Halloween - a holiday ... history.

Today, Halloween - it's not just a purely American holiday, but also a subject for most Russian parties.In the US, October 31 is the second largest after the triumph of the Christmas and New Year.In Russia and Europe is a relatively new tradition, yet every year more and more people dress up in the most unusual costumes and organize marches.Where it all began and where did this holiday?

History of Halloween

went from tradition to dress up in this day in costumes and go from house to house its neighbors by offering "sweet or nasty?"In fact, a few centuries ago, it was not just a holiday, but a compulsory annual rite with their strict rules.The history of Halloween dates back to the era of the birth of England, Ireland and France.At the time, the year was divided into 12 months and consisted of only two parts - winter and summer.As the population was predominantly pagan countries, then there was a legend that the God of the sun each winter was a prisoner of Samhain, which, in turn, was the lord of dar

kness.Therefore, it is October 31 the Celts were preparing offerings dark knight, in order to appease him, so he returned back to the sun.

also Halloween, the date of which falls on the end of the harvest season, was a symbol of the transition to a new life.In winter, all living things die and find themselves under the snow, but then revived.In addition, it was believed that Samhain lived in the white desert, where peace and tranquility reigned.After a hard time for the Celtic winter was a period when you can relax from the hard work and devote time to his family.

Another legend associated with the lord of darkness, says that on this night, he opens the door to other worlds and allows us to see the past and future.Just as the summer gives way to winter in the day, the Celts were hoping that life will change its course and will bring them good luck next year.


In Ireland, it was decided to gather in the main town of the country - Tara.During the holiday in a huge feast, which began early in the morning and ends on the following day.Fans Samhain quenched the fire in the houses and lit it again only on the sacred fire of the Druids.The priests consecrate the flames, and with it all the Celts, promising them prosperity and good luck.

According to legend, Halloween - this time in the real world can penetrate other beings: spirits, demons, goblins, witches and other mystical creatures.To dangerous creatures did not attack the local inhabitants, the Celts wore costumes, corresponding to these images, and went from house to house, threatening residents and requiring them to eat.

Once the land had been captured by the Romans in England, the festival was, as his date coincides with a celebration of the Roman goddess Pomona, which was responsible for all living plants on earth.Gradually, the tradition mixed, and there was a popular rite now a pumpkin for Halloween.

Where does the name of the holiday?

All Saints' Day - a festival dedicated to the saint, who do not have a day for celebration.In the medieval English the day before the November 1st was named All Hallows Even, or All Hallows Eve, after some time the phrase was shortened to Hallowe'en, and finally got now known form of Halloween.Despite the fact that the Pope tried his best to eradicate pagan festivals, for some reason caught on Halloween so much that he became one of the hottest days of the year.

Trick and then enchant!

«treats or punishment" has become a popular tradition of the game.Its meaning is well known to all.October 31 children wearing costumes for Halloween and start walking home residents, asking residents sweets.Of course, give little witches and other creatures of candy is optional, but otherwise, you can not expect very pleasant punishment.In ancient England little heroes holiday smeared with soot door handle input if they refused.Now you can find your home pelted with eggs and toilet paper.Of course, in Russia this does not happen, but for the United States is quite common, so urban residents prefer to buy in advance as many goodies.


lantern Jack - this is another tradition and an essential attribute, which must be entered into the script for Halloween.

all started with a sly Irish blacksmith.Jack tricked the Devil twice, signing a deal with him.He was the owner of his soul, but unfortunately, it did not help.When Jack died, his sinful life did not open the gates of paradise to him.So stingy blacksmith was forced to the end of time to wander the earth in anticipation of Yom Kippur.The only thing that got him in the afterlife - a small piece of coal, which was protected from the rain and wind a familiar vegetable.And there was the now famous lantern Jack-o-lanterns, or all known pumpkin on Halloween.

How to celebrate Halloween in other countries?

In China, this day to remember the dead ancestors and put their photos to the flashlight and food.So the Chinese are helping their deceased relatives to light their way into the afterlife.Evening of October 31 city residents gather and sail paper boats, which then ignited.The smoke was believed to help the souls ascend to heaven.

In Germany, on the night of November 1, residents dress up in monsters and recover the castle Frankenstein.Many believe that in this day in the roof of the building there is a crazy alchemist.

France is famous for its fantastic parades.Every year more than 30 thousand tourists and residents dress up in costumes for Halloween and go to the suburbs of Paris, Disneyland and in Limoges.Thousands of goblins, ghosts, vampires and witches suit most colorful show.

script on Halloween for students

in Russia made do not go from house to house collecting candy and scaring the guests arriving with unusual decorations.The most common theme parties in clubs or cafes.Consider one of the options for a theme party.

Leading welcomed the guests and briefly tells the story of the origin of this legendary festival.Then he offers the audience to hide from the evil spirits behind the masks.

Out Witch

Leading tells guests the following story: "Since that night opens the passage to the other world, to penetrate us and organize a witch coven.Since ancient times, people tried to catch at least one such witch, for it was even coined a certain ritual.To appeared in front of you a real witch on Halloween you need to go out in clothes turned inside out, and then on your way necessarily will meet mystical creature.Especially for you we found a real witches.Please welcome them! »

Then on the scene witch coven to perform a dance and posing for photos.Halloween begins.

After the dance master tells another story related to the emergence of a lantern pumpkins, and an Irish blacksmith Jack.Then everyone can try their hand at creating the most unique flashlight.A professional decorator shows what extraordinary things can be cut out from a pumpkin.

when the winner is determined and has already received a commemorative trophy, a leading evening tells the audience about the other mystical beings who can appear before your eyes at any moment.On stage there are mummies, mermaids and other creatures.At this time hired stylists who want to do all the most unusual makeup on Halloween, so by the end of the evening all the guests turn into witches and goblins.

After dancing, carving pumpkins and others announced the most anticipated contest of "Best costume for Halloween."At the end of the evening on stage take out cake and other refreshments for the students.

scenario for children's Halloween

Halloween - this is primarily a children's holiday, because no one likes to dress up in fairy-tale characters more than the children.

small pranksters believe in miracles, so for them this party may be no less exciting than the New Year or birthday.And not necessarily to dress up their child witch or a goblin, it can be any fairytale hero and a character from a favorite cartoon.How to spend a cheerful children's Halloween?

better to tell pranksters that a present this holiday.It is important that all participants in a children's party carefully prepared and dressed in unusual costumes.You can look into the store and buy dummies jokes worms, eye and others.This attribute helps you to fully feel the triumph.And, of course, we must not forget that definitely need to put makeup on Halloween.Moreover, such a makeup done for both children and adults.

decorate the room is better not too ominous, do not get carried away, the festival did for the kids, so do not scare them much.Optimally will decorate the flat web, which will sit toy spiders.You can also hang balloons black.Small children should be forewarned that this is not real, but just an idea.

How to make a lantern Jack?

course, for children's holiday will definitely need the main attribute of Halloween - a pumpkin lantern.You will need:

  • Buy a rather large pumpkin.
  • a sharp knife, carefully cut the top portion.
  • spoon scoop the entire pulp and grease with vegetable oil vegetable, the pumpkin is not withered.
  • Draw eyes and cut a sinister grin.
  • fit inside a lantern candle.

options to suit the child's Halloween

course, you can buy ready-made suit in the store, but quite often they are made of poor quality material, and do not look too attractive.Besides the cost of the dress can reach 5000-7000 rubles, and the next year it will grow a child already, and have to buy a new one.Therefore it is better to sew a suit on their own.Thus, the most favorite characters, which children love to dress up:

  • vampire.For this you will need a way to sew a cloak to buy a mouthpiece with fangs and white makeup for the face.
  • Koschey.For this fit the usual black tights, which will be painted or embroidered bones.
  • Shrek.For this you will need a lot of fat foam or other filler to get the most believable monster.
  • Spiderman.Spider-Man wears tights, too, but other than that, he needed a mask.
  • princess or fairy.Girls love to dress up Little Queen.For this dress fit any dress is that in the future will come in handy for the holidays in kindergarten and birthdays.
  • Witch.Evil or good witch for Halloween required to wear a high cap.

sew costumes can be with your child, which is likely to be very interesting to join this exciting process.

Cook potion and other holiday dishes

Little pranksters can be offered to cook "real" witch potion.You will need:

  • half a liter of milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 1 kiwi.

All the ingredients are mixed in a mixer with a terrifying laugh.Over the same mixture will not look very attractive, but it's potion.The taste of a cocktail get nutritious and sweet.

You can also make "swamp jelly", for which the need for preparing a mixture of jelly "Kiwi" or "Tarragon".

few more secrets on cooking terrifying children's menu:

  • If you put jelly worms in liquid, they swell and be very disgusted look.
  • Tomato juice may be called "vampire drinking."

These dishes can be used in competitions, for example, to determine who will dare to eat anything of the above.

And, of course, do not forget to do during the holiday memorable and funny photo.Halloween - a very colorful festival, so the pictures will turn out very cool.At the end of the fun you can give prizes to children and ask to talk about their characters and what they liked to party.

In conclusion

night of November 1, is becoming very popular all over the world, and every year the people of many countries with pleasure transform into the most unimaginable characters.Halloween - a great holiday for children and adults, because in this day can become older kids and parents to hit in childhood and realize your forgotten dreams into reality.Girls can become princesses, female cats or ancient Greek warriors.Men can dress up as favorite characters from movies or popular comic characters.