Drinking contests anniversary.

approaching solemn date?How to celebrate the anniversary, so that he is remembered and the hero of the occasion, and all the invited for a lifetime?Of course, you need to prepare very well.And it's not just the holiday table!Drinking contests on the anniversary should be carefully considered.The facilitator should try to have both in their preparation.

Games for adults

So, no feast would not be cheerful and bright without any entertainment.Celebrating the birthday of the house, people sing songs, tell funny jokes and anecdotes, solve puzzles.In a word, never a dull moment.Drinking contests anniversary - still the best way to defuse the situation, I feel the lightness and ease.

Adult Games are games designed for fun of sitting at the banquet table.Selected for his triumph is exactly what you need, you can make the anniversary a memorable one!

games and competitions - it is not only the lot of children.The main thing - it's a state of mind of man.Therefore, the festival adults can regain the joy o

f childhood and youthful enthusiasm.Do not be afraid to be funny and eccentric, in fact, completely relaxed, surrendering to the fun, people get great pleasure and delight.

sense of humor - most importantly

Laughter is known to prolong life.Therefore, the whole scenario of the anniversary of 55 years, 65 years or older must be accompanied by funny jokes.Guests will rest on such gorgeous holiday that will please double jubilee.

Funny drinking contests can be conducted using a variety of attributes (pens, paper, dishes, sweets and so on. D.), Or listening to the task master.These classes not only distract guests from drinking and dishes, but also enable them to get at the memory of some nice souvenir from the owners.

many fun contests known today.However, you can come up with new, combining two or three to one.The result will be something even more original and interesting.

Zastol'nye contests anniversary - without alcohol anywhere!

course, no celebration is complete without alcohol.That is why many drinking contests anniversary in some way associated with alcohol.

For example, it is possible to carry out so-called "field sobriety test".It is necessary to ask the guests take turns to say "sirenevenky zubovykovyrivatel" or "deoxyribonucleic acid".Here it is easy to stumble, even a sober man!Laughter throughout the company in the performance of the tasks provided!

Another version of "alcoholic competition" - "Happy well."The bucket is filled with a little water and put in the center of a glass with alcohol.Players take turns throwing in the "well" of the coin.As soon as one of the guest enters the glass - he drank its contents, and takes all the money out of the bucket.

jinks alternates with calm competitions

A variety of games held on the anniversary.50 years and more - require alternation mobile competitions with more calm.One of these is the "Red and Black".For guests of the meeting must be divided into two teams, each of which receives a certain amount of any chips (for example, five matches).Leading with a deck of cards addresses the proposal to send someone from their top.Teams decide, whether they will take it himself or give rivals.Color suit must match the color of the team.In this case, it will receive an additional point (the match).Otherwise, the chip lead is taken away.

can make more interesting.Some cards are designated as special.For example, the team stretched ace suit is not their color, has the right to pay off the fine, if you wish to perform, make a rival.The Joker can bring players the three chips instead of one, and so on. D. Plays, of course, the team lost all their matches.

Surprise is always a pleasure to receive

There is another cool prandial competition.The essence of it is to transfer guests to each other boxes of surprises to the music.Suddenly, the music stops.The man in whose hands was the box must be removed from the "magic boxes" turned up first thing and to put it on yourself.Among these surprises can be and bonnet, and large drawers and a huge bra.Competition is always fun participants.Each of them is trying as quickly as possible to get rid of the box with a surprise, and each elongated thing extraordinarily pleased others.

contests mindfulness and shrewdness

over such tasks can not only laugh.By performing them, you can also give full play to their ingenuity and care.

Zastol'nye contests anniversary, revealing shrewdness participants can be very diverse.One of them is called "Letters to the plate."The facilitator should be called some kind of letter, and participants need to find at ease anything starting with that letter (spoon, fish, onions, potatoes, and so on. D.).Anyone who would call first thing, he thinks of the next.

competition for attention is also quite interesting.It is held at too great feasts.Choosing Steering, guests knotted his eyes.After that, someone sitting in the hall beyond the door.The task of driving after removing the bandage - determine who is missing, and that it was wearing on him.

«Valuable» competitions

script anniversary of 55 years (or more) must include the job-oriented various values ​​of life, because in this age people already knew a lot of things, understand, feel.So what is the essence of competition?The facilitator can ask the participants to draw on a piece of paper what they consider most valuable in their lives.And the southpaw should do it with his right hand and right-handed - left.The winner is the author of the original drawing.

However, you can immediately focus on specific values, is important for all those present - for cash.The contest "Bankers" - great fun!You will need a large bank, which will be folded bills of different denominations.Players must try to calculate how much money there is, without taking money.The prize is awarded to the closest to the truth.

and eat and have fun ...

If celebrating birthday at home, only among the "friends", you can spend very funny contest titled "Chinese."You will need to give each participant one set of Chinese chopsticks.Next to them is placed on the plate of green peas or canned corn.Guests will need to show all his skill to eat are served using sticks.The prize will go to those who have to cope with the job faster than anyone.

products can also be used for other purposes!

can pay attention to the game at all unusual.Drinking contests on the anniversary of the woman, for example, often involve the use of the most common products.

For example, you can hand out to participants by half a potato and a knife, suggesting to play in these sculptures.The task of each author is to cut the best portrait of the culprit celebration.

can divide the guests into two teams by giving them as much chocolates.Participants should build locks for the birthday girl, using nothing but sweets issued.The prize given to the team that vozvedёt tallest building.

Quite interesting is also a competition with bananas.Each of those present must be dealt banana, as well as a variety of handy tools - tape, colored paper, fabric, ribbon, clay, and so on. D. The guests have to make a real masterpiece, decorated with "raw material".This creative contest judged to be the most innovative approach.

way, you can use not only products.For example, you can compete in the production of paper napkins ships at a time.The winner will be the one who will create the largest fleet.In short, the competition can come up with a lot.The main thing - to decide on the use of attributes.

Toasts and congratulations

On the anniversary of 50 years often arrange these competitions.They are connected directly with toasts and congratulations.

For example, the facilitator can offer each visitor to remember the alphabet.That is, the people sitting at the table should be in order to propose a toast to each letter.Ultra starts with "A".It turns out that something like this: "And what a joyous day it is!Born our hero of the day!Let's raise our glasses for it! ".His neighbor falls, respectively, the letter "B".He can say the following words: "Be always in the same kind, cheerful, healthy and happy!We support you in all your endeavors! ".Come up with a toast, of course, it is not so difficult.However, some of the guests gets those letters, which are the words to come up with the course still uneasy.Prize must obtain the original author of the toast.

And you can spend, and another interesting contest.Each guest is issued some old paper and scissors.For ten minutes they need from the press povyrezat words or phrases to create a laudatory description of the hero of the day.Most importantly, everything turned out very original and fresh.

Porazgadyvat like puzzles and adults

a huge variety of different competitions for adults.Zastol'nye puzzles stand out among them a special sense of humor.It is only necessary to present them properly.

For example, the game will be a great option "Sly SMS-ki."Right at the table, without leaving your place, guests will be able to a good laugh and have fun.The contest is that the leading read SMS text messages, offering the audience to guess who is the sender.Highlight: the sender - this is not the ordinary people.Senders are "hangover" (already on the way, I will be in the morning), "Congratulations" (listen to today have only us), "toast" (drink without me) and so on. D.

Contests speed and imagination

can offerguests of the festival and show their imagination.Each of those present, of course, familiar with the tales of Andersen.Among them - the famous "Thumbelina", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", "The Ugly Duckling" and so on. D. Very funny drinking competition will receive when delivered to the guests task: to tell these stories using the most special vocabulary - medical, political, military, legal.

speed of thought present at the festival will be able to uncover the contest "answer for a neighbor."Leading players asks various questions.The order of the at the same time is not observed.He to whom the question was addressed, it should remain silent.Reply for it - a problem neighbor to the right.Anyone who is late with the answer - is eliminated from the game.

keep quiet

delight guests and highly original competitions.For example, in between the noisy games you can afford a bit of peace.

Here is an example of one of these games.Guests choose a king who must call up gesture of his hand to his players.One seat next to him must be free.He whom the king chose to get up from his chair, come to "His Majesty" and sit down.So the minister is chosen.The entire catch is that you must do whatever it is absolutely silent.That is neither the king nor the future Minister should not make no sound.Denied even the rustle of clothing.Otherwise, the selected the minister returned to his seat, and the king chooses a new candidate.Himself "king-priest" for non-silence "overthrow the throne."The minister, who was able to quietly take his place, took the king, and the game continues.

Another contest for "most quiet" - plain old-fashioned "a silence."Leading all present prohibits publishing any sounds.That is, the guests can communicate only through gestures.Silence is necessary for as long as the master does not say, "Stop!".The participant who makes a sound until this point, have to fulfill the desire to lead or pay a fine.

short, drinking contests whatever you choose, they are sure to cheer up all the guests will be pleased with them.Will be able to have fun even fairly self-contained people, because such games are great liberating.After a rest and relax on the anniversary, guests will long remember this day.Holiday certainly be remembered for its originality and supportive atmosphere - in this there is no doubt!