth Element" or "Star Wars."No matter what costume you will pick up, as a party in the style of "Hollywood" requires those outfits that are in any way connected with the movie.


If you decide to celebrate a birthday in the style of "Hollywood", the tables are sure to complete your red or gold-colored tablecloths and large white plates.And in general, at the Award Ceremony Stars never sit at the table.Most often, they are holding glasses with champagne and talking, so it is more expedient to organize a buffet with a variety of snacks, for example, let it be cheese snacks, olives, various fruits, profiteroles, mousses, vegetable salads, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, popcorn, etc.. d. As for drinks, you can resort to cocktails ("Bloody Mary," "Manhattan," "Cosmopolitan", "Martin", "Tom Collins") and champagne.It is better if you take care of the waiter who is serving drinks to guests.

"Hollywood wedding"

If you are going to get married and do not know how to spice up your celebration, so it was not anything like, a wedding in the style of "Hollywood" - what you need.This is quite an original idea that will delight not only invited, but the newlyweds.

To start entertain your friends and family invitations that will match the selected category, for example, cards with the image of the "Oscar" of heroes or Hollywood movies.You can also create glamorous invitation, gluing them with a bow or a brilliant stone kulonchiki.In general, show imagination - and your wedding in the style of "Hollywood", the formulation of which requires serious preparation, will be at the highest level.

Attire bride

wedding in the style of "Hollywood" and would involve the appropriate attire of the bride.So, for example, you can wear a dress-mermaid, which they cover the whole silhouette to his knees, and then elegantly odds.This outfit says about the unique bride and her feminine charm.

You can pick up a dress in retro style with a very full skirt and add a bright accessories, such as hat, gloves and high.

Home in Hollywood bride dress - luxury.Dress must be sewn from expensive fabrics and decorated with precious stones and diamonds.The cost of such dresses start at $ 1000 and may be terminated "nth" amount, but it is the purpose of the event in the style of "Hollywood."

man should wear pants with suspenders, shirt, vest, bright butterfly, patent leather shoes, coat and hat.The main thing is to be consistent along a bride outfit.


most appropriate option in this case is a limousine with tuning in the style of 50th, for example, the "Cadillac" or "Rolls-Royce".However, renting a car is quite expensive ($ 150 per hour), but once you have chosen the theme of Hollywood, it is necessary to conform to it.

Bridal bouquet should be composed of gold, red or white flowers, it is better to use a professional florist.The rings shall be made of white gold and sparkling gem on top, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will look quite gone.

photo session - an integral part of your "Hollywood" wedding, as the "paparazzi" must be present on your triumph everywhere.After the wedding, you can mount a film with your participation.

Graduation style "Hollywood"

It is bright holiday that will not leave a single person indifferent and will remain in the hearts of the young generation for life.

Once graduates arrive at the venue, they must meet the carpet and lots of paparazzi who are snapping their cameras anywhere and interview them.The floor should draw stars with the names of each graduate.

as entertainment, you can arrange the awards ceremony, where each should be awarded a sort of "Oscar".After the ceremony in the hall should sound loud applause to the most able graduates celebrating a holiday feel.

as necessary to arrange the banquet buffet with a variety of sweet snacks and non-alcoholic cocktails, decorated in the Hollywood style.

The music must be selected from famous movies.When the party in the style of "Hollywood" will be coming to an end, we can give everyone the opportunity to graduate to make a speech devoted to saying goodbye to the school and teachers.

contests Hollywood party

  1. This competition is suitable for all events, including New Year's Eve in style "Hollywood".Each guest-stars buy small Velcro or make them yourself.They write the name of any famous actor or actress.Once all tightly drink and eat on the back invited trailers by asterisks.Then, each of the guests to guess whose name is written on his star.For this, he should ask all the leading questions such as, "This is a woman?"or "This is a modern actor?".Hall should just nod or shake his head, replying to questions.
  2. each guest distribute sheets with nominations only from the back side to the invited did not see in what area they nominate.After all the guests write their names, the leaves have to stay in envelopes.As soon as guests dine tight, return envelopes, leading him to read in front of everyone, who won a nomination.Believe me, it will be very funny if some big uncle wins in the nomination "Best walk year."If you plan to Birthday in style of "Hollywood", where you can also dream, for example, purposely to nominate a few visitors in the "Best Man of the Year" and win, respectively, must be the birthday boy.
  3. next competition is also suitable to the corporate style "Hollywood".To do this, take the leaves in an amount equal to the number of guests.On each write "cinematic tricks", such a cry of Tarzan, or a favorite phrase from a song by Marilyn Monroe.Each guest will have to pull out a leaf and perform what is described on it.
  4. Party in the style of "Hollywood" can not pass without casting, but, as you know, every person is willing to do anything to get the lead role in the movie.To carry out the competition to select a producer, let it be a birthday or groom (if it is a wedding).The producer has to say that it should do one or the other guest to star in his film.For example, to show how Jackie Chan fights or tells Darth Vader.It will be very fun.

As seen from the above, a party in the style of "Hollywood", a scenario which can be quite varied, is one of the most funny and unusual.So Be your imagination and have fun with their friends and loved ones.