How is the division of property when a civil marriage

Probably everyone knows that civil marriage is not registered in the bodies in the official order.He keeps only in words, but not legally confirmed anything.And here arises the assumption of itself: the division of property when a civil marriage, such as a divorce, not made.After all, as such there is no divorce and no due to the lack of any legal regulation.So what is to be done?How to solve a controversial issue?

Yet, despite these legal nuances, there are all sorts of positive jurisprudence regarding the division of property that was acquired in a civil marriage.It must be said, in any case, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, you need a lawyer for divorce cases.

to court

Disputes, which was the cause of the division of property when a civil marriage, settled by the court.It must be remembered that in such a case the judicial process can be very difficult, so prepare accordingly to it.If you feel a lack of confidence in their own abilities to prove the correctness of contact for exp

ert help.Lawyer family law - your reliable defender in court.It will help to prepare a statement of claim and to gather all the necessary evidence for a positive solution to your problem.

What need proof?

First, get all the documents that confirm the fact of living together with civil spouse, farming and the purchase of property.There need joint photographs, tickets to leisure, letters, witnesses, and others. The second thing that you will need, - it checks, the agreement that would testify to the fact of a joint purchase.And the third - a confirmation of the general use of the property.If it's a house or apartment, get a certificate of cohabitation.In this case, the evidence is the testimony of neighbors, subscription to newspapers and magazines, receipts for repairs apartments, which were issued at the apartment in your name.All this will help you to carry out the division of property when a civil marriage.

What to do with the evidence?

If all the documents are collected, and the witnesses are found, feel free to contact a lawsuit in court.The statement must specify the time, place and other circumstances of the acquisition of movable and immovable property.Be sure to list and attach all the relevant documents, which would confirm the fact of such purchase.Specify the witnesses who will be willing to confirm the fact of your stay, along with another person in a civil marriage, as well as the acquisition of property.It is important to specify on what you are applying for the property or any part of its cost want.Again, you need to provide the appropriate documents proving the price of the property.


When filing a claim for property division with the civil marriage necessarily indicate that the disputed property was purchased with money earned together.Do not forget to mention that it was intended for general use.

If you have a good reason plus a good preparation for the trial, you will be able to carry out the division of property in a civil marriage, despite the fact that the Family Code does not provide such a mechanism of legal protection.