Casanova - who is this?

Probably, it is difficult to find someone who does not know the answer to the question: Casanova - who is this?This word has long been part of everyday life and familiar to all.Name a famous adventurer and writer Giacomo Casanova in Venice Girolamo became a household name today.This "citizen of the world" has become one of the most interesting personalities and a symbol of a long-gone XVIII century.

What is a Casanova?He is certainly an outstanding personality of his time.For a start it is worth noting that Casanova - is an Italian writer, author of a long list of historical essays, fiction novel "Iskameron."And he is the author of the popular memoir called "The Story of My Life" in which Casanova appears great and loving heartthrob.In his memoirs, Giacomo gave a clear description of the mores era.

versatile personality Casanova

So, who is this Casanova?To his contemporaries, as well as readers and descendants Giacomo was a versatile personality and erudite.Casanova was known in the literature

as a writer, poet, playwright, scholar, translator, historian, mathematician, lawyer, chemist, musician, financier and diplomat.But in the rest of the world Casanova - a dissolute gambler, alchemist, uncover the secrets of the creation of the philosopher's stone and creating gold, duelist, Rosicrucian, secret agent, healer, fortune teller, and so on.What all of this was true, now I will not say precisely nothing.

His versatile, but definitely a grand reputation as an adventurer carefully maintained diverse stories of his adventures and love affairs, which certainly were told at dinner parties and dinners among them absorbent, like a sponge, the public.From one table to another history passed - the rumors multiplied.

memoirs of Giacomo Casanova

Famous Italian could not get used to the idea that his descendants do not remember it.Therefore, he described his fascinating life on paper.At the same time writing his memoirs dated to the era of the death of the old society: the fall of the French monarchy, the partition of Poland, with the disappearance of world maps of the Venetian Republic.The manuscript passed all the social and moral standards of behavior at the time.

Venetian writer simultaneously belonged to both the Italian culture and the French.Despite the improbability of the events described in his memoirs, they are accurate.Many of the episodes of life in the pages of the manuscript found documentary evidence.Trying to present themselves in the most favorable light, Giacomo Casanova in the process of writing the swaps events confuses chronology.In all of this picaresque memoir presented in the form of a list of career victories on the love, romance, career, psychological adventure narrative.


All were interesting displays of affection for the Italian, but none of the novels are not crowned with marriage, because freedom for Casanova was more expensive than any state.Some of the young ladies he taught secular customs, and other carnal pleasures.In the love affairs he joined with absolutely all: prostitutes, aristocrat, poor, rich, nuns, even with his niece.

History Giacomo Casanova: childhood

famous Venetian born April 2, 1725, at Easter, not far from the church of St. Samuel, the son of the artist Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova and actresses Farussi Zanetti.After he was born in a family of five more children.In times of growing Giacomo Venice was the European center of pleasure, whose rulers encouraged the arrival of tourists, with vicious intent.Republic was an essential item in a certain aristocratic Grand Tour and was famous for its gambling houses and beautiful courtesans.

At the age of 11 years Giacomo first experienced the opposite sex affection in the face of Gozzi's younger sister Bettina.Young Casanova showed enviable thirst for knowledge, which has given him a mentor, Abbe, faith in the future of the youth in the legal field.In 17 years, Giacomo already had a degree.Besides jurisprudence, it was interested in many other sciences, especially medicine.During his studies, he also became addicted to gambling.


Giacomo began to work as a lawyer at the church, and was admitted to the novices by the Patriarch of Venice.By the time the young Casanova bought a special charm and charm and has got the powers patron - Senator Malipiero.From him he received excellent instruction about conduct in the higher strata of society, as well as learn to understand the food and wine.

In January 1744 Giacomo finds a job at the influential Cardinal Acquaviva d'Argon secretary.However, after the scandal that occurred in the field of love, Casanova was dismissed.

Fitting as a soldier

Without going into church work, Giacomo decided to buy a patent officer of the Republic of Venice in August 1744.The new role for it seemed quite dull and promotion is very slow.Casanova was attracted to deeds and not the military.Therefore, in October, he broke his service and returned to his native republic.

Career violinist Teatro San Samuele

As a musician, theater, Casanova did not fail to try on the skin of his colleagues descended into participating in violent orgies and evenings with the scandalous jokes.Soon, however, luck smiled again, his favorite, which has grown hateful role muzykantishki.He owes his life to become the senator Giovanni Bragadinu, who was wounded in a gondola during the voyage.At a time when all were ready to call a priest so that he let go sins, and then prayed over the dying, Casanova took the treatment in their own hands and saved the life of a senator.He subsequently adopted Giacomo became his patron good until the end of his days.

entire 1749 Casanova traveled to Italy.And after a significant gain in the card I went to the Grand Tour.In Lyon, he joined the Masonic community, the Order of the "Rose Cross."Learn French in Paris, Italian, translated into the native language tragedy "Zoroaster", which he himself, and put at the Royal Theatre in Dresden.

Prison Piombo

during a trip to Austria and Germany Casanova wrote a lot of comedic plays.And he returned to Venice and navlekshi the wrath of the Inquisition his antics, Giacomo was arrested.The prison, which was in the custody dissolute Venetian intended for well-known political prisoners.He made a desperate attempt to escape.However, he was arrested and will plant back to prison.A second attempt to escape was successful, and Giacomo went to Paris.

«Casanova»: the word in the modern world

few centuries have passed, but Lovelace remained in human memory.Today, we all know the common noun "Casanova."This word is very popular among the people.There is no such person who would not have used it.There are many literary characters, movie characters, which inadvertently was referred to as a Casanova.Synonyms nominal name today are diverse: a womanizer, seducer, womanizer, a ladies' man, a playboy, and many others.This is due to the fact that the most popular Giacomo Casanova acquired it through their love affairs, which were described in his autobiographical memoirs.On them, and now they write romance book and shoot movies.